Prep Blog Review: Multipurpose Survival Items

Stockpiling is a big part of any preparedness plan. The big idea is to hoard items that you can use for different purposes, and use them for your family use for survival or for bartering. Considering that, the best thing you can do is storing multipurpose items, and learn how to make the best out of them, when disaster strikes.

Here the three useful articles about survival items we found for you on preparedness websites and blogs.

1. 5 Naturally Occurring Salt Sources For When the SHTF

salt“Salt is a life-saving, multifunctional preparedness item that all households should have stored for long term emergencies.

This essential prep contains natural medicinal sources and also serves other tasks as well, including being used as a natural electrolyte, meat curing, assists in tanning hides, and can even be added to boost soap recipes.”

Read the article here.

2. Survival Skills: 7 Ways Lips Balm Can Save Your Life

lipbalm_0-300x161“Lip balm, by any other name, is still a useful product in the outdoors. Go shopping for some and you’ll see dozens of choices on the store shelves, offering what may be an overabundance of variations.

But more importantly, lip balm can be one of those odd little items that help to steer you back on track if your outdoor adventure starts to go sideways. If you think you’re too tough to use lip balm, then check out these seven survival uses and carry some anyway.”

Read the article here.

3. What Are the Benefits of Vodka

vodka“Well, that’s easy, you drink it. And if you are a prepper you can use it to barter with, plus, let’s not forget that it’s good for medical emergencies as well.

Here are 21 other household uses for vodka that you may not have been aware of:.”

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This article has been written by Gabrielle Ray for Survivopedia.

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