Prep Blog Review: When Winter Becomes Off The Grid

Living off the grid is no piece of cake, as many of us already know. Especially when you haven’t prepped and winter rushes you straight into it.

Power outages caused by heavy snow falls are not uncommon, unfortunately, and if you want to be the least affected by them, then having an off-the-grid set of mind will surely be in your advantage.

1. Powering Your Survival Homestead

Prep 1“A perennial problem faced by suburban and rural dwellers is obtaining water in the absence of utility provided electric power. Standby generators require fuel of some type, which will eventually run out, and deep drilled wells are poorly suited for use with hand pumps of most types.

As a prepper this has always been a concern for me as I live in a rural setting, but in a house constructed with the modern “central-everything” design concepts. I do have a gasoline powered generator, and maintain supplies enough for a few weeks of continuous running. After that it’s carrying buckets to the stream.”

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2. Dropping Out Of Society: How To Prepare For A Solo Life Off-Grid

Prep 2“Many of us dream or desire to live off-grid by ourselves, enjoying a peaceful life of solitude. But it’s easy to underestimate the difficulty of this.

Living off the grid is hard enough if you have family and other homesteaders around you. Going it alone is even more challenging. Here are some things to think about before deciding to live alone on your off-grid homestead.”

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3. Easy DIY Rocket Stove You Can Build Yourself

“There are all kinds of fancy rocket stove projects and gadgets out there that cost a lot of money. This one will only cost you about $15 bucks.”

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