Social Conservatism Is Not Dead

If you listen to the liberal politicians controlling Washington or the liberals in the mainstream media, social conservatism is dead. Those of us who consider ourselves to be conservatives are nothing more than relics of the past and modern society has moved on, leaving us in their dust.

But that’s not quite true.

Oh, I’m sure it looks true to them. They surround themselves with other progressive liberals, who all say believe the same things and chant the same mantras.

They cover their ears and shout microagression to any contrary opinion. They complain about anything that might offend them and they tell themselves how they are the elite and are so much smarter than the rest of us. But it’s all a sham.

Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Southern California and a few other hotbeds of liberal utopia are almost like enclaves, where progressive liberals can surround themselves with other like-minded leftists and tell themselves that they represent the consensus opinion of the United States.

But that’s nothing more than a dream in their minds. According to the latest Gallup poll, conservatives still make up 47% of the United States, moderates are 30% and liberals come in last at only 23%. So how does the liberal minority make themselves out to be the majority? Because they are the most vocal part of our society.

When conservatives don’t like something, they generally just say they don’t like it and then go on with their business. When liberals don’t like something, they scream that society has to change it.

They’ll keep screaming it, like a child throwing a temper tantrum, until society does what they want. It doesn’t matter if what they want is right, wrong or indifferent, their opinion reigns supreme… at least in their mind.

Are The Media and Minorities Controlling Our Future?

That’s how the LGBT community, which represents no more than 2 whole percent of our population, has managed to become the tail wagging the dog. We now have this small percentage of people dictating law and the various branches and departments of the government obeying them.

All they had to do was mouth the magic words “racist” and “discriminatory” and they got the rest of the progressive liberal minority chanting their mantras too; making such a din that Washington couldn’t hear anything else. The Muslim community is doing that as well. And Obama is working overtime for them, importing Muslims as fast as his pen can write. He may get his wish, although not as quickly as he’d like.

But all this doesn’t change the fact that the largest chunk of society is still conservative. At 47% it seems that conservatives should be able to control the country, but we rarely are.

All too often, we capitulate to the liberals, not just in Washington, but in voting booths across the land. When the GOP leadership puts forth a RINO candidate, as they are known to do, conservatives don’t vote, handing the victory to the liberals on a silver platter.

That’s what happened in the last two presidential elections. Obama won those elections because the GOP leadership couldn’t back a candidate that reflected the values of their supporters. Or perhaps what they did was put forth a candidate that reflected the value of their financial supporters, rather than the voters.

Either way, the candidates who represented the Republican Party didn’t garner the support of the electorate and Obama won. Republican moderate candidates, otherwise known as RINOs, can’t win.

The Republican Party’s Comeback

But an amazing thing has been happening at all other levels. If we look at the 2012, 2014 and 2015 elections, we see an amazing shift towards the Republican Party in State Legislatures, Governorships and the U.S. Congress. All three times, Republican candidates have won seats, in many cases sweeping away entrenched Democrats.

This happened again here in the 2015 elections. While actually a rather minor election, there were a few important seats up for grabs. Perhaps the most important wins were the Governors of Kentucky and Ohio, both swing states. Kentucky has had Democrat governors for 40 of the last 44 years, but now turned to a Republican candidate to replace the incumbent.

Matt Bevin won the Kentucky race for Governor, based upon his strong conservative stand. Pundits had declared his demise for his support of Kim Davis, the County Clerk who refused to issue marriage license with her name on them. But it was this very support that caused conservatives to get out and vote, supporting Bevin and winning the election.

There’s a false idea that social liberalism is an electoral winner. That’s what’s driving the GOP leadership to back RINO candidates. But the last three elections have proven this wrong. In all three cases, the electorate has gone for strong conservative candidates; not RINOs, not moderates and not liberals. Liberals have been losing seats across the country, at every level, because the silent majority of conservatives is fed up and is finally making their voice be heard.

We’ll never hear from conservatives in the manner we hear from liberals. Conservatives will either change something, fix it or put up with it; they won’t really complain about it. But that’s the beauty of the voting booth. That’s where conservatives can really make their voice heard, and do it in a manner that makes a difference.

With the 2016 Presidential Primaries approaching and the 2016 General Election on the horizon, conservatives have a chance to do what the liberals did when they voted Obama into office the first time, giving his party control of both houses of Congress as well. The question is, will the Republican Party put forth a solid conservative candidate that we can get behind or will the GOP leadership, helped by the mainstream media, succeed in putting another moderate on the ballot, who conservatives can’t get behind?

Those governorships weren’t the only place where the liberals lost out in the November 3rd election. Houston’s liberal, lesbian mayor and city council tried to pass a law creating special privileges for those who are confused about their sexual identity. Specifically, allowing men in women’s bathrooms and women in men’s bathrooms. That resolution was defeated 2 to 1.

But conservatives in Houston wouldn’t stand for that. They raised the signatures necessary to force that to be included on the ballot, rather than voted on by the City Council. When the mayor tried to claim that the signatures were fraudulent, they took her to court on it, ultimately winning in the state’s Supreme Court. That put the resolution on the ballot, where it was defeated.

In fact, we find that in just about every major social issue today, conservative viewpoints are winning out over liberal ones in nationwide polls. So, while the progressive left is touting themselves as representing the people, the polls are telling us otherwise. It is actually the strongly conservative candidates who are truly representing the viewpoint of the majority of the people.

This is important and we need to make our voices heard on our stance. Since we can’t count on the mainstream media (a bunch of liberals) giving fair airtime to our conservative viewpoint, we must find other ways.

Alternative media, especially through the internet is one of those. Conservative talk show hosts, such as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck do a great job, but that’s not enough. The voices of the average person need to be heard too. Houston showed us the way on this. The resolution wasn’t passed with the help of politicians or the media, but rather by a grass roots movement of conservatives who stood up and said, “Enough!” When we do that, we win.

In the last presidential election, Romney stated that 47% of the people were going to vote for Obama, simply because they were receiving government handouts and the Democrats where constantly telling them that Republicans wanted to take those away from them.

But let me put that in perspective. That 47% is matched by the 47% of the population which is conservative. We match them, vote for vote. They can only win, when we let them.

It’s time for conservatives to stop giving elections to the liberals. If we don’t stand up for what we believe in, nobody else is going to do it for us. That means voting in candidates who stand for our values, not some wishy-washy candidate who is going to back Wall Street, more than Main Street, or stand with Democrats, rather than with our values.

Former CEO of IBM, Lou Gerstner is famous for saying, “People only do what you inspect, not what you expect.” We have got to remember that our elected representatives are our employees, not our masters. So, we need to inspect what they do and let them know that we are doing so.

Yes, I know that it’s not in our nature to complain, but we have to. Actually, we don’t need to complain, we need to tell them how we expect them to vote and then check to see that they vote that way. It wouldn’t hurt to tell them that we see what they did, on those occasions when they don’t do what we say.

Then, and only then, can we be sure that we will receive fair representation in Washington and our state’s capitals.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.



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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Bill, great article. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Without a doubt, lame stream press is a major contributor to Americas problems today, and their ratings prove it. They appear too stupid to understand when the Constitution goes, so does their right to do business. The two biggest problems in this Country today are corrupt politicians and political correctness, and the lame stream media are just a corrupt and politically correct as the politicians.

  • Conservative Americans ,honest ,hardworking decent,family loving,Christian Americans.
    For years you have sat on your couches and complained about work,being tired,the economy and everything else,while being brainwashed by liberal news,tv sitcoms and soap operas telling you and your family how to behave ,what to think and labelling yiu before you have even had a chance to open your mouth.
    If you dont like something,you mumble under your breath in case someone overhears you and points a finger with a label.
    Kids tell parents what to do and where to get off because thats what they see on tv.
    Daddy is an idiot,mom is lenient and progressive,daughters date at 12, sons have feelings?Uncles/aunts are gay (2%?)
    Liberals and gays march through cities and towns and the world stands still and broadcasts it.
    Conservative America does not need to shout and scream and rant and rave, all conservative America needs to do is vote fir the right candidate and insist on a return to “Good Old American Family Christian Values”.IN GOD WE TRUST…read the dollar bill !

  • Hi Hello People ! I Am Gilbert Singh Frm Fresno Cal ,OK iLL Speak My Mind ,We The Need No More Politics ,We Do Not Need Democrats Nor Republicans No Moore . Look At The Pattern They Have, Bush , Clinton & Obama They Have Both Parties Corrupted , And You Want To Do It Again ? We Must Take Back The United States ,Because Theses People Sold All of Us Out ,Selling Our Lands To China & Lord Knows To Who Else “I Say We The People, Must Oust All Theses Bad People Out ,So Are You All In Or What ? We Must All Make A Stand ,Its Now Or We Lose Our Country For Ever People Wise Up America Or We Are Done .

    • Gilbert, you are absolutely correct. But we need to replace the corruption with true conservatives, which seems difficult to find enough of them. True conservatives like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are few and far between. All patriots need to be pro active in recruiting those we know to be true conservatives and be willing to get involved in politics. That will take a lot of work, but like you said, it’s now or never, there is not a lot of time left before our Country dies.

      • Bill,
        Your message rang so true. What is happening to our country is a disgrace! I am a Christian and it seems right now that Christian groups are preparing people for how to die right now instead of equipping them with some survival techniques or ways of fighting. If we do not fight what is coming to us, we will not have a future nor will our children.

      • We don’t need conservatives. We need constitutional libertarians. We must not discriminate based on religion (for or against Christianity). (I’m a retired Christian pastor so don’t make me anti-Chrisitan.) We need to balance the budget. We need to restore privacy rights. We need to move away from civil forfeiture. I don’t favor drugs, homo-sexuality, or people driving without seatbelts, but I don’t want to use the force of government to make others agree with my standards. There is no right “not to be offended”. There is a right to freedom of speech and press. I think politeness is an attribute but if I am offended by an a TV show, I have the power to change the channel. I don’t have to go to an offensive movie. I don’t spend my money at stores that don’t want legally armed citizens on their premises. I will gladly grant them their wish. When government passes a law and demands people do something, they are announcing their intention to use lethal force to make that thing happen. (That’s why I left law enforcement in 1985.) I am more comfortable with social conservatives because their social values are more aligned with mine. However, I will defend a liberals right to express their values as long as they don’t demand that I either agree with them or pay for it.

        • I agree with most of what you stated. But it is a pipe dream to believe any non democrap or republican can win in a presidential election. Ron Paul tried and failed, several times. Look at where Rand Paul is. So it boils down to democrap, conservative republican or RINO. Waste your vote on Rand Paul and get killery elected, your choice. You are correct the federal gov’t should not be able to pass any law not authorized by the Constitution. Only the States have that right, and if we don’t like it we can move to another State. Maybe, sometime in the very distant future, a Rand Paul might be able to win, but that time is not now. So waste your vote now and suffer the consequences. If killery is elected, this Country as we know it is dead.

          • I didn’t say vote for Rand Paul. I didn’t say vote for a capital L Libertarian. What I did was speak to the problem. As agenda of the social conservatives is focus on divisive issues that are distractions from the real issue. Those are economic. The debt is going to destroy the dollar. Every one of us who has SS, a pension, or savings will be screwed. It doesn’t matter whether our philosophy is liberal or conservative. Hyper inflation will take down planned parenthood and every church dependent on endowments. It is an equal opportunity curse. Unless we get back to sound budgeting principles, we are going down. I don’t really expect the problem to be solved in this election cycle, no matter who is elected. My hope it is that the trajectory can be nudged in a better direction. We need sound conservative fiscal policy. Social conservatism is a side issue.

          • I completely agree. At what will probably be a 20 trillion dollar debt by the end of obummers term, nothing and nobody can save us. I see nothing short of default for the US. The math gurus say it will be impossible to climb out of this kind of debt. I don’t know how the dollar could survive. The question is will we be able to pick ourselves up and start from scratch? Things will definitely have to change. More than 50% of our population pay zero taxes and yet a lot of them get tax credits at the end of the year. Almost 100 million people are out of work, and yet the government says our unemployment is rate is 5%. Our future will definitely be interesting to say the least.

        • EAST! how the .hell are ya? You’re right the money and the honey. One of the problems that people have is that their perceptions are sometimes obfuscated by the misinterpretations of terms and their definitions. Too many confuse ‘Liberal’ for ‘Libertarian’. or conversely. The Founders were Libertarian, not Right wing Conservatives or Left Wing Socialists. Liberalism is a different animal, politically speaking.

          I’m surprised we have a couple things in common. I, too, among the many dubious accomplishments in my life, am an ordained minister. and almost, but for the grace of god, (whew, it was close) became a Catholic Priest. But did maintain a career in Law Enforcement.

          If you ever get tired of Tx, and want to re-locate a little further N/E in the ‘promised land’, let me know, maybe we’ll open a Church together. LOL!

          • MAHATMA, good to cross paths with you again. One of the problems is that people don’t understand the concept of “liberty.” It is not absolute freedom. It is not license to do anything one wants to do. It is a system to maximize the rights of all. My right to do what I want ends when it interferes with your rights, BUT your rights end where they come into conflict with mine. All of us are equal– none with more rights than others. That leaves the details of a liberty based society a delicate calculus that may change over time. The key to it is that the vast majority will rise up to defend the victim of anyone who is the victim of non-provoked forces– and by non-provoked, I mean “have not initiate physical forth or threatened the same.” In the Declaration, “the pursuit of happiness” was originally a property clause in Jefferson’s mind. People have a right to “better themselves” without interference from “the thief”, either individual or collective. The system which maximizes the freedom of all to the highest degree is the one to be supported.

            I realize that the American revolution was enacted by people who condoned or supported slavery, bond servants, women, apprentices, and those who had not reached the age of majority. However, our society has been on a course that has increased it’s understanding of full personhood throughout its existence. There are those who want to use the power of goverment, secret societies, or the individual to continue to subjugate those once in restricted categories. That needs to be combated. On the other hand, those who have been “freed” from their legal and social bonds must accept duties as well as the rights of liberty, the foremost being to accept offense in order to preserve the liberties of those who offend them. When people learn the pain of offense, the hope is that they will become more sensitive to the concerns of others, and change their behavior.

            The government has a legitimate function in arbitrating conflicts of rights between two parties. This may take two forms– one in the criminal realm after the rights of one have been violated. The other is the civil role when the rights of two parties seem to be in conflict and people cannot settle the dispute more economically. The key to civil process is that both sides are fully represented in the process. Unfortunately, disenfranchised parties often cannot have standing before the courts. Slaves in the 19th century come to mind. The unborn come to mind today. (In my mind, there is difference between a recently conceived zygote and an almost full term fetus. I cannot tell you when the moment of personhood begins, so I have moved towards the side of caution.)

            I’m beginning to ramble so I’ll close. What I know is that duty and responsibility have largely been left out of the formula for our society. And by that, I mean more than following the orders of those in power. The loyalty needed is to an ideal, not towards a person or an office. Liberty is the name I use for that ideal, and liberty has costs. Pure freedom means “without cost” and that points towards the difference between “liberty” and “freedom.” In similar fashion, there is a huge difference between “democracy” and a “republican form of government.” The fact that our vocabulary has been blurred, makes it difficult to communicate with precision.

  • we live on and they will not stop us. They can not put a stop to our beliefs.

    • Unfortunately, they can an do. Think the Christian baker in Oregon. The only thing we can do is vote with our feet, and move out of these states which violate our Constitutional rights. When I retired, I moved from Kalifornia within 1 month of retirement.

  • You’re very accurate about the RNC’s support of RINOs, but I take it one step farther. They take a vengeance against conservatives during elections. Case-in-point: Ken Cuccinelli lost the Virginia Governor’s race by less that 300 votes. He got NO $$$ or other help from the RNC. Ken C. almost won on pure grass-roots support. This was a critical race then, and they put pride above Country to show their true colors.

    Look: Love it or hate it, we only have two viable parties. It’s time we come out in droves to support our conservatives. They fight a war just like our veterans fight. They don’t use bullets, but lives are at stake — yours, mine, our children, and their children!

  • While all of this is true, if we don’t get out the vote it won’t matter. A lot of folks sat home and did not vote because they did not like Romney. To those folks how has the last 4 years been to you
    Get behind the nomination regardless if you don’t like him or her. Enough is enough.

  • Take a lesson from Bill Clinton’s team. “It’s the economy, stupid!” The only way that anyone will win (liberals or conservatives) is if we have a sound dollar. People on CHIPS, Social Security, reverse taxation, or any other liberal program will have NOTHING if the dollar goes to hell. People with paper/electronic assets will have NOTHING if the dollar goes to hell. Insurance, savings, stocks, bonds, anything traded in dollars will be lost. (The only potential winners (and they will win only once for a very short time) are those who have a debt load carried in dollars and a job that tries to keep up with inflation. I suspect the banks have some way of keeping people from paying off their mortgages for pennies on the dollar but I don’t know what it is.) Unless the economy gets fixed, no liberal or conservative promise can be kept, even if the politicians are united and do their best to push through their various agendas. We are just on the edge of going over the edge. Once interest rates begin to climb, the national debt/death spiral begins. Right now we need to RAISE TAXES on everybody. We need to CUT benefits to everybody–Social Security, salaries and benefits of government workers and contrators, Child Tax Credits, Corporations with the possible exception of Food Stamps. I’m not saying kill all the programs with one swift blow but begin to phase them out, and put enough teeth in it that people will understand that street protests and petitions or hard luck stories will end the process. We NEED a balanced budget amendment that demands a 10% surplusto be applied to the debt in any year where there is still a national debt. Yes, I know what I’m saying. I’m talking about the end of life as we know it. People are going to have to make fun of commercials that entice them to purchases goods that they don’t need. Advertising people need the scarlet letter tattooed to their foreheads. We need to become a nation of savers. We also need to become a nation of innovators. MADE IN THE USA needs to be a choice and people in this country need to use in as a significant criteria in what they purchase. We need to increase food production so we can again feed ourselves. We need to diversify energy sources. We need to create jobs where people feel a sense of vocation and gain satisfaction from a job well done. We need people from all economic strata working together to create volunteer fire departments, EMTs, police reserves, and to play other civic roles. We have to get away from the world in which half the households in the United States receive some kind of government check. (In many cases, we work (or have worked) for that check but it’s hard to vote against the policies that provides your income. The government knows that and wants to provide income to as many as possible to maintain the status quo. A program such as I describe would make for an absolutely terrible decade, but if we did it, we could save the world for our children. This is the kind of hardship and dedication that liberty requires. And if the USA entered a program like that, our enemies would tremble in their boots because they would see that the dollar would once again be “the gold standard” of the world.

    • will NOT end the program

    • I completely agree, however it will take time to get everybody on board, a lot of time. Can we survive while waiting for folks to understand the gravity of our situation? I don’t see how. I’m all for raising everyone’s taxes. Every person should have skin in the game. however, I’m not in favor of my raised taxes paying for every Tom, Dick and Sherry getting obummer phones. I’m not for paying to build mosques in foreign lands, etc., etc., etc. I usually vote for increasing my local taxes as I feel I at least have some control. We have absolutely zero control over how our federal taxes are spent or should I say wasted. Come up with a solution to this, and we have will have a beginning. I’m lucky, I live in a conservative County, a conservative State which usually (not always) spends our tax money responsibly. I am in constant communications with my two Senators and Congresswoman. know exactly how I feel and when they vote the way I ask them to, I give them my praise and thanks. When they vote against my wishes, I make them explain their vote to me. As a volunteer fire chief for my County, I believe I have the respect of each of my County Commissioners, and I do attend the Commission meetings as often as can. I’m not asking for accolades, I just want folks out there to know what is possible if we put our minds, and a little time, to it. If more and more people did the same, and we hold the politicians feet to he fire and don’t give up (it can get frustrating), anything may be possible

      • Marty, we are in agreement. If our nation has any chance of surviving as a descendant of 1776 revolution, we will have to have a Congress and Administration that squeezes every dollar so tight the the proverbial eagle will scream and scream again. I see very few “leaders” or candidates that don’t have an agenda. Some are running to preserve all benefits to the receiving class. Some are running to support the military industrial complex. Some are for supporting business and financial institution. Everybody is taking money from somebody so they can support somebody’s interest. And the argument that I hear over and over again is that I must choose the lesser of evils, and every one of them leads down a different path, but all paths lead to financial ruin. I don’t have to fall in line. The Hildebeast and Sanders are at least honest in announcing their path to ruin. Trump, Bush, Rubio, Christie, and some others have all laid out plans to spend more. There are only a couple of true fiscal conservatives in the mix, and they’ve been pushed to the Children’s Table. Yeah, when push comes to shove, I’ll probably vote R instead of D or my preferred L. But I don’t have to like it, and I don’t have to pretend that we have a bunch of good candidates.