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Bug Out Plan

Planning for an escape route is mandatory. Every bug-out plan being built is a task of personal nature, and it requires ample knowledge of

Remember that a base camp doesn’t have to be complex and you don’t need a tone of resources to make it work. You need

I learned that it pays to have an exit strategy with triggers to set your plans into motion. This is a correct principle of

Hanna wasn’t much of a hurricane, as hurricanes go. I’ve lived through worse. We never really know how bad a hurricane is going to

A long-distance bug out plan requires preparations and there are many things you need to cover. Traveling over a long distance during a crisis

Survival boils down to making the right decisions and doing the right things, with a little bit of random chance and a lot of

Land is a timeless asset that is heavily regulated and watched over. Nevertheless, the market for suitable bug out property is filled with frauds

When most people talk about bugging out, I get the impression that they’re talking about bugging out to the wild. This isn’t a new

The Go Bag bridges the gap between the Pocket Survival Kit and a Bugout Bag and packs a reasonable about survival gear in package

This bag was built to fill the Go Bag niche and adapts to be carried any way you would like to carry it and

If you’re like most preppers, your bug out plans leave a lot to be desired. It’s not that you don’t have any plans, but

Keep in mind that you might lose all this at some point and you should keep your bug out bag packed and carry it

A backpack full of carefully selected gear can be a huge asset in a survival ordeal. There has been a huge emphasis on bugout

There are four options for what we should do when we get to our survival retreat, assuming that none of us are willing to

Always keep in mind that you're prepping for what can happen; not just for what you think is likely to happen.