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The 2014 midterm election should have sent a very clear message to the political class in Washington. The American people are not happy with the way things are going and want a true change; not the “hope and change” hype that Obama got elected on, but change that makes is centered around the American people and what they want, not centered around what those who think they are our political masters want.

Obama made it very clear that he missed the message of the midterm elections in his speech the next day. He said that he heard the message of the voters, as well as the message of those who didn’t vote. The clear implication was that he heard the message of those who didn’t vote much clearer than those who did and that he was convinced that those non-voters agreed with him.

According to surveys, at least 60 percent of the American people oppose Obama’s amnesty plan, yet he went ahead and made the executive order. But he’s not the only one ignoring the American people. The CRomnibus spending bill that was just passed by the House shows that at least Speaker John Boehner isn’t listening to the people. It funds the same executive action by Obama, at least until March.

{adinserter bph}Boehner’s response is that he’s the victim; that he can’t do anything to stop it, because until January 1st, the Senate is still controlled by the Democrats. While there may be some validity to his argument, one has to wonder if Boehner is so used to caving in to the Democrats, that he’s going to continue doing so.

Ever since the election results came in, Democrats from the president down have been trying to tell the new Republican Congress how they have to do things. That was bad enough when they were in the majority, but now that they’ve lost that majority, what makes them think they have a right to dictate anything?

Nevertheless, while many of the rank and file Republican members of Congress may be wanting to make some major changes in the coming year, it’s not so clear that the leadership does.

Having John Boehner as the Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell as the Senate Majority Leader doesn’t look like it’s going to work out all that good for the American people. Those two are all too ready to go along with what the liberal Democrats want, rather than standing their ground and actually listening to the people.

Surveys also show that the voter base is shifting to become more conservative. Even strong Democrat bastions, such as women and blacks are bailing out on the Democrats, seeing that their policies don’t help. People are waking up to the reality that giving them handouts isn’t helping them. Not all of them are waking up, but enough to make a difference.

With the move of the population towards conservatism, it would naturally be expected to see that the new Republican Congress would make the same shift, especially since many of them were voted in due to that shift. But their early actions don’t seem to show that.

The problem lies in the Republican Good Ol’ Boys Club. These politicians are all too interested in compromising with Democrats, rather than stand for what they say that their party believes in.

Granted, the political process in this country is supposed to rely on compromise; but for the last six years, all of the compromising has been done by the good ol’ boys, and none has been done by the other side of the aisle. Obama’s idea of negotiations is “you do what I say.”

These same good ol’ boys are already planning and scheming to shortcut the political process and stab every conservative in the back for the 2016 Presidential Elections. They want to put forth a “moderate” candidate (read RINO), and get them selected before the campaigning even starts. It almost sounds like they are trying to avoid a convention and pick the candidate themselves.

Every time that the Republicans have put forth a moderate candidate, they’ve lost. That should tell them something. I mean, they must keep statistics on that stuff. So, if they always lose when they put forth a moderate candidate, why in the world would they want to?

If Jeb Bush or Chris Christie ends up becoming the Republican candidate for president in 2016, you can pretty much count on seeing Hillary Clinton as the next president. Hillary is incompetent, but she’s popular. She’s also much clearer on what she stands for.

While that’s nothing that any conservative would like, it’s something that the liberals like. She also has a big gun she can use, the economic success of the country under her husband’s presidency. All she has to do is invoke that, and she’ll have people lining up to vote for her.

So, while the Republican Party does have some great men and women who stand for the people, like Ted Cruz and Trey Gowdy, the “establishment” Republican Party doesn’t. Apparently, all they stand for is taking care of themselves and for some crazy reason, they think that kowtowing to the Democrats is the way to do it.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • The GOP wimps want to BUSH-HOG(Jeb-Christie) the conservatives. I will not support the RNC, only local candidates. It is time we speak loudly with our donations!

  • “Go tell it on the mountain” because the Repubs ain’t listening and don’t care to listen.
    What’s the worse that happens? They get voted out in 2016?
    They like the minority and the party bosses get to stay put, so what’s the prob?
    The “defeated” have fall back patronage positions in lobbying or business of some sort, no one will be ‘out of work”.

  • We may as well expect the same old disgusting results until we get behind a decent Conservative and work to get out the vote by all like minded citizens. It is a disgrace that voter turn out is so weak. Until our people take the obligation as Americans and go to the polls we will only see more of the same. No one should anticipate anything different when they do not participate in the only process we have.

  • When it comes right down to it, there isn’t much difference between any of the Republicrats. They all do what is in their best interests, not ours. Things have already gone too far to correct. The only way to save the country now is to clean house and start over; and who is going to do it? People don’t want to hear it, but there is going to be a war before it’s done. Pay attention to what the Hollywood movies are saying. They keep telling us what to expect. The Brotherhood of globalists control the world’s direction from behind the scenes and they will have their New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) over our dead bodies whether we like it or not. So get ready…

  • There is no 2 party system anymore, there is just a pretense, made by gravy sucking parasites, who appointed themselves an elite, privileged class of citizen. They put on a charade of a disagreement, while we continue in the same direction, no matter who is in what office or which party has control of what branch of government.

    • stop voting for the same 12 guys EVERY election

  • Ted Cruz supports Israel more than American citizens. Dual loyalties are treason.

  • In 2008 I read that the ‘esablishment’ (read RINOs) Republicans would rather lose the election than risk their own position of power. I didn’t believe it then, “surely not”, I thought, but I do now! The Republicans in Congres seem soooo worried that ‘people won’t like them’, or will blame them if they don’t compromise, my father always used to tell me, ‘if a man has no enemies, he has never stood for anything’. Consrvatisism is the only answer and Boehner and McConnell are definately not part of that answer. The time has come and if we don’t pull it together and deal with the liberals and the RINOs, the country
    won’t be able to pull out of this donward spiral! (which of course, some don’t care about and others seem to want)

  • All Americans must read Petter Hamond’s book Slavery Terrorism and Islam All of us Americans must educate ourselves of how dangerous Islam’s agenda really is. And realize how our current government is realy Islamic. We Americans must unite, stand up and quickly rid our country of this evil. We desrve our freedom. And we must always keep our country America the land of the brave and of the free

  • The GOP est. RINOs don’t want a real conservative coz they’re not conservative. As long as we let them pick the candidate, nothing will change. In 2016, a real conservative must be chosen and the outcry so huge that the wimps won’t dare to subvert it.

  • We will winde up with another Bush and the party of liberal lite will destroy whats left of free America and the dream will be what we had before Bush 41 and Clinton’s NWO crew . How’s the newworld order/nafta free trade/ over regulation thing working out forya ?

    • The only difference between the two parties is the democrats will put us deeper into the sewer quicker then the republicans, but we will end up in the same place with both. Unfortunately the only solution is automatic weapons. Shoot all the s.o.b’s and hope the next pack gets the message. I live in Pennsylvania and my senators and representative all voted for the new budget which still funds the affordable health care act (affordable, what a joke) and obama’s amnesty

  • I think both Dems and Rebs have been stealiing from every fund in the country that neither can claim way to save it.

  • I’ve observed politics at the national level for years and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two or three dozen principled conservatives in congress who want to do the right thing for the country. With the exception of a few kooky idealougues on the left, most of congress are sell outs to the big donor class whom they depend on to fund their campaigns. Instead of a government of, by and for the people we have one of, by and for the rich and well connected. When you see a slimeball like Obama whipping votes for Boehner something really stinks on capitol hill.

  • Any time we re-elect the same guys over and over we give them the power to subjugate all of us. It is our own fault that the economy is screwed up and the world is a dangerous place because we don’t bother to find out which candidates hold views we like and thus we allow the glibbest or the most charming morons to govern. It’s not a party we need to reform. It’s our thinking that our vote doesn’t matter or that we have to keep the same 12 guys in office or the sky will fall down. It is a myth that if we replaced all of the incumbents every time we could the world would end and government would be run by inexperienced people who would then do a worse job than the guys in office now who “know” how government is run. Yeah right…

  • One solution I might propose is that we (the people) activate our various state governments to conduct a national referendum of recall, declaring that all federal incumbents will be ineligible for re-election at the next voting cycle without exception. This will “clean house” legally and also allow prospective candidates to begin their campaigns at the same time. If the major donors(we know who they are by now) don’t like it, too bad. It won’t make any difference in the new campaigns. All prospects will be political unknowns and thus not subject to party and fundraising influence. I have no idea if this is even feasible, but it might be well worth the try. What can we lose at this point?

    • I also suggest that we first audit the Fed, then end the Fed, and then repeal the 17th amendment.

  • Definitely need new blood…find out about Ben Carson! You can read ‘Gifted Hands’ to know about his life and ‘America the Beautiful’ and/or ‘One Nation’ for his good ideas on how to get us (America) back on a sensible track. He has my vote for sure.

  • We have all been sold out by those sworn to protect us and our rights. Career politicians, family dynasties and big business are all interbreeding and plotting regardless of their party or affiliations. It will only get worse, until the silent majority stands up and again pledges their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Long Live Freedom!!!!!!!

  • The GOP has two problems nominating a good presidential candidate.
    First, of course, is overcoming the establishment, which has been in DC too long and isn’t listening to the people. Best way to accomplish that is supporting real conservatives, with cash, effort and above all informed votes.

    The second is overcoming the mass of Republican voters who get all their news, and in the end, their opinions from television and the MSM, including FOX. The news will sell the candidate that gets the news, that the NYT says is the one that the Dems are really afraid of, that rank high in current polls- which never really tell us why x or y is polling well. Early on it’s mostly name recognition, which the press controls by who they write stories about. Look for the candidate they don’t like to talk about (Walker?) , or only mention to denigrate (Cruz). Too many voters go for the guy getting the most press, that polls show leading, that the NYT, NBC, CBS treat like the guy the Dems worry about. Then when that “leading candidate” gets nominated, they’re all ready for him. They cut him to pieces, while he fights like a “gentleman”- McCain, Romney- and loses. The Congressional leadership “learns a lesson” and compromises our rights away for another four years. And then the press sells us another loser, while the long term Congressional leadership does it’s best to discourage anyone who will really fight the battles.

    How do we deal with that? Mostly by talking to ourselves. We need to educate those who basically agree with us, but get their news from the TV and the NYT. That’s where the battle is, and it’s straight up a steep hill. Time to start climbing again. And vote, always, for the best choice available. Going off for a good sulk may feel noble, but it doesn’t win any battles.

  • Too Many RINO’s!!!

  • Our president is building his new army as we speak. General Al is running it. Beware of marshal law. That’s when we loose our firearms and food storage and end up in fema camps. Unless, of course, one of our ripe enemies out there turns off our electric grid. Then it’s survival of the fittest. Pray, Pray, Pray and be kind to one another if you can. Good luck everyone

  • I’ve been a Conservative Republican since I was able to vote (40+ years). This recent passage of the CRominbus by the spineless Establishment was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I immediately changed my voter registration to INDEPENDANT. If you all think the Establishment is going to get tuff with the Dems once the new Congress is in session then I’ve got beach front property sell you in Arizona. And don’t try tell me that my decision to change my voter registration is aiding the Dems. The Republican Party is doing that on their own.

  • It’s ironic, but I have heard many states have petitioned for secession. Warms the cockles of my confederate heart. Now all these other states are trying to be what we were back then. Shoulda listened…