Just remember though, that a tent is merely a tent, after all, and you cannot expect it take severe weather in stride the way

If your interests are primarily prepper related, you can start with a basic tiny house design and merge it with the best of camp

The initial aim of security precautions is deterrence, should deterrence fail, security measures serve to slow criminals and detect them, giving homeowners time and

Your stockpile is an essential part of your survival strategy, being a good reason to stay at home, rather than bugging out. If your

Your front door. Not just a style piece, your front door is the guardian of your home. It needs to be the best that

People today that suffer from allergies and breathing problems already know that decreasing air quality is only making them sicker.

Regardless of your current living situation, there are many times and places where an external shelter located on your property or near your home

From nuclear disaster to pandemics, having a safe place to hide should be your primary concern. You already have the best spot if you

You can be sure that somebody on the political left is going to be politicizing the holidays once again, being offended that someone actually

Check these tips to see if you can call your home a safe shelter. If it's not, what do you expect to turn it

Retirement is a massive change. Living off-grid is a great way to to afford retirement, and would give you something to do.

After a hurricane or heavy floods, we have a laugh-or-cry joke that our houses turn into giant tents or RVs after a storm and

There are a lot of DIY projects to develop for your homestead, and your probably have a long list on hold. Here are a

Every new project means learning a new survival skill or practicing an old one. Here are some easy projects you can start right now.

From bugging out to keeping your homestead running, making new wheels and design them from scratch is an important, but overlooked skill.