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Bug Out Plan

If you read about bugging out online or purchase various books and magazines covering this topic, you will soon learn that some survival experts

Now, more than ever, the world is showing us that our future is hard to predict, with natural disasters occurring all over the globe

One of the biggest concerns we face, when it comes to bugging out, is running out of gasoline. That’s especially true in a mass

I remember back when I was just a kid, reading stories of people who were stranded and built a raft to escape and get

I will present a few techniques here, but effectiveness at tracking and counter-tracking takes training, study, and practice. Former SERE Instructor J.J. Johnson demonstrates

Unchecked urbanization and globalization have corralled humanity into cities and into a state of near-total dependence.

Living the survivalist lifestyle means that you are fully prepared for any eventuality. This means you’ve spent countless hours creating shelters, storing food, and

The majority of us preppers tend to be rather self-reliant individuals equipped with various skills and training to navigate the wilderness with confidence.

To fully enjoy a camping adventure, it’s essential to begin by thoroughly researching and familiarizing yourself with the potential hazards of camping.

As an experienced prepper, I’ve spent years honing my skills and preparing for the unexpected. My journey began with a thirst for knowledge and

There seem to be two options we talk about in the prepping and survival community: bugging in and bugging out. When we talk about

The general consensus in the survival community today, is that we should bug in, rather than bug out, if at all possible. There’s a

Bringing a baby affects what you grab on your way out the door. What if you get separated from your baby? What should I

According to various assessments, the majority of the population remains unprepared when faced with even a minor crisis. This becomes evident whenever a natural

Defending home and family is an important part of survival strategy. We talk about hardening our homes to make them harder to break into,