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Cold Weapons

There’s an art to sharpening a knife, though, and most people can’t get it right straight out of the box.

This Smith and Wesson knife is a handy EDC for anyone, regardless of your particular needs.

Having anything in your hand is better than having nothing. So if you have to chose a weapon, do it wisely, according to your

Survival knife can really make the difference between life and death in a tight spot while outdoors. But how do you choose?

Some time ago, the guys from Knife Planet asked us to take part in a expert roundup on the best survival knife.

Not all knives share the same quality standards. The question is: how should you care for your blade and what are the mistakes to

When built correctly these simple devices can be turned into lethal machines that will escape notice and give you the advantage.

This knife will stay with you until it gets lost or stolen.
There's no other better quality multi-purpose knife out there!

The Swiss army knife has achieved an iconic status and nowadays we can safely argue that it's a must-have item in any respectable survival

Cold weapons are needed in any survival strategy. You better spend a few dollars more for reliable weapons than have them fail when you

As with choosing the right gun or knife, one bow type will work better than others. Choose a model that you can use easily

The best thing about cold weapons is that they don't require much to keep them running. But some maintenance is needed.

Knowing how to hunt using what nature provides abundantly may save your life one day. It's a matter of when, not if, so be

Making your own knife is like the ultimate level when it comes to survival.
If you’re forced to make your own blade,

In any kind of disaster scenario, you can find yourself in the unpleasant situation when you are out of ammo and you have to