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In today’s world, dominated by pharmaceutical chemicals, it’s easy to forget the humble origins of pain relief.

We often take for granted the simple act of moving, and we don’t think much about the natural functions of our bodies. However, for

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking idealistically about our survival scenarios. One way we do that is by thinking that

As winter is in full force, the telltale signs of sneezes, sniffles, and the occasional fever are ever-present reminders of the importance of proactive

Plants are awesome because they give us food, shelter, clothes, and medicine. They can even boost our mood and make us grin.

I am currently in the midst of a survival crisis. Oh, it’s nothing dramatic and it probably doesn’t look like survival or a crisis

In today’s article, you will discover the hidden uses of diatomaceous earth, a remarkable and versatile product that will transform your homestead, small farm,

Sinusitis is a bothersome condition that often strikes during seasonal changes and can make our everyday life truly miserable.

As a forager, I’ve always been fascinated to discover that certain herbs can not only prevent various health problems but also aid in their

The number of American adults who take prescription medications for chronic medical problems is truly frightening. According to the latest statistics I’ve seen, the

No matter how well you take care of yourself, you can’t always escape chronic pain. Millions of people across the globe are impacted by

main skeptical of holistic medicine, for centuries, various cultures and people have successfully used plants to improve their health and heal their bodies.

For most people, getting injured means a trip to the emergency room. Anything from a deep cut to a broken limb to a stab

Sage is a versatile medicinal plant, and it's worth growing it in your garden. Even more, sage is a resilient plant that can be

Did you know that there are plants that have medicinal value and work wonders in healing your body?