Fighting a disease or outbreak during and after an SHTF event becomes an almost impossible task if you don't prepare for such a scenario.

In a survival situation, especially if you're not sheltering with friends or family members, preserving your mental health can pose a massive challenge.

I know everyone is tired of talking about COVID, but unfortunately, this disease isn’t done with us yet. This entire process has been a

Somehow, we all seem to think we’ll be able to keep our cool when everything goes to hell in a handbasket. But nothing could

Everyone should know the basic methods of providing first aid in emergencies. At the same time, the degree of civilization of a person directly

Mental health requires special attention, regardless of age. Everyone can face burnout, so it's time to realize how to get rid of this condition.

Sage is a versatile medicinal plant, and it's worth growing it in your garden. Even more, sage is a resilient plant that can be

Did you know that there are plants that have medicinal value and work wonders in healing your body?

Animals come in all "bites" and sizes, and even the friendly neighbor's dog can harm you if provoked or if it feels under the

Surviving a gunshot wound or other severe trauma often depends on how quickly care is received and its quality.

Herbal healing is getting more and more popular lately. It is uncertain if the COVID pandemic is the reason behind it or if people

This article aims to familiarize Survivopedia readers with vitamin requirements and help them spot the signs and effects of vitamin deficiency.

With some basic knowledge and better maintenance, you can take the requisite steps for improving the air quality today.

If you have spent any time at all in a vehicle, you know that cramped spaces can make for complications you may not have

What happens when you won't think twice about the expired jar of pickles you plan on eating? Will it be "just food poisoning," or