In this article, I have listed some of the most critical substances for a homestead to have, where they come from and even the

Survivalists dream of owning a homestead. Far fewer realize that dream at some point in their lives and doing so usually takes decades for

To make sure you are not wasting time and energy, take a few minutes and plan it all in your head before building the

The housing options listed in this article are the most popular ones, and the one you pick should take into account factors such as

Knowing the details of your home region gives you a better chance of surviving an SHTF event. It provides you an advantage that cannot

Camping brings out the best in everybody. If you are fond of wildlife and nature, then camping expeditions would offer you ample opportunities to

Hempcrete can be used in conjunction with concrete. It has advantages over standard concrete in some applications because is a great insulator and lightweight.

If your preparedness plans include some protection from the threats of today’s world, you’ve probably thought of building or acquiring an emergency bunker.

We were taught that you only needed a shovel and a few feet of dirt all around you to survive the first few minutes

Winter is that time when many things can go wrong with the maintenance of a property, from leaking roofs to water damage, and unbearable

When my neighbor Jerry served in the U.S. Army, he helped build the American bunkers, which took 5 men working for weeks to make

One of the problems we all face is where to store our stockpile. Unless you are fortunate to have a big home, you probably

Living in an underground home takes a little getting used to, as you don’t have windows in every room. Nor can you suddenly decide

What do you know about building the actual structure that you will be using as the base for your home? What about constructing the

There are some major concerns about safety that every homeowner should keep in mind when maintaining their gardens and houses during the rainy season.