Privacy Apocalypse On Going: “We Know Where You Live!”

Most of the preppers were thinking they finally are getting a leg up on being ready for the imminent concerns with our dangerously fragile economy, and everything else. But the incredibly grim news is that all the preparation will mean nothing if the government does not allow you to reap the benefits of all your hard work and sacrifice.

The beginning of the end of one of our most precious liberties–the right to our physical privacy, and all that goes with it–is set to go into effect throughout the country this summer, depending upon the responsive cooperation of various state participation efforts.

It is the full scale implementation of the “REAL I.D. ACT”, which stands for “National Identification and Location Registration Card.”

The bitterly sad thing is that almost nobody seems to care about this monumental infringement upon our freedoms. And the reality is that this is no longer a ’conspiracy theory’ for some future totalitarian scenario, but it is here now! Few even know what I’m talking about anymore at this point. Be honest with yourself: how many of you reading this now were even aware of this?

Some of you might recall something in past news about this ‘National I.D Card’ nonsense being brought up by obsessed agenda motivated supporters of the Patriot Act, and nobody in their right mind was for it, so it all had to get shot down, right?

Wrong. We, the People, must have missed the shot. Or maybe ”the target” had camouflage and was moving too fast below radar, and there was a deliberate intention to obfuscate the effort and ‘slip’ it through the back door of their totalitarian agenda.

Where Did It Come From?

The ’REAL I.D.ACT’ came out of the Patriot Act and all renewed or newly issued drivers licenses since 2005 required the applicants to show proof of residence (lease, utility bills, etc.) along with other personal private information.

Why would they really need all that just to know that you are a competent and safe driver? Even a more important question is why do they have to know everything about you and everything you do but there’s no transparency when it comes to ‘government activities?

A lot of ‘bad’ laws are always conveniently slipped into relatively ambiguous bills when nobody was really looking or even reading it before they voted on it. So how would most of the population know the dirty details of what the government is really doing behind our backs? They even mock us with tongue in cheek insults like Nancy Pelosi does by saying things like ”first we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”!

Essentially the ‘powers that be’ want no private citizen in this great land of the free to have the right to be alone where nobody, including the government, can find them and bother them, even if they don’t want to be disturbed! It’s absolutely imperative for an agenda based government to know everything you do, and everything you ‘might’ do in the future!

{adinserter bph}Congress passed the ’REAL I.D.ACT’ in 2005 apparently, with nary a hoot nor a holler by anybody over the  quiet, whisper-death of another private part of our lives. And many would be surprised how many so called liberty minded Republicans also voted for it.

It means that eventually every citizen will be mandated and required to have a national I.D. card to go about their daily business in society which states their real identity AND–even more importantly–their real time actual place of residence. You know, that supposedly private place where you go to lay down your tired bones and privately harbor your good stuff to keep it safe from intrusion.

Additionally your new I.D. photo picture will go into a face recognition data base. This is so they can immediately know who they are looking at when you are shopping at Walmart or taking your dog for a walk.

Your ’REAL I.D.’ will usually be your driver’s license, but if you don’t drive, this will default to a registered ‘State photo I.D.’ card. So there’s no way to avoid it unless you drop out of society completely and live isolated somewhere under a rock or something and just don’t do anything much in life anymore.

Ostensibly, the blatantly specious notion posing as the ‘public safety’ rationale for this mass destruction of our privacy was supposedly to restrict so called potential sleeper terrorists from gaining access to flights and sensitive government property. What amazes me to no end is how stupidly gullible the government must think we are with this justification. But apparently they must be correct. After all, they DID get away with it.

There were at least two congressional hearings over the past few years which determined that the Patriot Act’s mass blanket NSA spying and other fiat violations of the Constitution actually, in pragmatic reality,  did virtually NOTHING to prevent further terrorist acts or enhance public safety!

But The FBI director was all over the media with the obligatory ‘false flag’ announcement that supposedly there are at least a hundred ISIS sleeper cells ready to ‘explode’ in America  after an unverifiable social media announcement apparently by an ISIS soldier announced it. How convenient, especially since the FBI director’s purpose for the media exposure was to promote the continuation of NSA spying on all of us– in the wake of the recent higher court ruling that it violated the 4/A– for the purpose of tracking these jihadists.

Guess what?  The next day there was another media announcement that all the computers and cell phones the NSA was monitoring that supposedly belonged to ISIS related jihadists suddenly disappeared off the radar, or in Spy-speak, they went dark and invisible. So much for ANY justification or mendacious excuse for mass spying on the privacy of the people.

Why Do We Need Real I.D.Act?

All military or security sensitive government agencies already have plenty of security and steps in place and even their own I’D’ credentials to get access to sensitive or restricted locations.

I already have to show an official DOD I.D. if I want in/on certain areas of a military base of government building. They don’t need or even care to see my state driver’s license. That’s always been a standard operating procedure of basic common sense national security. For more sensitive security access you submit to a retinal scan after you’ve been thoroughly vetted.

So a potential ISIS terrorist has about as much chance being a threat accessing important  sensitive areas as an elephant has squeezing into a Sardine Can. So the government is just lying about that!

Airline flights are already screened to a point of virtual 14th century violation of your body parts with the same humiliating body cavity strip search they give to criminals entering prison. They can’t do anything more unless they put you in a straightjacket and lock you in a dog transport cage for the duration of the flight and don’t let you out until you’re off the plane!

So why do you need a Real I.D to fly anywhere?  This country is supposed to have unrestricted freedom of movement in the public venue. What’s next, signing in to your personal vehicle so the government can log where you’re driving to? We’re already pretty close to that with ‘License Plate Scanners’ being the current ‘rage’ among thieving municipalities. But that’s another big fat one.

Why would the government need to have the unrestricted authority to know exactly where to find and access any and all private citizens who are merely minding their own business, just to keep potential terrorists from doing their terrorist acts?

This is America, not a Euro-Socialist FEMA Camp or a country where even the cops aren’t allowed to have firearms, so the jumping jihad psychos can stand in the street waving their AK’s and gloating over their murderous act while the police back up and run.

Unlike elsewhere in the world, in America–despite some cops cause a lot of consternation for citizens and other cops–most of the Police understand that their primary mission is to help and protect the citizenry and can definitely rise to the capability to handle any amount of weapon wielding terrorists decisively and quickly. They did it so admirably at the art center in Texas when a 60 year old experienced cop very expertly took out the terrorists in a high speed shoot out. And under such emergencies many civilians–also well-armed–would also assist the Police if needed.

So why anyone in government would try to justify a National KGB style approach for a problem that simply doesn’t exist? And if it did, we already can handle it quite cost effectively with normal Police and public awareness practices.

4th amendmentDo they mean to insult us all by saying that you couldn’t prevent psychotic terrorists from entering a public defense building or flying on an airline without violating the 4th Amendment guaranteed sacrosanct privacy of the American free citizens?

Or might it be really just so they can come visit anyone unannounced anytime you want, to add even more abuse to the 20,000 or so annual SWAT raids on private homes every year.

And I’ll bet that most of you didn’t know that the police check the purchase ‘registration’ records of the BATF before the raids to see if you are a law abiding citizen who buys their firearms on the ATF form 4473. This is done so that they could more easily obtain a ‘No Knock’ warrant from the judge so they can bust in on you fast before you can defend yourself from the home invasion. Well, that’s not a misprint, check it out.

Didn’t the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 make federal government registration of private guns illegal? Yes, it did, but the FOPA act had a ‘loophole’ with  a reverse okey-dokey on the people in the form of not precluding the police from inquiring into the history and location of a firearm during the course of an official investigation. Essentially it is definitely still, a below radar registration system if you need any form of information to be recorded in any manner, such as a background check and form 4473, if anybody at all can use that info to learn the location of the firearm.

And that, my friends, gets us closer to the absolute truth of what is really happening here. There is no justification for a National I.D. Registration… except for one.

Smashing Your OPSEC to Pieces

Most people, by their own ’opsec’ deficiencies, are not too cautious or circumspect when it comes to allowing any Tom, Dick, or Hacker to gain access to  private information about themselves in the general sense such as phone numbers, home addresses, checking account numbers, emails, and even social security numbers. That’s why identity theft is now so prevalent causing so much financial damage to people.

This info dispersion has been pre-programmed into our social perspective ever since they first came out with credit cards and computers. Everybody takes advantage of this on the slippery slope of sheeple privacy abuse. This is bad enough, but it’s mainly our own decision, even if it’s a potentially bad choice. But when criminals and others can match up such personal info with your private residence address simply by accessing your driving information with a basic hack, you are then literally asking for the nightmare to commence.

It’s a dangerous world out there even without false flag of jihadists, and the more someone knows about your personal business and whereabouts, the more likely you will be a crime victim that will cost you far more than any false sense of security manufactured by an out of control government.

Benjamin FranklinOptimal Opsec absolutely requires that your privacy should be protected at all costs. And now the government once again puts us in harm way by violating our constitutional right to privacy, by making it dangerously easier for anyone, especially gun grabbing Police State to find us. In other words, you didn’t have to let anybody know where you lived, that was your own private business.

“Oh, but you really CAN’T do anything anymore without showing or giving your personal info anymore. You can’t pass a check, you can’t access anything. Everybody wants your SS number and your private residence address is on your driver’s license”.

Well, it wasn’t always that way and didn’t have to be like that before our privacy rights were intentionally diminished for a specific agenda. Social Security numbers are technically not legally a requirement for anything except banking transactions involving IRS reporting, and the credit reporting agencies if you need to use credit. There’s no law stating a business can’t ask you, but it’s not mandatory, and you can’t be discriminated against for not wanting to give it out.

And the law was always that police had to have a warrant or at least good probable cause to go searching for your SS and other personal private information unless you volunteered the info in consent.

Also, until the ‘REAL I.D. ACT, there never was a law that absolutely required your actual primary physical domicile on your driver’s license or any other I.D. You were required to have ’an’ address to send your license plate info to drive and other correspondence related to that if you wanted your plates and license delivered, but it could be your parent’s house or your mailing address or a PO box or any other address you wanted to get your mail correspondence delivered to. Or you could just apply in person at the DOT office and take care of business first hand.

What if you were a ‘working homeless person’ which was more common than you think, or a nomadic travel trailer wanderer, and you didn’t live in an apartment or house?

Think about truck drivers, or those young ones starting out–lived out of motel rooms, with family/friends, or back pack tents when not living in their truck sleeper, because it was a waste of money to rent an apartment or own a home when you only would spend a couple days a month close enough to use it. It was common practice for a driver to get a Post Office box in a conveniently traversed State and use that for their mail/contact address, etc, and be able to have that on your driver’s license.

With the new ’REAL I.D.’ law that’s no longer allowed. And the government lackey known as the USPS is also one of the regimes secret policing agencies, and now they are beginning to implement new in house policy changes mandating verification of private residency if you want to rent a P.O. Box. And, without a warrant, police are allowed to scrutinize the Post Office’s customer records anytime they feel like it, and even examine the mail you are receiving, as long the police mention that it’s part of an investigation.

But what if you are being stalked, have a death threat against you, or had a bad experience with identity theft so you want to  exercise your right to keep yourself and your whereabouts completely private now, or you just decide you want to drop out for a while and away from ‘humans’ and be left alone? You know, like Jesus did when he split to the remote desert to meditate and didn‘t tell anybody exactly what mountain cave he was going to camp out in.

So what if you don’t want anybody–except maybe God– to know where you live and what you do in the privacy of your own domain? Or, how about the government just not being allowed to know where we live mainly because it’s just none of anyone’s freaking business anyway in a free society to find out every dime you have so they can eventually take it away from you? Not to mention that this is supposed to be one of your essential guaranteed and lawfully protected constitutional rights!

How Did We Fall for This?   

NSAYou have to understand clearly what they want, because the methodology they deploy to gradually control and enslave us is as clever as it is sinisterly convoluted.

They want to know details of where you drive 24/7, who you talk to, what you buy…and they want to know what you think!

Ooops, and I almost forgot if I just didn’t hear Rand Paul reminding me of the fact that they’ll throw in some additional ‘Extreme Crime Prevention’ in the form of seizing any cash assets they find on you because they ‘believe’ the assumption that it has to be from drug money or other illegal commerce under the Asset Forfeiture laws now in place which Rand is trying to stop.

And be careful complaining about it and mouthing off to the police after they seize your slot machine Casino winnings or your church’s collection money you were taking to the bank just because it’s suspicious otherwise. They will construe you to be mentally ‘unstable’ and they will want to know if you have any guns to seize them also, without constitutional due process or a warrant.

How do they get away with that? We let them! Yes, WE, the Sheeple, obsequiously give them subservient permission by consenting to waive our constitutional rights allowing them to make constitutionally questionable laws.

What I just described is how a rapidly slipping down the slope of corruption out of control government will keep themselves unconstitutionally funded for as long as we let them get away with it. Today governments exist only for the perpetuation of their own self-interest and profit. We are their milking sheeple for that purpose.

History has proved that the only way to stop an out of control tyrannical ruling government is to get rid of it either by voting it out or throwing it out. In his country we usually can vote it out. but just in case, our Constitution requires that all citizens have complete access to the necessary force multiplying resources to accomplish that, if absolutely necessary.

The LAST Straws of Liberty

Recently the SCOTUS came through on sustaining our Constitutional Liberty by declaring the NSA spying on citizens to be illegal. As relieving and inspiring as this is, it barely mitigates the incessant inundation of back-door and below radar attempts to usurp our right to privacy. A lower court recently upheld the authority of police to randomly monitor our cell conversations and locations because we supposedly acquiesce and automatically consent to the Cell phone companies in allowing our conversations to be transmitted in a public environment. Therefore a warrant is not necessary!

It’s kind of a circumlocutory logic that defies common sense but does a good job of cheating on us. And in furtherance of this anti-2/A premise, will this eventually mean that anything we do anywhere that exposes ourselves to others will be considered ‘public domain’ and will be the green light for the government to spy on us with even more intrusion as well

And THAT is what it’s all about.  The government does not want to fear us, they want to control us, and they want US to Fear THEM. They need to dominate us if they want to continue their agenda based profit plans to squeeze the life worth out of the citizenry for their own power gain.

So the control part of it MUST eventually go a bit further. The main manifestation of all the spying, all the surveillance, all the tracking and privacy invasion, has but one ultimate purpose.

The Real Reason They Want to Know Exactly Where We Live…

… is to deprive us of our private firearms. They absolutely NEED to eventually seize and confiscate our 2nd Amendment guns to facilitate and complete their totalitarian control agenda.  I say 2nd Amendment guns because it’s not about hunting, or sporting, or self-defense, and the 2/A never was about that either. It was only about preventing just what the government is doing now.

It all started way back in 1934 with the original NFA ACT, then the ‘68 GCA, then the 1986 civilian Machine Gun Act ban, then the Patriot Act,  NSA Spying, and so on.

Just recently a leftist radical Congresswoman from New Jersey, ignoring the smack down they just received trying to ban so called AP 5.56 ammo, took the liberty of deciding for us that we need another shot at banning ammo by putting in a bill requiring registration, and eventual restriction,  of all ammo sales over the Internet. And they’ve got quite of few legislators backing it. Talk about hard to kill Zombies!

So that’s all it’s about, folks.  They want to eliminate all potential for physical civil disobedience and counter force resistance to the inevitable cycle of absolute tyrannical power control.

Once that is achieved, there is nothing to stop them from doing what they want. Elections will become co-incidental to their objective because the behemoth government regime will simply have control of all the money anyway and even YOUR tax Money. To do this effectively they must know what you purchased, and then, much more importantly, WHERE you have your guns.

Ultimately It Will Happen Like This…

It’s the summer dog days of 2017 with draught stress high, a badly inflated economy, and resulting social racial unrest dangerous in many parts of the country. And while we were all still waking up from our delusional comfort zone, Hillary’s first official Executive Order Mandate as POTUS was to declare a National State of Emergency after a series of ISIS style covert attacks on our grid system. FEMA Camps were ordered fully operational for national security.

By this time most of the Democratic states and far too many than we thought Republican states had caved and already passed universal background checks and private transactions between citizens in most of the country now required a paper trail like Louisiana has.

The gun show ‘loopholes’ were closed nationwide and Ammo was severely restricted by ATF and EPA toxic lead standards mandates which brought new gun commerce to a screeching halt among the populate and drove private party transactions underground into the black market. The national assault weapons ban was also re-instated and all citizens possessing such a firearm, and the attendant Hi-Cap magazines, shall voluntarily turn these in or be considered in criminal violation and immediately subject to forcible seizures and punishment.

Many scoffed and resisted in the belief that there were already too many guns out there in the hands of resisting citizens to keep the police from mass confiscations. And there simply wasn’t enough police or even military to control everyone and conduct blanket house to house searches. But we already slept too late on too many mornings in the past on that one also. The New NSA Metadata collection and analysis facility in Utah had been completed and was now up and ‘spying’ with one very special tool that changed everything in the world–Quantum Computers.

The Gun Grabber government understood the psychology of gun owners, especially the more ‘Patriotic’ ones and were just waiting patiently for ‘everything’ to fall in place in terms of the ‘tools of tyranny’ to achieve their obscenely tyrannical agenda.

After her National Emergency declaration Hillary instructed expanded covert alphabet agencies to commence the final stages of the population disarmament agenda for which they had already been in preparation for months. Hillary then ordered blanket Martial Law across the land with which most States were only too eager to comply for the reciprocity stimulation of federal funding.

Under vastly restricted public movement due to curfews now easily tracked and enforced with the ubiquitous expansion of public cameras with facial recognition technology, and license plate recognition and vehicle tracking, there was nowhere to even go, without getting tracked and stopped. They even knew where you were ‘going’ before you even knew! Military and Police were ordered to demand “Identification and location papers, please…”   of anyone they deemed suspicious and to set up travel checkpoints and do random stops as often as possible.

New A.I. algorithmic programs from the ‘god’-computer instantly tracked any and all citizens based on what they did on the internet, what they purchased, and any other detail of data available in cyberspace concerning private or public transactions, including phone calls with a traceable trail for the last 10 years. Then they came up with a profile of ALL persons likely to be anti-government inclined protesters or 2/A patriots almost instantly. And on top of the list were those most likely to have the most guns and use them.

The profiles would include potential ringleaders and ‘gun nuts’ likely possessing multiple firearms by data analysis. Also the criteria for ownership would be enhanced to preclude Combat Vets, people with psychological issues and several other non-criminal, but potentially dangerous to society by government standards, now creeping in to even the BATF’s new firearms purchase forms revised back in 2015.

Then they would come unannounced and knocking quietly at first, informing you that if you declined consent to search they will come in anyway, like they did chasing the Boston bombers. And if you protest too vociferously, you will be detained and sequestered at a FEMA Camp. They’ll have the latest wall penetrating radar and x-ray imaging detectors, etc.  If they find any firearms weapons you were supposed to turn in by Martial Law orders, you will be automatically arrested. They will also be checking you against a ‘potential enemy of the State terrorist list’, and almost any multiple gun owner could qualify.

But the main idea would be to break the back of any possible leadership for armed resistance to the government enslavement of the people by seizing the guns of the most able first patriotic responders. Combat trained Vets with PTSD and their family members will be near the top of the list, as well.

Thomas JeffersonIf you saw it coming and hid your main guns well away from your ‘REAL I.D. home’ but they have the metadata records indicating your likely ownership, they’ll not stand for the defense of ‘I’ve sold or gotten rid of them’.

They’ll request you take a new form of Lie Detection Test which now includes an enhanced brain electrode helmet. It will take less time to determine if you are lying or not then it takes to do a DUI field test and they will even give your children the test. You will have only one chance to give up your ‘illegal’ firearms or you will be threatened that your entire family will be taken to camps and separated.

So what good would your hidden weapons be anyway, if you can’t access them? The government also enacted a ‘Peace for Profit’ neighborhood watch program which paid people to assist government Martial Law efforts with any helpful information to be kept confidential, of course.

Any dreams of ‘Jeffersonian Revolution’ were decisively, quickly, and completely crushed into nightmares of reality.

Within a surprisingly short time, the end will have come…and gone, and although many groups still managed to march in the streets unarmed in limited token rebellious  defiance, they were easily ’handled’ with the new Sonic Mob Control devices and herded and arrested before any momentum could be gained. Some even managed to still have weapons but were vastly outgunned and unmercifully overwhelmed by anti-terrorist shock troops and police. After all, the police and military were ordered to attack potential ‘terrorists’, not law abiding American citizens. So they obeyed orders.

By Martial Law Emergency Executive Fiat, the 2nd and 4th Amendments were indefinitely suspended. The Government Gun Control disarmament mission was completed. The once proud and staunch armed American free citizenry was now totally emasculated… We had nobody to blame but ourselves.

Is There Any Hope?

The National I.D. Card law is in full implementation bias. They succeeded in putting the final unholy nail into the coffin within which they will bury our freedoms in a forlorn, eventually unmarked, forgotten grave. We cannot afford to let them continue digging that grave.

So we have one last chance left, people. Pound these ineffectual dysfunctional politicians who are supposed to represent our liberty interests until they get it straight! Let them know now that we don’t need no Patriot Act, NSA, or National I.D. Card! Tell them to vote to end the NSA spying and everything else that violates our Constitutional rights! The ultimate obligation of a true American patriot is not just to prepare and become self-reliant, the primary duty of everyone is to preserve our freedom.

Even the wise Judge Andrew Napolitano said that he can’t understand why there isn’t massive public outrage at the NSA and other privacy violating agencies unlawfully spying on us and destroying our inalienable rights. And why most of us sit quietly and seem to ignore it? Well, Judge, it’s because this government propaganda mind control system is so good at the bad things they do, that they even made Edward Snowden out to be a bad guy who was ‘just making up stuff that was never happening’.

Remember in the Congressional hearings when the Head of the CIA looked the Senator straight in the eye and lied when he said “We are not spying on innocent citizens”. Maybe he meant we’re all guilty because we own guns? Unfortunately we all are not as a whole that good at resisting indoctrination and mind control.

Remember, too, that it is not just a partisan problem. The Patriot Act was developed under the Bush Administration, and ALL government, no matter which party base is in power, wants the same thing from us once they cave to the ultimate drug addiction of totalitarianism. They want to take all we got, and everything we will ever have.

There’s an even more transparent proof indication that busts them out to their knees. They are obsessed with knowing your direct and exact address to easily access your guns and survival stash, but they don’t want you to be able to prove where you live, or anything relative to your right to vote! Otherwise you’d be too easy to catch doing voter fraud. In other clear words, you don’t need a National I.D. CARD to prevent manipulating elections, but you DO need one to buy a gun. A gun that should be none of anyone’s business but your own! How can this not be ringing those alarm bells in the backs of everybody’s brains yet?

We must proactively contact our representatives now and tell them to kill the Patriot Act especially and specifically the NSA spying section 215 they are voting on shortly. And while we’re at it, tell them to get ready to vote to kill Leftist New Jersey Rep Bonnie Watson’s illegal “Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act’ bill, and get ready to repeal the Real I.D. Act, and other treasonous laws as soon as we can.

We must never, ever, in our liberty loving lives, for the sake of the future of humanity, allow them to replicate the dreaded threat the Mafia always used to intimidate and terrorize people by saying ”We KNOW where you live!”

Written by

Mahatma Muhjesbude is a former Spec-ops combat Vet, LEO, international security consultant, and private contractor. He has instructor level credentials and skills in various survival disciplines. He is a dedicated advocate of Liberty and Justice for all and a proactive defender of our Constitutional rights. He strongly believes that the best value you can give back in life is vital knowledge through experience, and that's why he's writing for Survivopedia, using a pen name to protect his real identity. You can send Mahatma a message at editor [at]

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  • Gosh, You make it sound as if they don’t already know where you live. If you have a drivers license, a bank account or a mortgage they already know where to find you. So I don’t get why the advent of a new card makes you even more paranoid than you are. If you live off the grid then why not just opt out and not register for yours? Just asking…

    • for one thing you can be stopped at any time if you don’t have that Id the only place you’ll go is jail even if you have your license . this is what hitler did you had to have your papers on you at all times. If you move even two doors down from your listed address and didn’t get new papers big trouble. It also a way for them to track people with guns. Which obama has a big thing about . If there is ever a time when there is marshal law guess who’s going to get a visit first. They will TRY!! to take those guns

    • Aparrently you didn’t actually ‘peruse’ the article. Mortgage companies and other PRIVATE and Constitutionally protected PRIVATE info carriers are ‘private’ and not permitted to be disclose your personal identity or location under law WITHOUT a warrant. The government knows that and the point of the article is that they are ‘hell bent’ on circumventing your RIGHT to Privacy under the LAW any way they can get away with. The Goverment is Breaking the Law right under your nose, and you seem to be ‘all right’ with that?!

      Read the article again, slowly and carefully. Then go get yourself a mental health prescription of ‘mind control’ medicine. Or maybe a vaccine if they have that for people like you? Because if you can’t ‘get’ what’s happening, you either are too dumb for it to matter to you, or too much in bed with the devil?

      Because YOU, JC, are part of the tyranny problem either way, not the solution.

      By the way, How much ‘blood money’ do you think you’ll ‘earn’ when you begin snitching out everybody in your neighborhood, like a good little regime staci boy?

      Just Saying…

      • I wanted to read the article, and then saw how long it was…and then got immediately bored whilst scanning your G.E.D. level prose. YOU mcfatty mcburger, are a part of the problem, not the solution. I love laughing my ass off at slugs like you. Meanwhile, practical preppers will carry on and not fear what goes bump in the night. Take that to the bank with your morbidly obese ass.

        • Wow, PJ, sorry to hear that your sub level attention span is even less than your I.Q and you can’t evenmake it through a few pages of information? Too bad you didn’t have the mental fortitude to endure otherwise you might have learned something? Your consequential igno-imbecilic colloquialism is certainly an indication that this psycho-neurotic problem you possess kept you from ever reading a book completely through, therefore a genuine contribution to your abject stupidity?

          It’s also a clear indication that you’ll never make it a real world survival scenario. With your attitude your own group would likely take you out forthwith if they didn’t throw you to the Zombs first.

          So please, do us all a big fat favor– if that is even a possibility considering your midget mentality– and in the future direct you trolling psychosis to another venue because we try to learn things for some value production on this site, and we’ll just ignore you anyway until you fade to black in the essence of insignificance that you represent.

          • Excellently written article, Mahatma. You did a very good job of painting a cohesive picture of a likely near future scenario by applying examples of already existing technologies & systems to show the obvious intent for their use by the “elite”.
            Pay no attention to shortsighted people who seem to get a kick out of nitpicking over bullshit. Probably just a troll, anyway.
            I’m a retired army intelligence analyst, and spent much of my time deployed with unconventional warfare types in many different situations in many different places where tyranny is a way of life. Many people in America blow this off as something that could never happen here, and either don’t see that it is already happening, or don’t want to. This is a numbers game, pure and simple. We can’t waste time on those who are either too dumbed down, or living in denial to see. There are others who may. They are the ones I try to talk to.
            Keep up the good work, brother.

          • hi Mahatma ….maybe PJ is not even worth the effort of answering his insults

          • That was my thought as well. This ant isn’t worth bothering with. Forget him.

      • All this is starting to lead up to a Communist style take over. The first rule for a Communist take over is ‘Dis-arm the civilian poulation’. That way you get no resistance to the totalarian government. Study the history of the USSR and find out how they achieved the take over. America is heading in the same direction.

        • I agree 100%. This is no longer the ‘land of the free’. We are becoming prisoners of our own government. The current government wants total tyranny, not a ‘Representative Republic’. If the folks don’t wake up immediately, it will be too late. I believe the 2016 elections will be too late. By then, the ‘fix’ will be in and we will be SOL.

          • We all know where this will end up, but none of us are stupid enough to put in in writing here or anywhere else.

          • I have been an out spoken critic of this administration since the beginning. If they don’t have my number by now, they will never have it.

          • I suspect we have all been rather outspoken, and I have trained Oath Keeper CPTs all over this area. I know full well that some in the classes were Fed infiltrators. The fact that they know where we are does not mean that we have to make it easy for them “legally” or otherwise.

          • Yea, you are no doubt correct. I guess I’m still in the America of yesteryear. When simply speaking your mind, a 1st Amendment guarantee was not made a crime.

          • A man in my wife’s church spoke his mind on Facebook, and is doing a three stint in Federal prison for it. We are now at the point where we must pick our fights, and be do so in such a way that we can be “present” for the one that will do the most good. This is no longer the land of the free, but it can be again because it is still the home of the brave.

  • looks like they want to test the second amendment

  • The problem is you can’t do anything without real ID and they make it impossible for many people to get one. As a result the victim can’t get legal even if he/she wants to. No job, no bank account, arrest if caught driving,
    the list is endless. They kill people by aggravation. Most of the victims are
    honest Americans, many of them veterans.

    • This is only the prelude to the mark of the beast where is says in the Bible That” without the mark no person will either buy nor sell without the mark of the beast”. This card is only the smooth over before the actual mark of the beast is inacted on the whole world and who ever excepts the mark in their right hand or forehead will be eternally lost and will be cast in the lake of eternal fire and damnation!

  • Fed-Ex can’t find my house….
    if it wasn’t for the mailbox the PO wouldn’t even try.
    They’ll be fulla cactus spines when they get back here to the house.

  • I have watched all of our liberties being demolished at an accelerated pace over last few years. People thought I was crazy and now it is in full view. This is so scary and so unconstitutional. Where is the outrage? Where are the people who can help stop this? Our food supply is poosoned, our air sprayed w/chem trails, the water that’s left is fracked, we are being spied on day and night there’s helicopters everywhere! The sky is sprayed with poisons and no one looks up! The streets r filled w/cameras and fake cell towers, yet no one looks up or around! Our credit cards are hacked, our computers have bacvk doors, the cops r breaking and entering and killing everything and everyone. The oceans are being poisoned by nuck leakage, where do we go from here!? I am appauled and disgusted. This is not the america we know and love. Its time to over throw these fuks before we are all in fema camps and gassed. I am so sad and so disappointed in most everyone. Its time to stand up or else this country and the planet is doomed forever and if the elites think they can survive in tunnels, good luck w/that! They flood first and can be poisoned the easiest. Its time to wake up before we can’t.

    • The cops are breaking and entering an killing everything and everyone? You are obviously on mind altering drugs. If I were you I’d be more worried about the street thugs and gangs who are truly racking up the murders across this nation.

      • Are u on mind altering drugs? I guess u only read main street news. Did you see baby booboo? The cops blew his face off. And were in the wrong house! Swat raids went from 5k per year to over 80k. Hello?? Its people like you that are allowing this country to be destroyed. Ever heard of no knock raids??? The people committing robberies are in peril and poverty its a viciouis cycle. Wake up and stop criticizing before you know the facts.

        • Yup, unfortunately those incidents do happen and thanks to the lame stream press, it’s made to seem it’s a regular occurrence. You have drunk the lame stream press cool aid. Like you said, law enforcement now uses their SWAT teams 80k? a year not to mention non SWAT raids. Mistakes do happen, but their such a minority compared to the total number of actions, the odds of a horrible incident occurring are slim. I’m not diminishing the fact they do happen, and that is bad, but you make it sound like it’s a daily occurrence, and it definitely is not.

          • I am sincerely sorry for the baby and wish someone would start a fund to cover his medical bills. But if his parents had not knowingly willingly stayed with a known felon with a warrant out for his arrest the baby booboo would be ok today. The parents and the parents alone are to blame for this fiasco. I find it hard to call cops ‘thugs’ when one of them is cold meat on a slab tonight in Nebraska after being murdered by a damn felon with another felony warrant for his arrest. Again sorry for the baby and we need to donate to help reconstruct his face. thanks

          • I agree with you. I still don’t know the specifics about this case. Whenever an innocent person, especially a child is injured it is really sad. If the law enforcement agency is truly to blame, the city or county should be responsible. I’ve heard this was a ‘wrong house’ hit and also a proper house with a real bad guy inside. I just don’t make judgements without the facts. Don’t get me wrong, there are ‘bad apples in every barrel’, and law enforcement is no different. Most of the agencies I worked with would do anything possible to ferret out the bad ones including criminal prosecution when merited. Hell, the agency I worked on, an officer who was found to take a free cup of coffee was disciplined. They went so far as to send I.A. personnel to known restaurants in uniform to see if they were offered free or discounted meals. If they did, they would be told never to do it again and if they continued, they would be placed on the ‘not approved list’, and were then off limits for officer’s to eat there. Just please remember, law enforcement is all we have between the good folks and hard core criminals. I would much prefer locals patrolling the streets then the feds.

      • Well, Marty, there certainly are a lot of people on ‘mind altering drugs’, but it’s not those of those who aren’t worried about over 20,000 Swat raids a year and counting, mostly to seize whatever assets you have left for their own profit just for smoking a little pot that’s legal elsewhere?!

        And you are obviously ran out of your ‘happy pills’ today. Nowhere in the article does it say ‘cops are breaking and entering and killing everything’ except perhaps in the delusion of your own mental imprisonment?

        And I do worry about gangs and thugs for those who are exposed to such and worry even more when the Police State jack boots are part of them!

        You and JC ought to carpool to the psychiatrist together to defer the cost of your head meds.

        • No, it wasn’t in your article, it was one of the comments to your article. The article was a great read. I don’t know what has happened to law enforcement in the last 10 years, although obviously some of it is not good. And I cannot speak for any department other then the one I retired from. I worked in proactive investigations for the last 20 of y 31 years, meaning I served a lot of search warrants over the years. At no time did I serve a warrant thinking of seizing anything other then the person or property listed on the warrant. I can’t tell you how many warrants I served or assisted serving. Never hit the wrong house, never hurt an innocent victim. Like I told Dee, unfortunately, these incidents occur, but they are a real rarity compared to the total number of incidents. I don’t know where you got the idea I was criticizing your article, but with your comments here, I will say you too are blowing the number of incidents out of proportion. I don’t like the newer asset seizure laws any more then you do. The cops didn’t write those laws, and the rank and file cop doesn’t personally get one dime of what is seized like you intimate, that is unless something has changed in the last 10 years.

          • C’mon Marty, When I was an Academy instructor in a Major Big City that Didn’t even have a real SWAT team or a patrol chopper yet, We didn’t train them to be ‘para military’ police like they do today.

            As I write and give seminars on today, The problem with police today is twofold.

            .1. They’re not trained today for the job description of ‘to serve and protect’ like you or I were trained.
            They are now trained to ‘Search and Seize, and likely destroy’

            2. This is because the new ‘role’ of the police–instead of protecting the public and preserve the peace– is to serve as an enforcement tool of corrupt governments, both Federal and local. The main ‘booty’ scam is the one Rand Paul is leading the fight on. ‘Asset Forfeiture laws’.

            That’s why you have an outrageous unholy number of over 20 THOUSAND Swat raids a year now mostly for drug seizures but can be easily switched to gun confiscations.

            Police are now becoming.more of part of the problem, than the solution.

          • yup, that may be the case today in big city law enforcement, it wasn’t in my day. That is more of a reason for city folks of like mind to get out of the cities while they still can. Rural law enforcement (at least in my county) still believe in ‘to protect and serve’. I do plan on relocating to a different state and one of the first items on my check list is to check on local LE. Since I will never live in or near a city, that means the elected sheriff, as there is a huge difference between an elected sheriff and an appointed police chief.

  • And yet, requiring a photo ID to vote is anathema to the same progressives who want the government to know everything about you. Why would that be?.

  • At one point in the move to become a tyrant, the nation of armed people out of 305 million citizens and some members of the cops and many veterans will out number the Marshall Service’s, NSA, FBI, and any other law groups, they will be outnumbered causing a civil war unlike the one that ended in 1865. Most city’s have more citizens than police and they know that, we will not be charging the heavily armed north like the north and south of over 150 years ago.

    • Yeah, that’s an interesting analysis. D. Halstead. And that’s a major point of the article. The government knows this ‘potential’ exists, so they have been setting up Seriously to CHANGE that dynamic since the 1968 GCA.

      And they do it as described in the article, like Hitler and Stalin did it. Not with a civil war. But just by slowly eroding our rights with lies, political corruption, and psychological mind tricks, so they don’t NEED a civil war, only easily created ‘laws’ to strip everyone of their 2/A rights to bear arms against oppression and tyranny, foreign AND Domestic. Only this time using high tech science and stealth to make it so ridiculously easy if they sheeple are not paying attention but also counting on the Sheeple to remain lethargic in their ‘outrage’ and not immediately mandating their Reps to counter this sinister effort until everybody wakes up one morning (at 10:30 am) Yawns, and finds out they no longer can own what they want, do what they want, or say much of what they want anymore.

      And they have to ‘give up’ their firearms like they had to in Mexico, Australia, England, Poland, Canada, and so on…?

      The one’s like JC and Marty here, of course, won’t believe that either when it happens. They might even be happy about it.

      • You obviously are reading something that isn’t here. I’m totally against this administration. I think the NSA should be dissolved and gone. I do believe we need to prepare for martial law, it is coming. I do believe there will be a financial collapse and it will be much sooner then most people believe. I do believe obummer should have been impeached years ago, but that won’t happen congress doesn’t have the balls to do it. For the most part, they are as corrupt as he is. I don’t believe this country has a chance to survive, which is exactly what obummer wanted in the first place. “Fundamental Change” and the voters were too stupid to understand what he meant. Now Quit bitching on the commenters complaining about grammer and such. I don’t know what format is used here, but every other letter is left out when typed, and it gets old having to continually go back and correct it. It’s not just your post, it’s on every post from this site. And it is not my computer which works fine on every other site.

  • This article truly makes one think. I’ve known about a lot of this, but now my eyes are really opened wide. I know this administration has fired or forced into retirement all ranking military members who would refuse to take a hand in such activities, but I still believe most of the rank and file military would refuse such unlawful orders. What we have to watch out for is UN troops who are not sworn to uphold and defend the constitution. Stand by for Glade Helm 15. This could be the beginning of it all.

    • Yesterday i had the chance to talk with a bunch of folks fr4om 10th Special Forces on their way west to prepare for Jade Helm. We talked about their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and a Captain made the comment that he would rather be dead than violate that oath, and one of his NCOs joked about how sorry he was to hear that since he had never had a legal excuse to frag and officer. Everyone laughed at first, and then the Captain said, “Seriously, though, if any of my superiors ever give such an order, we will kill them and anyone on their staff who hasn’t done so already when we get to them.” No one laughed at that one. They all meant it.

      • Yes, this has been my experience also. I talked with an officer in our local National Guard. He told me the entire unit were very pro 2nd Amendment including the Commander. With little exception, the entire unit would quit before following these orders. We have to realize, the vast number of our military and law enforcement despise obummer and would not follow his unlawful orders. There would always be exceptions and this is what we must be on guard for.

      • You You didn’t specify what that ‘order’ would be. Read how I defined how they’ll get around the Military Patriotism aspect.

        I deal with military personnel often in my clinical PTSD counseling of them.

        The Caveat is that their ‘orders’ won’t be to arrest and neutralize legal law abiding gun owning citizens. No soldier or police in their basic sanity would morally concede to that.

        The Official order given will BE, to capture or neutralize the cells of domestic terrorists posing as American militias HAVING ILLEGAL GUNS, AND ANYONE MATERIALLY ASSISTING OR SUPPORTING THEM.

        So whatever anybody tells you while having a polite discussion ‘behind enemy lines’ is…well…

        ‘not what it seems’!

        • Well it’s obvious that you think both we and the military are as stupid as the Feds think we are, and you are wrong. If the military gets sent after a bunch of Oath Keepers or 3 Percenters then they are going to know that something is not right, and both we and they will be going back to take the cretins who gave the order to task TOGETHER.

          Where there could be a problem is if UN troops are invited by the government to come here as a lot of Patriots do regular target practice with pictures of idiots wearing baby blue helmets and ball caps. Then our troops will be between the proverbial rock and a hard place, and will have to figure out which side they are on fast. Whether it is a foreign invader or an invited invader, many of us will treat them all the same.

          By the way, my Hindu name is Mahatma Assa Hola. Have a fun weekend.

          • It’s strenuous to communicate a message when the recipient is not ‘receiving’.

            This is common among people with intransigent belief systems which preclude emancipation from their own mental imprisonment.

            Your wishful thinking is an illusion of fantasy. Obviously you don’t understand the psychology of real time warfare beyond movie depictions or vid games.

            No, Dr. Clifford, I don’t think the majority of people are necessarily ‘stupid’, but more like lazy, dumbed down, and mind controlled. A by-product of the ‘American Way of Life’. Aka the American Dream, turned into a Corporatist nightmare we might not wake up from any time soon if we don’t get our porcine butts off the couch and start using the main essential tool the visionary Framers gave us for just such a dilemma and immediately start rattling the self serving comfort zone cages of our two-bit politicians and properly instruct them to start honoring their own ‘oath keeping’.

            By the way, you don’t have to be an ‘Assa Hola’ Mahavatar? You could be truly ‘enlightened’, if you wanted to be?

          • There are no porcine butts where we live. My neighbor and I are digging him a new well, and have cut down nine fully grown dead trees for his an my firewood for the next three years that we are now splitting. We also have gardens to tend, and a lot of seasonal wild foods to harvest so there is little time to bother with this either, and no one watches TV up here either. Besides the fact that reception sucks, we know that it’s all just brain washing anyway, and since i also do Cherokee Medicine then my evening are usually pretty full anyway. Out here, either people pull their own weight or they starve, and the rest of us say good riddance when they move to some welfare town.

            Personally, I served with the 1st Cavalry Division as an Infantry Scout before going to a A-Team with 12th Special Forces, and I think that you are a pompous ass with all of your thinking that you are better than everyone else and know all that there is to know about war. And, I know that anyone can be fully enlightened and still have a sense of humor about it too.

            Well it’s time to get back to some real work, and without any cell phones, ID, credit cards or keys in my pocket either. That crap is all just dead weight here anyway.

            Good luck to you, I have no doubt that you will need it.

          • Good job Clifford. I was trying to figure how to say it w/o losing my cool. I have to wonder if there is some ulterior motive with this author. It seems, like obummer, holder and sharpton, he is also fanning the flames, and to what purpose? I have been yelling ‘martial law’ for many years now. But my intent is just preparedness. What say you Matahma? What are your true intentions?

          • Agents Provacateur work to get people to say things that they shouldn’t so that they can be arrested with no recourse but to plead guilty and go to jail. He may be one of them, or he may be what he claims and just have a chip on his shoulder. Veterans are treated like dirt by the civilian government in this country, and it’s hard not to hate the whole world at times.

          • Intentions as to what, Marty, that you can’t determine CLEARLY if you really read my messages?

          • Sorry about being a ‘pompous ass’ Doc, but at least that’s better than being a fat ass, LOL!

            Well, at least you answered my question of not being in real every day protracted Combat as a ‘Way of Life’ . I don’t like to engage in pissing matches but facts are facts and empirical knowledge and hard core experience ranks. In the serious revo warfare which all you military militia types up in the hills think you are ‘ready for’ simply won’t go the way you imagine it will.

            You think the government’s jackboots are NOT AS WELL or BETTER trained and updated with both skills and EQUIPMENT than you think your little group is? Not to mention

            But since you brought it up with all your ‘extensive experience’ with all these special forces groups. How did you managed also being in an undercover ‘banditos’ operations, after re-enlisted into the 12thSF in 1980–which should have been at least a six year requirement–AND”… served with the 3rd PATU after that’ You sure you got your date’s in correct memory sequence? The Rhodesian Police Anti-Terrorist Unit’ was not there in 1980 when the country became Zimbabwe and All such units were disbanded in 1980? Except maybe for one the R-African Rifle unit, which quickly fell apart during the new regime then? Maybe you got mixed up reading all those ‘Soldier of Fortune’ magazines in your bunker up in the ‘highlands of New York??? Or your brain is fatigued from all that well digging?

            I never meant to create the impression that I’m better than everyone else with all my thinking. So it wasn’t really necessary to try to smash me down with your ‘superior military’ experience when i’m just trying to extend my particular experience to some realities of tactical application that most people-certainly not someone like you with ‘all’ that military training–can’t grasp in their enthusiastic prepping mode. And even that most wannabe militas can’t really grasp unless someone whose been there and done tries to give them a little serious ‘heads-up’?

            I don’t usually like to get in a ‘pissing match’ with other ‘military or police but since It’s Memorial Day I’ll reciprocate my own military/combat experience FYI.

            From ’67-’70I was an 18Bravo E-7 and did 3 tours in RVN with the 5th and attached to the MACV-SOG HQ out of Pleiku. I trained the indigenous mercs we paid and some ARVN special forces in a remote Central Highlands firebase camp. We did day patrols and raids, and night ambushes and other various ‘missions’ almost daily. Resting only when we simply got too tired of the carnage and needed an ‘adrenalin’ break. This went on until i got wounded out. while recovering i got picked up by the CIA and went back in as a civilian ‘affiliate’ involved with the Phoenix program. After that i became a police officer in a major city and continued a para military career by avocation as an instructor and occasional contract work in the private sector, the IDF, and other international corporations operating in places like Bosnia, South Africa, Indonesia and others. I’ve traveled the world and have an extensive comprehension of warfare. I won’t bother to get into my formal education on top of it because you didn’t go there but I am an adjunct professor of History at the local State University.

            So I can understand how you get irritated with ‘pompous asses’. I, too, get that way about igno-imbeciles and their sometimes deleterious delusions. Because those of us who ‘think’ they know everything always irritate those of us…who do, LOL!

            See, I do have a sense of humor! It’s just different because we went to different schools together.

            So don’t hurt yourself digging that well. We don’t want to lose you for when the time comes.

          • You obviously haven’t read all that i wrote to Marty. I got out of the Army, did the bit with the Banditos, and then went back into the service at the end 80. I was with the 12th for a couple of years, and then in an experimental concept unit that did not work out, and transfered to the IRR before going off to play elsewhere. I also gave the Readers Digest Condensed version on my military activities. The Cav spent some time in Europe for an operation called Brigade 75, and I helped some American families of mercs in Rhodesia, whom the Feds were not allowing to go there, get to their husbands and fathers, and since I had two months of accumulated leave then I stayed awhile working with a in PATU ( which their accent turned into “Par-two”). I thought I was some serious smart shit, but when I got back to my unit I was given a choice between losing two pay grades or facing a general court martial for violating the Neutrality Act which I had never heard of until then. So, I got busted and then felt like I had a whole new career as an “extra duty specialist” cleaning toilets. It really sucked for awhile. When we rotated home that was the end of my tour and DTSed.

            I also told Marty that no militia in the world can stand up to a modern army, but that if they come after us we can still hurt them a lot and die free. Russians, Chinese, UN or any other modern army, they need to think about this and stay in the cities and towns. We are not worth the effort. But, one good smart bomb could take out a pretty fair chunk of the area except that would mean having an otherwise good road sliding down into the valley below. They won’t be reaching anyone easliy beyond that fist shot.

            If you read all of the comments here first, before making your own, then you will look a lot less uninformed when you send replies like this one. The next time one of these silly comments comes along I won’t bother responding until you are finished catching up on your reading. But, I figure that would take a major chunk out of your day. Thats how it is when an article starts a few good discussions.

            Good show on Nam. That’s impressive. Glad to see that you also have a sense of humor. A bit of a cynical nature helps too. Back to my ditch.

    • Marty, you’re not a bad guy, but like so many of us, you just don’t know what REALLY is going on unless you are a ‘graduate student’ of the study of ‘Government Agenda Based Corruption’. Unfortunately a lot of misinformed people unfairly mistake us for ‘paranoid conspiracy theorists’, or some such ignorant assumption. When we are simply Patriots who SEE and Expose the truth a little sooner than most people can get it.

      Having been oriented to a modicum of military insidership, I’ve seen almost the entire higher ranking cadre of Military Brass systematically flip upside down since Obama’s regime came in.

      With career advancement opportunities then ‘reserved’ for those younger officers who subscribe to Obama’s politics. Not those like Petreus who suddenly quite strangely ended an amazingly honorable and successful career with something that was an obvious ‘set up’ to those of us who have seen this type of thing before.

      And then the converse occurs as Obama’s regime sets up a ‘new’ military power management infrastructure to be more ‘user friendly’ to the agenda. Yesterday on a channel their were showing their latest Super Class Advanced weapon Stealth Destroyer/battle ship with a nice young minority officer as Captain of the Ship! Nothing wrong with this. I’m sure he’s highly qualified and deserves a shot at it, But I’ll bet bikes to battleships that there were other older officers with even more experience who were passed over who just didn’t see ‘eye to eye’ with Obama’s military ‘agenda’?

      You also didn’t get my Sarcasm when i said the ‘Martial Law’ scenario will have no problem ‘obeying orders’ because those who were once known as ‘well armed patriot/militias’, aka the general armed citizenry, will NOW become ‘Domenstic Terrorists’ by decree, JUST FOR OWNING GUNS ‘ILLEGALLY’, and thus justifies the shooting of TERRORISTS THAT THEIR OFFICERS WILL ORDER THEIR MEN TO DO! ESPECIALLY IF THE SO CALLED TERRORISTS ARE ARMED AND READY TO RESIST DETAINMENT AND ARREST?

      Jesus, Marty where the hell have you been in life. The Guard had no hesitation to gun down and murder unarmed students at Kent State, and I can personally attest to the Martial Law summary street executions police and national guard and ever recently returned Nam Combat vets performed on unarmed citizens running wild and looting during the ’68 riots in Chicago?!

      Oh, sorry. You must not have known that even a lowly Mayor can declare Martial Law and instantly become an all powerful Nazi ‘god’ and give orders to ‘shoot to kill’ desperate people for merely stealing stuff. Imagine what they’ll ‘order’ against armed citizens resisting confiscation of their guns, gold, and food hoarding?! China and Russia like to use 80mm cannons on their Tanks.
      Hmmm, maybe that’s why this regime’s policy is so open to giving Iraq War surplus heavy equipment to local municipal police?

      Sorry to bust your delusion out, Marty, but historically Police and military never had a problem Carrying Out ‘unlawful’ orders. You must have never served. Otherwise you would understand that first and foremost soldiers are Trained/brainwashed to obey orders. Then maybe afterward, they could ‘question’ the issue through proper channels and chain of command? Otherwise, it’s called refusing to obey an order, mutiny, treason under fire, etc. And your commander can simply order another soldier who doesn’t see anything illegal about obeying an order to shoot armed terrorists resisting arrest…to shoot the soldier who is disobeying an order!

      And these days it’s even getting to be no big deal for cops to shoot unarmed homeless vets , mentally ill persons acting out, and kids waving toy guns…which is in complete violation of their oath and Constitutional duty to the pleople.

      Where do you get the nonsense that soldiers or police acting on orders won’t shoot down citizens designated as domestic terrorists, especially if it’s what they’re getting paid for?

      And as far as I’m trying to explain how they’ll do it without confronting a ‘Jeffersonian Solution’ to their Despotic Desires, that’s EXACTLY what this Jade Helm shit is about. You can’t really think it’s such a concentrated Stealth operation with plainclothes Special troops just for punk ass Jumpin’ Jihadists carrying AK’s and pipe bombs that any good streat cop like in Tx last week can take fairly easily, if they become a problem, do you?


      And they’ve been doing this for years, now.

      So quit imagining what is not real and do something that is.

      Nut we really don’t even have to let it get that far. Our visionary Framers actually set it up so we don’t have to suffer the horrors of war to keep our liberties.

      We can still beat them if we get off our slatternly porcine butts and make it ‘your daily bread’ to bug the living shit out of your Congressperson until they can clearly define their intentions on this NSA crime against us. And become OUTRAGED in our demand for results.


      …well, you’ll regret the day you didn’t do that.

      Okay, gotta go, it’s Friday so i still have time to drive over to my Reps office and check on the latest of what’s going on with the vote on this issue…

      • Where do I get the idea? From working with other law enforcement officers from many states and cities over 31 years. Sorry no military experience, so I only know what I have been told by the military. I fully expect this criminal administration to implement martial law before the end of 2016. I feel sorry for those who live in the cities.
        1968 was a long time ago. Things tend to change over time. A lot has changed in the last 47 years You believe what you wish and I will use my experience to believe what I wish. In your scenario, it doesn’t look like city folk have much of a chance. Those of us in the rural setting are much better off. I personally know my County Sheriff and most of his deputies. Every elected sheriff except one in my state signed a letter to obummer refusing to enforce any of his unconstitutional gun bills. Does this sound to you like they will suddenly jump onto the Hitler like band wagon? I read of a study done by one of the universities which said just for the city of Seattle it would take 25,000 troops to enforce martial law. If this is true how many would it take for the entire country? I have been called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for so many years, I can’t even recall. My biggest fear is an EMP strike by either Russia or China. I have been preparing for this for years. I have believed obummer would use martial law just to remain dictator and he would use the excuse of race riots, which he would fuel himself. I believe his actions in Florida, Ferguson, New York and Baltimore prove this theory. My guess is I know the boots on the ground law enforcement much better then you, so you think what you wish, and I will continue my prepping as I have.

        • Here in New York the Governor and some other traitors passed the New York SAFE Act illegally, and every Sheriff except three stood up and refused to enforce it as did the State Police. We voted out those three traitors last year. Most of the city and town police departments have refused as well. Unlike in 1968, police officers have learned how to think for themselves.

          Out here in the mountains we have not seen a police officer in three years, and then the one that showed up was lost, and we helped him find his way back to a highway. We never call the police here, but take care of problems ourselves. If we waited for them then our bodies would be cold and dead long before they got here, and then all they would do is make life difficult for us because we had taken care of the problems anyway. Most cops mean well and we know that, but they are never here when we need them. It is what it is.

          If the cops or an army ever wants to come here to get aid and comfort against a mutual enemy then we will gladly help them, but if any want to come here and start trouble then we will disappear into our hills that we know so well, and we won’t be taking any cell phones or ID cards either. We don’t need them to barter with anyway. And, any troublemakers that follow us will likely disappear like that reinforced brigade that went after Geronimo did so many years ago too. Only fools take prisoners. If you take them then you have to keep them and feed them. We don’t go looking for trouble, but we don’t put up with people who come looking for it either, and there are other mountain folks all over this country who have the same sort of attitudes that we do. It’s our general opinion that townies aren’t too bright anyway, and most of them are afraid to come this far off of a paved road anyway without someone to hold their hands and wipe their snotty noses.

          You are pretty much right about what it would take to enforce martial law in the cities and towns, and out here it will simply not happen. We will not tolerate it. Out here we live off the land so don’t need to stock supplies that we will have to possibly defend and die for, and we can’t even see the lights of the nearest town at night. But, set foot on our road with ill or suspect intent, and everyone on the mountain will know you are coming before you have driven half a mile, and we and our neighbors will be ready to dance if you want trouble. We respect our nation and honor our flag (and would just soon kill someone for desecrating it), but we don’t need no stinking government. If we did then we would live in towns and probably feel all warm and fuzzy when the idiots in DC talk about keeping us safe. We prefer to be alone and left alone unless a neighbor needs some help. If the townies want to survive what is coming then I encourage them to develop a similar mindset, and simply stop allowing the idiocy that is being forced on them. If they don’t then we will be free out here, and they will get what they deserve. Again, it is what it is.

          • Dr. Cliford,

            Sounds like Idaho or Utah? I’m in a similar location. Lot of good Patriots. But it all has changed and what you say may be true, but irrelevant in the larger schema.

            Were you ever in any ‘real’ combat? And I don’t mean a SWAT raid where 20 heavily armed and trained shock troops bust in on a couple half witted druggies who don’t even know what planet they’re on?

            An easy visual of what happens in protracted insurrection type ‘resistance combat’ can be seen throughout history in every regional conflict from the Civil War to what’s now happening in the middle East.

            Complete social/civil/economic breakdown and immersion in a hell even the most religionist among us cannot imagine.

            I’ve seen so much of this first hand that i can always tell someone who has not been in real eyeball to API rounds warfare by the intensity of their lust for violence and urban warfare in such discussions.

            Everybody talks a lot of ‘Molon Labe’ shit until that first insanely lethal ‘steel storm’ burst of 40mm HE
            rains down upon them like a thunderstorm from Satan himself.

            Those with the most and best firepower win.

            Always. Never has been and never will be an exception to that unholy rule.

            You and me and everyone who ever paid taxes in their lives PAID for the best superior firepower in the world that THEY will have if it ever had to come down to that, which it doesn’t have to.

            So all the Molon Labe people will ultimately
            be kissing dirt, laying in their own warm pools of blood, and wondering why ‘god’ isn’t helping them?

            Then the last thought through their minds will be ‘Why didn’t we just better spend our energy to end the tyranny by VOTING the bastards out and Restoring our Liberties so we wouldn’t have to be now getting killed by them, AND LEAVING OUR CHILDREN HOMELESS AND STARVING?!

            Doesn’t ANYBODY Yet get it?

            They WANT this ‘armed revolution’ opposition mentality to proliferate INSTEAD of voting PACs and political opposition at the polls…

            Two pronged attack. Once everyone is distracted in an Armed Resistance mindset, Then they gain a political election advantage and then they can RE-PROGRAM the classification of THE LAWS AND MAKE 2/A PATRIOTS INTO Criminals and TERRORISTS!

            So they can then declare Martial Law, if needed but might not even have to if their main plan in the article keeps moving forward because they can then totally Control us all because we won’t have any PRIVACY left! Think hard about THAT!

            And then All We Mountain Men will be able to hope for is that they forget about us in the confusion and leave us alone in our isolation, otherwise we’ll be quickly and decisively be ‘handled’ in a shitstorm you likely will not emerge from intact enough to someday tell your grandchildren around the campfire what a great revo-hero you once were.

            Yeah, you’re right. ‘It is what it is’. But to quote one of our most infamous two-bit politicians…

            “…depends on what the definition of ‘IS’…is?

          • There is no question that any citizen would have a chance in hell against our military. However, here is also no question that our military can cover our entire country, not a chance in hell. Even with UN troops, no way. Can they make life miserable for some of the citizens? Absolutely. The only prayer the city folks would have…Run,Run Run. But that has to be prepared in advance. The one thing the country folks won’t allow is to be over run by city folks. As for politics, although I’m a fan of staying in contact with my representatives, as we saw in 2014, most are liars and will say and do anything to get elected. The good ones are so out numbered by the bad. Yup, the people are dumber than a rock. I can’t fathom how Maconnel and Boner got reelected (dumb folks). People don’t stay informed, they believe lame stream media and don’t take the time to investigate these dirt bag politicians. Turn off the TV news!!! Do your own research, BECOME INFORMED, be your own investigative journalist. It’s all out there, check and recheck the so called facts. The internet is filled with baloney. If you take the time that most people spend watching the boob tube (I haven’t turned on the TV in years) and do your own research. Sorry, But I feel anyone who watches lame stream news is part of the problem. yea, local news is probably ok, but that’s it.

          • In 1980 I was the undercover part of an investigation against the Bandidos Outlaws after my tour with the 1st Cavalry Division, and re-ienlisted with 12th Special Forces at the end of that year. Back in the 80s, 12th Special Forces was the first Reserve unit used for lots of active duty missions like the Reserves and National Guard are used today, and folks tended to be shooting everywhere we went. After that I served as a part of 3rd PATU in Rhodesia, then with a British mercenary unit for a few years, and then with 1st Forces Especial in El Salvador, and not as a part of the US Army. The “glamorous” life of a mercenary is a fantasy for magazines like SOF. I was paid $700 plus room and board just like any other officer of similar rank. I wound up on the wrong end of an AK 47 bayonet in November of 1989, and have been home since then doing what I can to keep this nation from going to hell. In 2005 I organized and ran New Mexico Border Watch (a Minute Man organization) patroling from McNary Crossing in Texas to Douglas, AZ for the next 13 months and 2 weeks. New Mexico was secured then to get us to go home, and we did.

            Since then, I have lived as far noth of that border as I could get. A part of that time has been training teams all through these mountains to resist tyranny.
            No, no militia can stand against our military or any other forever, but any invader that comes up these mountains causing trouble will pay dearly for it, and if we die then at least we will die free. There are no sheep on this mountain. We are all “goats”.

          • First of all, thank you for your service, I wanted to enlist, but wanted to be a cop more and that won out. I never heard of the reserves helping out with OMG investigations, but there are times we could a used the help. Sounds like you pretty much have under control up there with most of what you need. Good luck.

          • The Reserves don’t help with investigations. I just hate drugs, and when I got out of the Service the first time, my borther was stepping down from his role as Vice President of War for the Banditos in Texas, I had a perfect way in, and a friend of mine from the Army was a Assistant District Attorney in Lubbock County, Texas. He hooked me up with the Texas Department of Public Safety, and we went to work. We freed several sex slaves, and sent 32 of then to state and federal prisons. Most of them rolled over on other drug dealers.

            Thank-you for your service at home too. I gained a fair amount of respect for the average police officer during that time, and while I was on the border as well. Our wars end when we go home again. Your’s goes on every day and night until you either buy the farm or retire. Hang in there.

      • Oh yea, I completely agree with you about bugging our representatives in Congress. I am on a first name basis with the local aids of both my representative and one of my senator’s. The other senator who I use to bug relentlessly is old and senile an thankfully not seeking re-election in 2016. Everything I politely demanded he take action on, he does the opposite, like not confirming Lynch. But by all means, all concerned patriots need to aggressively relay their concerns to their congressional representatives.

  • Who wrote this does not realize what is coming down the pike in business. My own personal ideas of computer science and economics make this fear mongering idea mute. I would like to see stabilization of the economy not fear mongers raising flags that are not there. I work towards not needing anything on my body but being known everywhere for financial transaction. This idea is eliminating any card in my pocket like id’s, credit cards and cell phones. Privacy is a misnomer. Have fun.

  • When all of this was going down in 2005 all attention in the nation was focused on those of us who were Minute Men serving on the border with Mexico. Anytime there is something going on that sharply focuses the attention of the media and the nation then you can bet the cretins in DC will be trying to slip in more of their crap undercover of the emotional issue that got everyone’s attention at the time. They often make the mistake of thinking that we are stupid, and we occasionally make the same mistake about them. We are not, and neither are they. Both sides need to remember that.

  • It’s like God handed me a script in 1971 while i was riding the LSD interstates, of how it would all unfold and how the idiot populace of this country was going to usher it all in.. F*** the globalist punks in their unholy asses!! THE PEOPLE ARE the ONES RESPONSIBLE for these injustices…THEY let it happen. i’ll die fighting….not living on my knees for any of this SHIT!!

    “Government is for the People…a such time goubbermint becomes unto itself no longer for the People, it is not only the Right, but the Duty 7 Respobsibility of the People to TAKE BACK what is Theirs” ** inscription in tablet Lady Liberty holds **

    “Those who would give up their Freedoms for FALSE PROTECTIONS, Deserve NEITHER”
    ** Benjamin Franklin **

    the moral here is that You idiots out there reading this, LET IT HAPPEN….none to blame but Yourselves DUMB ASSES i knew 911 was BULLSHIT while it was going down….GOD DAMNED POLITICAL FUCKING AGENDAS society itself is the definition of insanity….allowing the sae injustices to be repeated time & again & expecting a different result each time. Fuck the Aluminaughty Hey obeyme, bush, clinton, bush, reagan, nixon alumiaughty pawn punk pieces of sit…….why the fuck didn’t anybody pay attention when IKE warned of this mess that is now fully upon us??!!

  • All totalitarian Gvts. had or currently have identification papers that you Must carry. They used this method to control the people.
    This is foreign to our concept of freedom.

  • We shouldn’t have to ask govt permission to do something that the Constitution already affords you to do freely….we don’t need govt permission to do anything…personally, I’m not applying nor am I going to get one, it’s just the first step toward the “Mark of the Beast”, Gilyahna/Rev13:11-18

    11 And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. 12 And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. 13 And he does great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from the heaven on the earth before men. 14 And he leads astray those dwelling on the earth because of those signs which he was given to do before the beast, saying to those dwelling on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword, yet lived. 15 And there was given to him to give spirit to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause to be killed as many as would not worship the image of the beast. 16 And he causes all, both small and great, and rich and poor, and free and slave, to be given a mark upon their right hand or upon their foreheads, 17 and that no one should be able to buy or sell except he that has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is the wisdom! He who has understanding, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

    The number of 666 is the sum of total imperfection/sin…..unless you have a waking/working relationship with Yahusha Messiah as your redeemer and savior…you’re toast, unless of course you repent of your sin/lawlessness, ask for forgiveness, ask Messiah into your hear as your Master and Savior, then b immersed in water in the name of Yahusha Ha Moshiach/Messiah & Yahuah your Elohim….that’s your only hope….govt does not and cannot give you any rights….only privileges which can be and will be taken away.

    This is spiritual warfare on the highest level folks….Eph 6:11-18

    11 Put on the complete armour of Elohim, for you to have power to stand against the schemes of the devil. 12 Because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against authorities, against the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual matters of wickedness in the heavenlies. 13 Because of this, take up the complete armour of Elohim, so that you have power to withstand in the wicked day, and having done all, to stand. 14 Stand, then, having girded your waist with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, 15 and having fitted your feet with the preparation of the Good News of peace; 16 above all, having taken up the shield of belief with which you shall have power to quench all the burning arrows of the wicked one. 17 Take also the helmet of deliverance, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of Elohim, 18 praying at all times, with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, watching in all perseverance and supplication for all the set-apart ones;

    Licenses and the like, are an illegal contract (which by having one, you give up your rights), upon doing so, you allow them to turn your freedom of traveling the roads freely without restriction, into a crime. They want your submission (which only belongs to Yahuah your Elohim), they are s.a.tan’s army/servants, thus s.a.tan has wanted the worship of man for……well since the beginning, this is what this is all about, the implications are far beyond man’s comprehension….it is a lot deeper than anyone realizes or even wants to……Shalom

  • MAHATMA MUHJESBUDE, respectfully please have a proof reader handy. Otherwise GREAT insightful information, none of which I can disagree with, except one. That being the idea of contacting your political representatives. These are the same criminals who abrogate their responsibilities to uphold and defend the Constitution and allow the lawlessness in D.C. to expand. I dont know what the answer will be, but pleading with the criminals for less criminal behavior such as putting me on their watch list is not productive. Perhaps the only remaining possibility is for all Constitutionalists to pony up some fiat and buy their country back. SCOTUS deemed buying votes is no longer illegal; with, Citizens United V FEC decision.

    I was unaware of the National Id and its implications. I certainly didnt realize my drivers license was such. That it was used in the face recognition data base development. I certainly dont get my news from the lame stream mangled manipulated media. I must have been blind not to see it elsewhere.

    I imagine all who rebut the conspiracy theorists warnings with, “I dont do anything wrong so I dont have to worry”, will soon enough change their tune while sitting on their butts in a FEMA camp.
    I also imagine many persons have changed their tone since the Obama bin Biden administration came into office.

    Too bad they werent awake 25 years ago (09.11.1990) when GHW Bush laid out the future for the US of A. When upon NAFTA has dismantled our manufacturing base, the future will be service industries and a global police force (MOL); and, now we have it, except there was no mention of the massive size of the welfare state which anyone awake could have imagined.

    Thanks for allowing my $0.02 worth. One might imagine the purchasing power of two cents back when that was coined.

    • Heretic, I didn’t suggest ANYWHERE to ‘Plead’ with your Representatives about anything. We are their BOSSES. We elected them and We can UN-elect them.
      Freedom is not free. As one of the Founders stated so often about constant vigilance and proactive liberty protection it becomes part of duty as citizens to manage those we entrust to legislate and regulate our daily lives.

      By the way, why do you need a proof reader when you don’t use one in your comments? On some topics with extensive research i often include too much information and the reports are too lengthy to suit the Survivopedia editor’s copy requirements. She then redacts and interpolates my content and what’s left is sometimes the result of the literary math of 2-1=0.

      So if you want to become more erudite and informed. Waste less time in life on the despicable troll practice of imposing anally retentive grammar Nazi practices and worry more about the ‘message’.

  • so is there anything that can be done about this ?? is there any way this can be changed stopped ??

    • Kevin, my friend, you just illuminated the entire point here. The short answer is NO, as far as the ‘REAL I.D.’ atrocity goes. I just exposed it to show how easily they get away with this shit, often right under our noses.

      It IS the Law, and the next time you get your drivers license renewed you will have a new ‘REAL I.D.’ by being required to PROVE to them exactly where you live by producing a lease, mortgage paper, etc., (see your particular state .guv website for the particulars, or if you refuse, well, you don’t have to drive then. But when you need an authentic identification for some ‘official function’ you’ll at least need a ‘State I.D. Card’ which will require the same proof.

      The article’s message was to wake everybody up with a splash of cold reality water on how we so casually and thoughtlessly let them constantly erode our liberty and destroy the Constitution by making ancillary laws to help their totalitarian agenda. Laws are SUPPOSED TO BE made for the PROTECTION OF OUR RIGHTS. NOT THE VIOLATION OF THEM FOR PROFIT MOTIVATED TYRANNY!

      Some states, like Iowa, i think, are still analyzing the ramifications of the ‘legality’ of this and are holding off on ‘strict enforcement’ and don’t yet ask for proof of residence location. Probably subject to how much they get bribed with federal funds. I don’t trust ANY government anymore. Federal or local Village. When it comes to money, selling their souls is not even an eyebrow raiser. That’ll be the first to go.

      The article was designed to give everybody a political ‘jolt’ and get on the phone/email/stop in to their office (that’s the one i like to do as often as i can.
      Later today me and a few other ex combat vets are going down to the offices of Both republican and Democratic State Reps to pose in front of their offices for a picture captioned “Vets at War with Citizen Spying” we hope the local newspapers will publish so that more people will bug them to vote Down the NSA’s spying ability once and for all with sunsetting the proven failure of the Patriot Act, especially killing part 215 THIS WEEK!

      It proves my point how corrupt they are when the only one really working on ending the Un-Constitutional spying is Rand Paul.

      After that we must never rest by getting them to REPEAL some of the most egregious anti-Constitutional laws that past treasonous Reps supported.

      Otherwise you don’t want to know what happens next.

  • MM: “Everybody talks a lot of ‘Molon Labe’ shit until that first insanely lethal ‘steel storm’ burst of 40mm HE
    rains down upon them like a thunderstorm from Satan himself.

    Those with the most and best firepower win.

    Always. Never has been and never will be an exception to that unholy rule.

    You and me and everyone who ever paid taxes in their lives PAID for the best superior firepower in the world that THEY will have if it ever had to come down to that, which it doesn’t have to.

    So all the Molon Labe people will ultimately
    be kissing dirt, laying in their own warm pools of blood, and wondering why ‘god’ isn’t helping them?

    Then the last thought through their minds will be ‘Why didn’t we just better spend our energy to end the tyranny by VOTING the bastards out and Restoring our Liberties so we wouldn’t have to be now getting killed by them, AND LEAVING OUR CHILDREN HOMELESS AND STARVING?!

    Doesn’t ANYBODY Yet get it?”


    Heretic: “Otherwise GREAT insightful information, none of which I can disagree with, except one. That being the idea of contacting your political representatives. These are the same criminals who abrogate their responsibilities to uphold and defend the Constitution and allow the lawlessness in D.C. to expand. I dont know what the answer will be, but pleading with the criminals for less criminal behavior such as putting me on their watch list is not productive.”

    Both of you make great points.

    I will continue to vote anti Lib. And continue to pray for the end to RINO betrayal. And continue to work towards self reliance.

    Great article and good comment thread.

  • The reason why there is no outrage and protest by the people in America is two fold. First: Most “americans” are now illegal immigrants and/or dumbed down to the point of “they just don’t care” so long as the beer is cold and cable TV is still working. Second: Real Americans are too busy working and paying the bill for all this chaos. Although, when it finally affects them in their own backyard……well, then lookout! But in most cases in history, that will be too late. This bird has flown.

  • Guys, why all the bickering? We’re all on the same side here. If we can’t find agreement amongst ourselves, we make it so much easier for THEM. We need unity; we need to stand together and support each other, not tear at each other!

    • I don’t see it so much as bickering as having different points of view that we feel strongly about, express those points, and then explore a bit about them. It is unlikely that you will ever have a bunch of “Alpha Warriors” both male and female, who will come together – even for a discussion – and ever have one roll belly up for the others. Personally, seeing the different points of view in this discussion has been interesting, and I wish I had more time to do it more often.

      • Yeah, Donna, Doc’s right. Don’t take our friendly dissing and jabbing too seriously. It’s just part of the nature of old warriors and keeps us sharp and on our toes. But when it comes down to it, you can count on us to be there to take care of the serious business.

  • Hello, very interesting read. Just a few thoughts. With all the different methods of getting new Immigrants both “legal” and illegal, over our boarders, I don’t think
    this administration would have any problem building and utilizing his “national police force” he eluded to during his first campaign. He might not have to worry about our military or police following his orders. These people would owe there allegiance to him, not the country, and would gladly enforce his will. Gang members, Islamic assholes, criminals, drug cartels, destitute people,black militant groups many of whom are being “imported” perhaps for this purpose. I suspect Muslims are being brought at a high rate including refugees from Syria in to populate cities with a goal of building up their population in order to subvert our nation. This is part of The Muslims Brotherhoods published 100 year plan. Each time one of these events in cities involving police shooting happens it’s used as a pretext to give the AG power to take control over the local PD. Their solution seems to be giving the fed (like the new attorney general “investigating” the Baltimore P.D.) control of urban police departments. This would be very helpful if Muslim started “acting up”. Weakening the local Police would be a tactical advantage to the Muslims, that the Fed. could use for any number of goals including destroying the 2nd and 4th amendments. It’s hard to imagine any effective armed resistance with all the tracking being done, mountain hide outs or not. I am also sad to I think our elected officials are corrupted on both sides. Some might even be threatened into compliance, remember Grieg Livingston and the FBI files he stole on Republican Politicians when he worked for The Clinton administration? Thanks for letting me toss in my 2 cents.

    • Now you have made more sense than most anything I’ve read here. This is exactly what obummer has in mind. Does 2.3 billion rounds of ammo ring a bell. We won’t have to worry about our military or police who have sworn to uphold and defend the constitution. We have to worry about obummers national police, who I can almost guarantee have had no such swearing in. whether it’s HSA or NSA, that is where the trouble will come from.

  • Lack of cohesion, communication and command controls will be the hamstring.
    Plus the tendency of ‘man’ to go along as long as he’s not effected. All of these, ‘minion’ types, for lack of a better word, will eventually be left without a chair. If they have any real brains at all, they shouldn’t sleep well. It’s just a matter of time. Once their threat-objective has been removed, they become the next level of threat. So on and so on. This similarly includes the clerk-useful. They should fear their masters more than anyone else, but they reach for the carrot. Promises from a crook are just that. It’ll be a fitting end for a sweet little band of cut-throats. This has happened repeatedly throughout history. Some funny, quasi-examples happened during the last wealth harvest with the differing, level-stages of job losses. Just think about it.
    Curious that cash didn’t come into this discussion, though, although it was alluded to. That will be a real bell-weather and will be integral.
    Also * Please spare me and everyone else the pedantic grammar lessons online. These are not production pages or galleys. If you can’t understand this post and everything else that was posted above, I don’t know what to say. We live and work with ‘News-speak’ now, everyday. Orwell was prophetic. Let’s help one another instead of bashing each other. If an English professor comes along, we’ll give them a bye. They can’t help themselves.

  • Perhaps, President is trying to locate his home address.

    • Douglas Pitts,
      I can’t help but remark, that Obama’s home address along with all his cronies, is in HELL. Won’t be needed to collect $200.00 when pass “GO”

  • We Americans do not have constitutional rights. Be careful of the language you use when attempting to enlist support for the restoration of American liberty and freedom.
    Our founding fathers did not say, “…endowed by the Crown with certain inalienable rights.” To have said this would have averred that the tyranny of the Crown was lawful because the Crown was the source of the rights enjoyed by the King’s subjects.
    For an American to say, “We must fight for our constitutional rights” is to say that we did not have our rights until the Constitution was ratified. In other words, until the government the Constitution created was ratified, no one had any rights.
    The latter is the language heard from our elected officials today; when you ratify by your words their misuse of constitutional principles and law, you have given them permission to act against you, as the Crown willfully acted against what our founding fathers stated were their “God-given rights”, which governments of men are constituted to protect, not create; not regulate; not tamper with; not use them to enslave the people and subject the people to coercion and tyrannical breathings and crimes against the laws of the land.
    The Bill of Rights speaks to Congress, not to the people.

    • Thank you Curry.
      Perhaps that is why the J.O. in the White House leaves out the reference “endowed by their Creator.”

  • I have been in the database since 1972. That bothers me.

    • I trust that you and your neighbors are organized, trained, and readt to deal with the situation. If not then visit, find out where the closest chapter is, and get them to train you and your neighbors as a paty of their CPT initiative.