Physical and mental preparedness are both equally important. If you have the knowledge but can't execute the skill, you won't go far. The same

Take care of yourself, even if the world is falling apart around you. You've got plenty of tools and skills in your arsenal, as

In this video, Tyler discusses what Survival MD: What to Do When There's No Doctor says about both hyper and hypothermia. 

Your medical response kit needs to strike a delicate balance. It should be able to address a variety of injuries and conditions.

In this video, Tyler previews the radiation exposure protocols that the book Survival MD: What to Do When There's No Doctor  explains.

In this video, Tyler covers in-depth information and treatment tips for the types of injuries that are most common in a disaster or crisis

In today's video, Tyler discusses some of the information included in the text that covers the assessment and treatment of burns. 

While we often think about trauma medicine and basic first aid when gathering supplies and training, a dental emergency can be just as debilitating

Learn from Tyler White how to use a tourniquet, what you should have in your medical kit, and the best way to pack a

Provided that the only reason your water is dangerous to drink is that it contains pathogens, any of the above methods should help.

We all know that exercise benefits us mentally and physically; however, pulling yourself to get feet on elliptical machines is another thing. But one

An SHTF scenario may not be the best time to bring a new baby into the world. But it's going to happen.

Healthy aging can be achieved if you take to routine physical activities and do them regularly with your grown kids and their children.

The only way you can be more productive at your place of work or in your business is by putting in more time and

In a survival situation, the risk of contracting a disease dramatically increases if you ignore your hygiene. It would help if you used any