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Bug Out Plan

Preppers spend a lot of time and money building bug-out bags, making a bug-out vehicle, and even making a yurt or other shelter to

As we all know, travel can be dangerous. Not only that, but many dangers can happen while we are away from home

Winter survival doesn't just mean dealing with the cold, although that is an essential part of it; it also means dealing with a lack

A buried treasure containing everything necessary to your survival is a backup plan that will help you reach your safe haven when every other

In a survival situation, the risk of contracting a disease dramatically increases if you ignore your hygiene. It would help if you used any

Living off the grid means getting out of the consumerism race and making a personal commitment to a frugal yet fulfilling lifestyle.

Buying a bushcraft knife is an important investment, and you shouldn't cheap out since your life may one day depend on the knife you

The terrorist threat has diminished somewhat in the last few years, ever since the collapse of the Islamic State. While we had a severe

Anyone traveling abroad must consider the risks associated not only with going to that destination country but in every country in-between, just in case

The idea of bugging out in the case of a disaster isn't new. There have been many times when people left their homes throughout

There's a lot to be learned about survival by looking at those who went before us. I'm not talking about people who lived in

Bugging out is the ultimate survival strategy, reserved for those times when your home becomes untenable and you are forced to leave for your

While we may be able to survive a few months or even a few years by ourselves, for society to continue, we need to

Looking for a binocular? Read on to know why you need one and how you can find the right binocular for you.

There are many different answers to survival questions, but having a bag packed and ready if staying home isn't an option is an excellent