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When you spend a lot of time stocking and prepping, organization is key. But, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with clutter when you’re trying

Some of the most dangerous pests you'll run into are also some of the most common. Unfortunately, while there may not be a surefire

In a survival situation, regardless of its magnitude, duration or outcome, hygiene will still be an important part of your preparations. If you don't

My wife is one of those people obsessed with cleanness, and she wants everything inside our home to be clean and spotless. After a

In today's video, Tyler discusses some of the information included in the text that covers the assessment and treatment of burns. 

While we often think about trauma medicine and basic first aid when gathering supplies and training, a dental emergency can be just as debilitating

In a survival situation, the risk of contracting a disease dramatically increases if you ignore your hygiene. It would help if you used any

"I know this guy, who knew a guy, who was a medic in the war … and he used tampons instead of trauma dressings.

Animals come in all "bites" and sizes, and even the friendly neighbor's dog can harm you if provoked or if it feels under the

With some basic knowledge and better maintenance, you can take the requisite steps for improving the air quality today.

Learning how to clean up after a rodent infestation is an important skill, no matter whether you live in an apartment, your own home,

Here are some essential steps and precautions you must take after getting rid of these unwanted guests from your home.

Have you thought about your teeth for after life as you know it ends? With other things on your mind, caring for your teeth

Besides these tips, my family also has DNA samples and fingerprints, and although this may seem an extreme measure, I have a logical approach

The best way to keep yourself and your family safe (both now and when the pandemic finally passes) is to keep your guard up