Is Ebola Coming to the New World?

Of all the deadly viruses in the world, Ebola is probably the most deadly. Oh, it doesn’t have a history of killing off millions of people, like the bubonic plague does. But that’s just because it hasn’t had a chance.

Up until now, Ebola has been confined to the back country in Africa, where it doesn’t have many victims to choose from. When an epidemic starts, it usually can’t get past the village it started in.

What makes Ebola so deadly is that it is one of the fastest killers out there, with one of the highest mortality rates. You can go from exposure to Ebola to death in ten days and it has a mortality rate of 90 percent. Yep, 9 out of 10 people who come into contact with Ebola end up dying from it.

The current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is really scary. This is the first time that Ebola has infected enough people, over a wide enough area, to be truly called a pandemic.

There are currently four countries in Africa where medical teams are treating Ebola victims. Over 700 people have died and there are another 500 or more that have the disease. According to statistics, at least 450 of them will die as well.

There is no cure for Ebola, nor is there an effective vaccination. Medical science has had very little luck in developing medicines that work against viruses. The vaccines we take are largely so that our bodies can develop the necessary antibodies to fight off these diseases, should we become infected. Since there is no vaccine for Ebola, our bodies are going to have to start from scratch if we become infected.

Ebola is a virus; something so small, that it can’t even live on its own. It can’t eat, doesn’t have a means of moving itself around and can only reproduce with the help of a host. In the process of reproducing, it kills the cell that it gets the genetic information from.

That’s all it does, reproduce. It moves from cell to cell, throughout the organism it has invaded, killing a cell at a time so that it can reproduce. Given time, it kills all the cells in that host, reproducing and taking over that victim’s life; killing them.

While the virus can kill within ten days, its incubation period can be as high as 21 days. That means that it will be anywhere from two days to 21 days between the time that the victim is infected by the virus and the first onset of symptoms. During that time, the person is a walking time-bomb, spreading Ebola to everyone they come into contact with.

This deadly disease has infect two Americans in this outbreak. Two American health workers that are helping care for the sick in Africa, one of them a doctor, have been infected by Ebola.

Video first seen on FOX 4 News – Dallas-Fort Worth.

They will soon be flown back to the United States on separate special medical evacuation flights, so that they can receive better care. While that probably won’t save their lives, the medical community feels they are owed the best possible chance, as they gave their lives to care for native Africans who have Ebola.

While I suppose it is possible that something will go wrong and the Ebola they are carrying will spread and infect others, I seriously doubt it will happen. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a lot of experience in dealing with diseases of this type and will take every precaution to ensure that the disease stays contained.

The greater risk comes from travelers that might contract Ebola while in Africa and then return to the United States with it. There is no way of knowing how many Americans are in Africa right now.

It’s not just the countries that are part of the pandemic either; if someone from another part of Africa, or even from Europe gets infected, they could carry the virus back home with them. Should fate work out that an American traveler comes into contact with them, while overseas, they could become infected and bring the disease home with them without even knowing it.

Granted, chances of that happening are probably pretty low; but they still exist. The only way of catching it would be to test everyone who comes into the United States for Ebola. While a test does exist, it would have to be given three days in a row to be sure. How many people do you think would be willing to be quarantined for three days in order to enter the country?

On top of that risk, there’s the biological warfare risk that this current outbreak of Ebola provides. It would be fairly easy for any country or even a terrorist group to get their hands on an Ebola victim or their blood and start their own Ebola production.

With the current border crisis on the southern border, sneaking infected people or canisters containing the virus into the country would be child’s play.

Apparently concerned about this possibility, President Obama just signed an executive order allowing people who had signs of any sort of respiratory infection to be detained. While I am normally not in favor of Obama’s “phone and pen” policy, I would have to say that this time he might actually be justified. Unfortunately, the wording of the order leaves a lot of leeway for it to be abused by government workers at all levels.

About the only positive light I see in this situation is the American medical system. Fortunately, Obamacare hasn’t had enough time to destroy it altogether.

So there is still the possibility of our medical industry overcoming any such pandemic, before it can spread.The key will be rapid and decisive isolation and quarantine at the first sign of any outbreak. Obama’s executive order helps make the possible.

As preppers, we have another option. This is one of those situations where bugging out would be even better than bugging in. Once the first case is reported anywhere within a couple of hundred miles of where you live, you might want to put your bug-out plan into effect and get out of Dodge.

While you might be jumping the gun just a bit, at least you’ll be alive. You can’t catch the disease if you make yourself scarce, staying far away from where it is.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • We have enough ‘civil servants’ with less gray matter than a maggot that some of them will screw up and not follow the rules set down by the CDC. Also we have a power hungry wannabe dictator in the White House and he has wannabe dictator underlings surrounding him, including people from terrorist countries and governments, who would love to have the power that Ebola would give them. These idiots could kill off every living thing on the planet trying to be the top dog. Allowing anyone into the country that is or could be infected by this virus is the biggest mistake ever. Close the borders, PERIOD. Put all people who want to enter the US in those FEMA Camps until they are certified clear of the virus. Political prisoners can be put in there as well, and viola, they are dealt with by ‘accident’.

  • “Apparently concerned about this possibility, President Obama just signed an executive order allowing people who had signs of any sort of respiratory infection to be detained. While I am normally not in favor of Obama’s “phone and pen” policy, I would have to say that this time he might actually be justified. Unfortunately, the wording of the order leaves a lot of leeway for it to be abused by government workers at all levels.”
    Wow, I don’t even know what to say about that comment. “Leeway to be abusted”? Maybe that is the sole purpose of it. It makes this whole site questionable when you justify Obama’s dictatorial actions because of something that might happen. This country is indeed in a sorry state when sites like this make statements advocating giving up our freedoms for the sake of fear. Those very sentiments are the source of all that Obama has accomplished in the name of “what’s best for us”

  • Send them back, why the f*** would you transport a virus back to the states from Africa of all places. It’s bad enough we got AIDS from there. Turn the place around or shoot it down I say.

  • The CDC OWNS the patent on ebola Mr. White!!

    And why do you think they have not created a vaccine yet? Do you have evidence to substantiate that statement? There is an agenda at work here and it is NOT in favor of Americans.

  • Get your NBC suits and Pro Masks tested and ready folks because here is the false flag that has been talked about for months now. Bio Terrorism is being used against the American public by their own government. If you have not stocked up on food and water purification equipment plus a healthy amount of ammunition and weapons then you had better start now because when this thing gets started rolling it is going to be really fast and the normalcy bias that many have even here is going to fly right out the window and then there will be nothing to prep with available.

  • You said a lot BUT how does it travel from host to host? Spit, cough, touch, air??? Or don’t they know?

    • Ebola is spread via blood and saliva, though Ebola Reston, which has a 100% lethality rate (fortunately, only in monkeys and not humans yet) is airborne. Viruses easily mutate, so the Ebola strain that is currently blood borne could become airborne very easily, especially when exposed to a large population and variety of hosts.

  • Wonder WHY they didn’t inject the 5 Extremes before they let them go 4 O’yeller? THATS how close loop this boys!

  • Ebola, MERSA, and almost all other infections are curable be Photoluminescence or Ultraviolet Blood Treatments…we have a cure, and it has been in use for over fifty years….
    I took the treatments when I has the West Nile virus, and Lyme disease at the same time…
    Educate yourself or perish!

  • There is a vaccine already made in Canada, it works 100% .. to prove it have a look at 125 years of National Geo.. on the first disk.. they show you the inventors and it working on the Ebola virus.. the results were amazing.. why are they not showing this on TV .. maybe it is only for the elite ??

  • This is the most irresponsible piece of “journalism” I have read outside those wonderful things put out by the Federal government. In fact I might say that this plays right into the play book of any Federal agency hell bent on producing a false flag based on fear coupled with pure ignorance of the general public about this disease; unfortunately what is unfolding has all the earmarks of a false flag.

    All one needs to do to understand how is answer these questions:
    1) Why bring a disease to this continent on purpose if there is no cure for it? A humanitarian act for repaying these medical persons? Hardly!
    2) Why say we can “treat it here” better than in Africa if there is no treatment or cure for it?
    3) Why issue Ebola treatments kits to all 50 state’s National Guard units before the decision to bring these 2 infected people here from Africa?
    4) What’s in these Ebola treatment kits if they are right that there is no treatment or cure for Ebola? (I remember in the 1950’s being taught to get under my desk for safety from Atomic bombs. Americans went nuts building bomb shelters in their back yards to protect their families from Russian atomic bombs during the same period, which would have roasted their families intact since they were only a few feet below the surface. Again, fear drives those who are uneducated about a potential threat.)
    5) Why has the CDC already established 20 Ebola quarantine stations around the nation?
    6) Why has the administration already issued orders for military, national guard to use force to detain any people who are “exposed to Ebola” if Ebola is ONLY transferred by bodily fluids when in contact with an affected person or their bedding, or clothing? (It is a convenient event to a false flag scenario that the first symptoms of being infected are vital organ failure. Of course this means the PTB can say any of us have been exposed (past tense), when there is no proof, because a supposedly infected person, now “quarantined or dead”, passed through our area weeks before, and is long gone.) Why only federally controlled entities? Why haven’t they involved local LEOs and local governments; city, county, state? Don’t believe the lie that Ebola is easily transmitted from one person to the next. If it were so easy to pass along, one might ask: how do they hope to protect the military/guard units from the disease?

    The truth is this disease can NOT be transmitted from one person to another unless there is an exchange of body fluids from the infected person to a new host. Blood, saliva, sweat, urine, reproductive system fluids from the infected host must be introduced into the uninfected host through sexual acts, cuts in the skin, etc. So just because someone says “Ebola!” don’t run and don’t surrender your rights to the state out of fear!! Fear the state more than the disease! Educate yourself about Ebola and educate others so they won’t give up their freedom!!!

    • I agree with everything you’ve written, but I do want to point out there are multiple strains of Ebola. Ebola Zaire was the most famous strain that killed up to 90% of those infected in the 1990s, until the recent outbreak. I have yet to hear if they’ve identified which strain it is. In the 1990s, a government research facility had an outbreak of Ebola in Reston, VA among primates housed there. The govt. determined the Reston strain had a 100% lethality rate and had mutated to become airborne. Fortunately, only the monkeys were affected, but every worker who worked there carries the strain in their bloodstream. One simple mutation in the carriers or virus and humans could become infected with Ebola Reston. That would pretty much be the end of humanity–and that strain is already in the US and has been for years.(Source of Info: “The Hot Zone”)

  • (How many people do you think would be willing to be quarantined for three days in order to enter the country?)

    Who cares? If someone opts to venture outside the country, and a safety issue of this magnitude is in play, you sit in quarantine 3 days, or stay wherever it is you visited! In light of the danger such a situation would pose, do you think that the government entities that are charged with the responsibility of the safety of an entire nation would give a rip about what “people” would think? I would hope not!