Bug In Plan

Whether you stay in your home or you leave when SHTF, the decision you make at this point is based upon two things: the

A small shelter shed will make it much easier to adapt to a post-catastrophic world and increase your survival chances.

I’m sharing the knowledge of over 40 years of being a survivalist so you can protect yourself and your family, when the inevitable disaster

Shelters can be built even at homes without a basement. Shelters do not need complicated air filtration systems to protect against fallout.

Few wilderness survival resources are more important than trees, so making a camp in the proximity of some trees often makes a great deal

Having a survival shelter helps you survive, and so is ensuring that others cannot find it. These are the best 10 ways to hide

If you are tired of high electric bills and drafty rooms, you can try these 20 inexpensive methods to winterize your apartment on a

A single gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds and takes up quite a bit of space. So how will you solve your water

What are you going to do when FEMA shows up at your door to take your guns and food? Find out the tricks of

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so you might wake up to an emergency at some point. Are your prepared for

Do you have a panic room in your house? Here are the secrets to follow for turning this space into the safest location on

Here are ten problems that you may not even give much thought to now that may lead to severe problems after a crisis occurs.

No matter whether you get caught in a hurricane or a military takeover, a simple problem can quickly escalate and harden your urban survival.

Are you a city dweller or a rural homesteader? Both will need to meet the same basic needs, but the skills required may be

Failure to take these matters into account will invariably make it harder for children to cope during a crisis situation.