It is truly amazing how much force nature can muster to throw at our efforts at taming our planet. Hurricanes and other natural disasters

The roof is on and the job is done! In this video, we come back to Jason for the final part of his DIY

Nothing makes a better prepper home than a homestead. What prepper doesn’t dream of picking up and moving out of the city to create

Knowledge is power and knowing what to do in order to get the most out of the wood that we find in the forest

Quit looking at the grass as a problem and start looking at it as a resource. Granted, grass isn’t much of a resource, but

Jason's back with Part 3 of his DIY Pole Barn build and he's inching closer to completion, bracing his construction for safety and putting

Can things get that bad? Yes, it has happened in other parts of the world and we’re not immune. In a very real sense, a

No matter how long one has been prepping, it seems there is always something else to add to their stockpile. There’s really no such

A lot of folks are dreaming of making the switch from a modern lifestyle to off-grid living. In fact, more and more people are

In this video, we join back with Jason as he continues to work on his DIY Pole Barn project.

The nearly 39 million people who live in apartments here in the US face special challenges when it comes to prepping.

You can transform your shed into a greenhouse and grow your food indoors. While you can cultivate plants in your garden, the weather where

There’s a tendency to write about urban survival from the viewpoint of living in a house in suburbia. Some of that is probably due

electricity and heating bills got you down? Put up some windbreaks in the form of trees and shrubs to lower your utility expenses. But

We’re all aware of the high inflation going on, as prices for everything we need soar, especially fuel prices. Those fuel prices are probably