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Bug Out Plan

Planning, but most importantly, effective planning, is one of the basics of emergency preparedness since it will guide you through each task you need

The best place to be in an SHTF scenario is one where there’s no disaster at all. However, if a nationwide crisis does occur,

These days, I’ve heard a lot of friends complaining about not having enough time to prepare or test their survival skills. They say there’s

If you have access to waterways or if you can reach such fluid highways in a decent amount of time, I recommend considering a

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine in full swing, I can't help but fall into analysis mode, looking at the situation and thinking about

Tyler White compares different types of guns and ammunition for a bug-out scenario. Is the 12 gauge shotgun, the 308, the AR-15, or just

There is probably some truth to the idea that bugging out will include at least a couple of nights of camping out in the

If you're like me and you like to spend time in the great outdoors during the winter, you must be prepared to handle the

None of us can control the weather or what others do in inclement weather. But we have complete control over what we do about

Camping this winter for the first time? Here is your ultimate guide to greet the new year in the wild nature surrounded by freshly

Preppers spend a lot of time and money building bug-out bags, making a bug-out vehicle, and even making a yurt or other shelter to

As we all know, travel can be dangerous. Not only that, but many dangers can happen while we are away from home

Winter survival doesn't just mean dealing with the cold, although that is an essential part of it; it also means dealing with a lack

A buried treasure containing everything necessary to your survival is a backup plan that will help you reach your safe haven when every other

In a survival situation, the risk of contracting a disease dramatically increases if you ignore your hygiene. It would help if you used any