These are just a few of the things that you can do to keep yourself going. The list of things that you can do

Because of the water content in them, the deck will be soggy and wet it will become slippery and difficult to use. But there

People spend much of their lives indoors and are used to seeing doors, windows, and walls. This constant programming makes hidden exits very effective.

Just because you’re renting your home doesn’t mean you will be spared by a natural disaster—get your apartment ready and you’ll be prepared

Normal security precautions such as locks and motion detector floodlights become trivial, unless the way they are employed changes to deal with the new

Before the existence of our modern infrastructure, life was all about survival. Survive a drought, survive a storm, survive an Indian attack, or survive

All these are great ideas when it comes to lighting your house during a power outage. The one you choose should go together with

Your ancestors didn’t need much to survive, and their backwoods know-how combined with a good piece of land was all they needed to have

This is just one of many reasons why decluttering is so important if you plan on having a home that you can live in

Between the riots that are going on now and the threat of more riots, if the Democrats don’t win this year’s elections, the world

In this article, I have listed some of the most critical substances for a homestead to have, where they come from and even the

Survivalists dream of owning a homestead. Far fewer realize that dream at some point in their lives and doing so usually takes decades for

To make sure you are not wasting time and energy, take a few minutes and plan it all in your head before building the

The housing options listed in this article are the most popular ones, and the one you pick should take into account factors such as

Knowing the details of your home region gives you a better chance of surviving an SHTF event. It provides you an advantage that cannot