Privacy Apocalypse: 5 Devices You Can’t Hide From


I’m going to alert you to what many are considering to be on of the worst doomsday scenarios for free American patriots. One that apparently not many are prepping for, or even seem to care about.

By now everybody knows that the government ‘alphabet agencies’ including mainly the NSA have been methodically collecting data on us. Everything we do, say, buy and search on the internet will be on permanent data base file by next year. All phone calls now are computer monitored, automatically recorded and stored with certain flag/trigger words (in all languages).

As technology improves, every single phone call will be entirely recorded at meta-data bases in government computer cloud storage, when ‘They’ finish the huge NSA super spy center in Utah. Which means they will be available anytime authorities want to look them up and personally listen for any information reference to any future investigation. Super computer algorithms will pin point search extrapolations of ANY relationship to the target point.

You can rest uneasily, but assured, that in the very near future when a cop stops you and scans your driver license into his computer, he will know anything even remotely ’suspicious’ or ’questionable’ about ALL the recent activities and behavior in your life he chooses to focus upon!

This is the ‘privacy apocalypse’ coming upon us. And you need to know these five devices that you can run to protect your privacy, but you can’t hide from.

When Security Overlaps Freedom

The NSA does more spying on ‘We the People’ than it does on the enemies of the country! Even simple text messages over a certain number of characters will join the wealth of stolen private communications flagged by certain trigger words, in the happy hunting grounds of mega-data heaven.

The two biggest fallacy arguments are that ‘those with nothing to ‘hide’ have nothing to fear’, or ‘this is the price we pay for living in a fast paced convenient modern computerized world if we want to improve our security and safety’.

Why does all these lame excuses remind me of something the old sage Ben Franklin used to say to slap that kind of thinking? “Those who are willing to give up any freedoms for a little more security deserve neither.’

The factual true reality is that these egregious violations of our privacy rights are premised on the never ending lies of the government. Maybe ‘They’ still get away with it because for some reason people are so dumbed down or not paying attention, or simply don’t know or see the bigger picture.

So assuming that most of us really don’t want the government or police to know our most private business just because it’s so easy for them to do so even though we are not doing anything wrong, we’ll provide a little edification herein about the cold hard realities.

With the increase of technology that we don’t even really need for everyday use in most of our lifestyles, the value it does NOT produce in comparison to the dangerous violations of our liberties, exemplifies the true intention of ‘the invention’. The government argument for having cameras everywhere in public is that the courts ruled that generally we have no expectation of complete privacy in a public domain.

And of course they took that as a green light to mean that they can now put surveillance cameras literally everywhere in the city and roads and take public pictures of anybody for their meta/data bases. Also, they put face recognition technology in use with the cameras to literally search people’s identity and background, at will, anytime when you’re in public, 4th/A notwithstanding!

In my personal opinion, this is a much better way to replicate the old fashioned Nazi way of saying ’papers, please’.

But our homes are supposed to be insulated and highly protected from what the courts call ’unreasonable search and seizure” which guarantees our inalienable right to privacy in our own homes? There are specific guidelines and nobody is supposed to know what goes on in the sanctity of your castle without your permission or without a court designated warrant, which is issued on the basis of serious probable criminal cause.

But in their anti-privacy compulsion the next inevitable turn in the down spiral of destroying our basic liberties cannot be surprising anymore.

Here’s how far and fast the ‘tactical tech’ invasion of our privacy has slid down the extremely slippery slope of totalitarianism in just the last couple of years:

 The 5 Devices that Ruin the Idea of Privacy

1. FLIR Devices (Forward Looking Infrared Devices) 

flir devices

These have actually been around for almost 20 years now in the form of heat seeking devices but the advanced laser electronics and microprocessors now make it into a new and more dangerous tool called thermal imaging detection devices.

Based on (FLIR) the military and civilian search and rescue community immediately recognized the benefits of such devices for aerial environmental tracking search purposes and as the market grew sophistication became enhanced.

The original mechanical concept in application was to pinpoint differential temperature variation between humans and ambient environmental temperatures, in order to determine the potential of locating individual human presence with a color spectrum visual image especially in total darkness by their own body heat.

But rapid developments in the imaging technology and penetration/ranging and portability bring this device to new heights of ‘clearly pictured’ intrusion.

Deployment is rapidly becoming enhanced, as well, as the science improves more powerful devices with better range and penetration in smaller devices are emerging.

That small neighborhood police ‘crime watch drone’ will no longer only be able to peek in your window from under your tree branches but will soon be able to see through your walls into the most private places in your home!

A cop can pull up quietly and unnoticed in their unmarked cars or vans– and ‘see’ through your walls and spy on you right from the curb in front of your house by aiming their new handheld FLIR Thermal Imaging device through walls, and get quite a clear telling image of what you and your husband are doing under the bed sheets or in the personal sanctity of your bathroom.

And if you have a solid concrete home or are down deep in the corner of your basement, there’s this next device here in the form of unholy diabolical ‘son of FLIR’ to eventually find you no matter where you are hiding your home.

2. RANGE-R – Hand Held Obstacle Penetrating Radar

Remember the classic movie series Aliens with Sigourney Weaver where the baby alien monster popped out of the belly of one the space exploration team on the space craft?

And then the aliens were sneaking around the innards of the spacecraft closing in on the Lt. Ripley & Crew and Corporal Hicks pulls out his handheld tracking device–remarkably identical to these RANGE-R devices– and right through the walls and metal bulkheads and pinpointed all the alien monsters sneaking around with their exact location, distance, and movement.

Well the future is here and now. Pretty cool, huh? Well, not if you are a private American citizen trying to appreciate your Constitutional liberties in the enclosed security of your own home expecting that neither the uninvited thief nor the government can invade that privacy.

ranger Hand Held Obstacle Penetrating RadarThe RANGE-R handheld locating device is based on specially tuned and direction enhanced radar wave technology. This is currently being used by dozens of federal agencies including the U.S. Marshal Service, the BATF and FBI, and even some local municipalities which can afford the purchase of it, usually with their drug seizure profits.

The detecting power of the RANGE-R literally can penetrate many walls to detect humans. This device, along with its bigger two handed more enhanced version–the RADAR VISION 2, which is pressed up against the outside of even a brick wall and is so sensitive and can detect a motionless human’s breathing even if they are sitting still– gives the operator a discernable 3D image that can be analyzed for detail at distances over 100 feet!

When USA Today broke the story last month many of us were surprised that the government had already secretly and with a legally questionable application use, deployed these devices in numerous investigations and arrests. Well, you really didn’t expect them to publicly announce that they were violating the 4th Amendment, did you?

The official unbelievable excuse this time was that these devices were supposedly used in conjunction with a warrant (sometimes?). The probable cause was that government agents and police needed to know who and what was inside before they entered.

Well, that’s a bumpy, but woefully unconvincing convenient slide down the slope from the usual suspects ‘public safety’ and extreme ‘crime prevention’… Just like the use of an officer’s sidearm in the killing of unarmed person(s) behaving strangely, if a cop perceives his life is in danger.

3. FADS – Frisk At Distance Scanners

Perhaps this is the most insidiously egregious of this Unholy Technical Trinity so far here because states like New York have been planning to implement this technology in conjunction with their ubiquitous surveillance camera deployment directly against private citizens walking around the city for over a year now. Which means that they are likely now in covert use, possibly even more compact and stealthy, and mounted in discreet police vehicles for routine patrol.

This device replicates the eerily X-Ray eyes type detailed contrast and definition of the walk in TSA devices which were minimalized because of the dangerous radiation output. But they don’t really care about ‘public safety’, at least not at the sacrifice of their obsessive compulsive need to confiscate your firearms.

fads Frisk At Distance Scanners

What, say you? They’ll never get all your guns because you carefully conceal them inside your walls in secret hiding places?

Well, sorry to bust your door down but just because these devices can look through your walls, doesn’t mean they can’t be adjusted to also look INSIDE your walls and plumbing and ducting, and etc.

Check out these more sophisticated mobile privacy intrusion Franken FADS and have your anti-depression meds handy.

 4. ZBVs – Z-Backscatting Vans

Just when you thought you were about to wake up with a huge headache from this Orwellian technology nightmare, it gets even worse!

Made by the same company that brought you unhealthy things like the TSA airport body scanners, this is a specialized advanced mobile version which is supposed to be able to frisk people, look inside of vehicles and walls and see everything clearly enough to read label writing or tell how many rounds you have in the gun! It can differentiate between drugs and explosives and who knows what else they are not telling you?

From a liberty and privacy standpoint this is one of the most intrusive devices conceivable. They’ve sold several hundred of these already and they usually use white Mercedes small cargo vans.

Seems like supposedly greedy entrepreneurs are buying them and ’renting’ them out to any police agency for specific times/needs so they don’t have to pay out the big bucks to own one.

So if you see one of these white vans with the familiar Mercedes emblem on the grill hanging around you know it ain’t a NAAPA auto parts delivery truck. They’ve been seen several times in New York in the last few months.

flir ZBV-3Classes

What? You say don’t care anymore, because you don’t HAVE anything in your walls or house or vehicle that you care about them taking? You have anything of real ’value’ buried in an underground ‘vault’ deep enough where even metal detectors can’t reach it.

Well, now you’re thinking! But ‘They’ won’t be using metal detectors that much for underground search’.

They’ll be using this next device if they think you got a little ‘Mole’ in your blood.

 5. GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment

This equipment is so ’useful’ in various construction and underground search applications from archeology to treasure hunters or construction companies, to homicide detectives that they are now readily available and portable. A single operator can use one and simply walk around and create an ’anomaly’ map sort of like sonar but for the ground instead of water, and show an image of an underground cave, sink hole, buried body.

Your stashes of ammo boxes and ’stuff’ would stick out like the proverbial horse’s ass, even though you buried it and completely covered it with no entrance and planted grass over the top of it!

The really bad part is that the good ones can go down pretty deep, like over 30 or 40 feet or more depending upon strata composite! And don’t forget they don’t need a warrant to search on public lands, if that’s what you are thinking.

There’s actually a couple more peripheral tools to help narrow down searches on undeveloped land when GPR equipment is used for people tracking or stash hiding but I think you get the idea now.

How the 4th Amendment Is Thrown Aside 

The added bad thing here is all this technology is only what WE know currently but not necessarily what really secretly exists at this point in time and the near future. Radar wave technology combined with computer algorithms have exponentially advanced to a point where even the relatively low tech Russians have supposedly developed radar capability to detect even our newest supposedly radar detection proof F-36 and B plus series stealth fighters and bombers!

So who knows what they’ll have by next year to much more easily ‘see’ everything and anything inside your home in minute detail anytime they feel like it? It may be closer than you think because the military just got the nod to fly two humongous blimps over the Eastern third of the country to ‘look for things’. Supposedly for homeland security? What’s in that big wallet?

The government agencies have been using these devices for almost a year now with little or no oversight and not many, if any, valid usage based on obtaining the appropriate warrants. This raises serious Constitutional issues.

Under the guidelines of a rogue administration, these alphabet agencies do anything they want and justify their civil rights violations by saying it helps protect their officers when involved in dangerous terrorist hostage situations by knowing how many terrorists are inside the building.

And remember it’s not only the Feds who are creating a ‘Minority Report’ bad movie. Now even local police departments are beginning to use these devices as commonly as they use their flashlights!4th amendment

The really depressing aspect of all these super intrusion technology is that we have to face the difficult to believe reality that… your personal home privacy is now gone completely, all of it. And it is just a matter of time before it affects everybody, even those nitwits who claim they don’t mind because they think they have nothing to hide.

Because someone they might be casually or inadvertently associated with such as a classmate or a neighbor, or some email correspondence that ‘They’ will be tracking under the presumption of terrorist activity, will also have a ‘knock’ on their door from the men in helmets, machine guns, jackboots, and body armor after they penetrated and scanned the private interior of your home.

The 4th Amendment is being stomped and thrown aside. By individual states as well like Conneticut and New York with their latest anti-2/A New York Safe Act.

Edward Snowden proved beyond any doubt that they were lying about spying on us but after the initial shock and surprise and outcry, nobody did squat to stop it. Because nobody seemed to care much after Snowden, the government took that to mean ‘implied consent’ and continued their spying right under our noses without even trying to hide it, or deny it, anymore.

If anyone doesn’t understand that we are in the end times of personal privacy then they better wake up fast and smell the coffee you might now be allowed to drink anymore due to the politically correct social engineers who control everything else, decide to ban it for health insurance purposes or some other lie?

What to Do?

Remedies and solutions? I don’t know for certain anymore. Some say nothing short of a major revolutionary shift in social consciousness. I’ll just add one that should at least be considered because of the immediate impact it would have in our lives. They manipulated the laws to enslave and control us but now we have the dominant balance of power in our Legislative Branch.

All who care enough to preserve the great liberty of privacy, if not for us, for our progeny, should create political momentum to overturn/repeal all unconstitutional laws that have anything to do with limiting our rights to own guns or assets in the absolute protection of privacy. While we still can.

We must ALL unite and proactively charge our new Legislative ’employees’ to repeal the insidious laws that are making us all criminals and restore the Constitution to its former uninfringeable status. Otherwise here is my prophecy: if we don’t act soon enough the bottom of the slope ride to tyranny will begin to come up quickly and hit us hard with total ‘slavery’ before we even realize it.

The modern ‘Jeffersonian Solution’ is to politically unite and ‘change it all back’ by repealing and dissolving bad laws which enslave good people… before it really is too late.

When you think about the big picture, there’s not much you physically have that ‘They’ can’t already take away from you. All we really have left of freedom is our personal privacy and the single remaining right to vote.

What would we have left if they ultimately succeeded in removing all our privacy? Nothing!

This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.

Written by

Mahatma Muhjesbude is a former Spec-ops combat Vet, LEO, international security consultant, and private contractor. He has instructor level credentials and skills in various survival disciplines. He is a dedicated advocate of Liberty and Justice for all and a proactive defender of our Constitutional rights. He strongly believes that the best value you can give back in life is vital knowledge through experience, and that's why he's writing for Survivopedia, using a pen name to protect his real identity. You can send Mahatma a message at editor [at]

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  • There is a simple yet effective way to defeat most of the technology described in your article. It’s not 100% but what is these days. If you utilize the cheap and effective method of masking your body heat by covering your body with Space/Survival Blankets the infrared readings by said technology would be reduced or eliminated completely. The key is to cover the target area completely.
    The highly reflective composition of most of the Mylar blankets trap body heat and defeat any infrared or thermal devices now deployed. This method is also effective for concealment from Air Based Detection such as drones.
    Simple, Cost Effective, and Legal (for now anyway)

    • You have not proven your suggestion by infrared science (and there is plenty of it around, if you know where to look). It makes me wonder if you know what you are talking about or just repeating myths on this subject perpetrated by people who have never owned or used an infrared camera. Do you own one that you use? I own a real one and have used it (and not the cheap cell-phone infrared setups). Heat signatures are decipherable depending on the delta-T (the temperature difference between a target searched for and ambient air surrounding that target, or the temperature of other materials around a target searched for. Infrared can spot the shape of a cooler target as well as a warmer target, and inside of walls as well as in soils. Based on what you have said (and what you have not said), YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, therefore I am forced to conclude that you are reporting a myth that abounds by people who do not understand infrared camera use and technology. Further these cameras can be tuned to pick up and portray (by color differences) temperatures as minute as 1/10th of a degree F (but I am not implying that such precision is important to most IR camera uses.) Infrared technology is dependent on many variables; and it is a complex science and technology that requires a lot of training to use in an accurate way. SO, SINCE THIS TECHNOLOGY EVALUATES BOTH WARMER AND COOLER TEMPERATURES, how shall the technology be fooled by someone wearing a reflective barrier? Heat always conducts, convects and radiates simultaneously (and and also can reflect as you suggested). During Desert Storm (1991) we wore outer clothing that was supposed to break up our body heat profiles. I doubted that then, and now. But if it worked, the science and technology today has far surpassed those days as this article indicates. Your suggestion is mistaken.

      • Point well taken but… I do own both Russian Gen2+ and US Gen 4+ IFR setups. The training I received in USAF SAR/SERE made use of such tactics. Granted it was back in the 70’s and technology has leaped way past those old tactics, I have experimented with both my setups and that of other brothers and it can be effective if used executed properly.
        GOD, I know you ground pounders from Desert Storm up to today have much more technical training than we ever did back then, but when it’s crunch time you should know ” Improvise and Survive” / Stay Static and Die ! God Bless and Help Us All.

      • Yeah, Radar, if it wasn’t for the survival ‘mythology’, we wouldn’t even be doing that much prepping!

        Tin foil BS has been the panacea for everything from diy utensils to stopping radiation.

        I try explaining this also be nobody listens or they get pissed at you for disrupting their comfort zone intransigence.

        They don’t get that while you can cover your self with something that cools you down, that still doesn’t conceal you. But only changes the imagery differentiation scales and might make you stand out even more.

        I try to explain that the only way you’d get slipped over is if everything in your immediate environment was exactly the same temperature as your relative body heat, and you were standing still behind something to break up your form definition.

        In other words you’d have to be somewhere outside where it’s pretty hot and the ambient surroundings match your body heat signature exactly.

        Fat chance, LOL!

        A cave might work somewhat better, if you can get deep inside it?!

      • Mahatma, Would you do an article specifically on what mylar blankets can and cant do? it has been mentioned that they filter out all kinds of radio waves If so, which ones? What about aluminum foil?

        • Hi Catherine,

          I’m working on finding out about exactly what you are talking about. But it’s not as easy as say…testing which arrows work best for max penetration for your home made DIY bow.

          For now, based on what i’ve already checked on, I have to agree with Radarphos that aluminum foil/mylar space blankets simply won’t do you that much, if any, good if you’re trying to hide yourself from being discovered by a light police aircraft flying around with a good FLIR device over the area you are trying to sneak around in.

          In pragmatic application, if you went in the woods wrapped in a mylar aluminum blanket/suit, it wouldn’t provide any better cover than any other solid material. In other words you can ‘hide’ a heat signature from behind any dense enough material from a FlIR device but it’s extremely difficult for you to move around outside on the ground covered up enough to be not noticed.

          All a mylar/aluminum foil might do is change your core temp signature a bit, and ONLY if the foil wasn’t touching you and conducting the heat to your cover blanket, and if you were mostly under trees during daylight hours, you might not stand out like a roman candle like you would at night, but with good FLIR equipment and if you’re moving, they’d still be able to spot you.

          But the question is, why would you worry about that so much. Why would anyone be moving around trying to ‘hide’ (something) when there are low flying planes overhead? All police and military search helicopters now have FLIR devices. Why would you be sneaking around the woods if you heard a helicopter overhead? They might mistake you for a fugitive or something?

          As far as aluminum foil and its manifestations blocking radio/radar waves, I doubt it. The problem is not that it can’t be done, but if they are backscatting, for instance, your house, and they see a certain ‘spot’ area that ‘can’t’ be normally’defined’, then that, in and of itself, will be suspicious and encourage further serious investigation and hands on search.

          You have to ask the questions of ‘purpose and application’. In other words, what is ‘Their’ purpose for searching someone, and what is your purpose for hiding from such search?

          Of course it’s more complicated than this, but here’s the simple solution for most of us right now.

          Don’t get ‘on their radar’ in the first place, so they don’t get a purpose to ‘use’ their radar devices to spy on you.

          Right now, as much as the totalitarian power elite would like it to be so, they simply don’t YET have the manpower or time resources to seek out and search and confiscate the private property of dissident patriots, even if they can temporarily get away with a sidestep our 4th/A and do it under the ‘Public Safety’ excuse of proactive Crime Prevention.

          So the best precaution against being under surveillance by these devices, is NOT to get them ‘looking’ at you in the first place.

          Right now, after wanted criminals and potential terrorists, they don’t have much time or money not under scrutiny during this political election time, so are limited in their obsessive compulsion of using police and fed agencies to focus on ‘De-Facto’ gun control to disarm a potentially armed populate who may someday ‘rise’ in serious disagreement with their growing ‘tyranny’.

          They still have to get ‘probable’ cause, even though that is certainly appearing to be ‘easier’ for them to ‘fabricate’ the more they get away with continuous spying on us.

          Let’s face it, the more people ‘know’ about other people’s business, the more the opportunity to ‘create’ ‘suspicion’ ?

          So if you’re worried about the Fascist Martial Law scenarios where Warrantless Random and Hitlarian house to house searches are conducted on a regular basis to confiscate our property, that’s not here just yet.

          So if you are not in the focus of any government watch lists, and haven’t bought a lot of form 4473 guns recently (that raises a flag in their secret data-base– which is not supposed to be a ‘registration’ list by law, but they use it as such–} or declared yourself an anti-G enemy of the state all over facebook and twitter”’

          And you look outside or go somewhere and don’t see anybody watching you directly, then I think you don’t have to worry too much yet about ‘hiding’ your stuff from radar and Flir and just go ahead and just bury it somewhere safe away from regular predators, thiefs, and home invaders.

          And sooner or later, especially if there’s some profit to be made, you can count on somebody coming up with a ‘ghilli’suit’ for stealth woods strolling that does, indeed, make you impervious to FLIR!

          So until then, we’ve got to worry about something far more sinister, but definitely related down the line. Watch for my next privacy apocalypse article next week maybe.

    • I live in an apartment and being spied on by my neighbors using @ least one of these types of equipment (probably a derivative of one listed, since they can get expensive and now, I can’t even take a freakin’ bath in privacy, like I was when I first moved in. Almost my entire apartment looks like a Reynolds wrap facility. Just as of yesterday, my bed is surrounded with a makeshift foil housing, which I must admit seems to be workin pretty well. The aluminum/glass industries are about to explode, as infrared is also repelled by glass BUT who going to go walking around encased in glass?

  • Th biggest threat isn’t on your list. Your next door neighbor.

    • Comrade, I believe you are correct.

    • I agree, but I would add some of the people you work with, hang out/associate with, any known social enemies you may have (including relatives), and those who have picked you as their favorite topic to gossip about.

      • This also includes folks in churches and civic clubs. Quit these now, home church and quit all civic org. as they produce nothing anyway. This country is down a rat hole with a zero future.

        • The LORD gave US two Cows, as signs on the Shemitah. While they were born the same, Look how they are revealed. The first was a big black and white what I would guess, Holstein with a huge Flourishing 7 on its face. A few weeks later a second cow, a scrawny red heifer with a scrawny 7 on its face. This is the paradigm of Genesis 41 which signifies 7 more years of Prosperity because the last 7 years was not it. It is the HOLY SPIRIT that Completes your Faith In The Blood.

    • Don’t know why I’m waisting my time responding to that propaganda story
      from you, mot feeling to well I guess, anyway…
      In response to your ‘ best thing to do is to not be noticed & get on their
      radar ‘ statement:

      Were ‘ALL’ ready on their radar, and it’s indeed your neighbour or ‘ good pal ‘
      that’s trying to tell you ‘ is it really that bad ? or friend at work, trying to
      convince you that ‘your are taking it a bit to far’ hinting, that you are being over concerned/paranoid, or yourself, trying to convince people that nothing
      is out there against those tactics!
      It IS ! for one, the right thing to do: They are using infiltration methods, far more easy, called: Media Whores, they have ‘Carte Blanche’ sort of an upgraded version of Diplomatic immunity, they walk in and out of Police stations, join you in the cell as a so called ‘fellow – inmate’ .
      In order to keep you on their radar, they will have a whole fake family, preferably
      from foreign country’s moving in next door, no way of knowing if they are who they say they are, papers and social workers to back them up, all! fake,
      then create fake events, to ground their fake identities (tragedy, injuries, or a youngster arrested and police coming in to your neighbourhoods, just as they do
      with scripted media events, or protest marches,witch are nowadays ALL
      set up by the same people they are protesting against! While the mass marching and donating (support) to them, even have their skulls kicked in, are completely
      un aware from the fact that the core of ALL humanitarian organisations, are in
      fact mostly actors, with fake certificates, ID’s and backgrounds!
      I said to much … to the wrong crowd, cause they know already, out of my own experience: Nothing is going to show or get attention from ANY website News Agency, Media in general, if it wasn’t already scripted and rehearsed!
      They are not going to be surprised, and if they are, they going to bleed it to death, by making everything around them as hard as possible for you: loose your job, fix your bitch with another option, from the supermarket to your local bank, their will be hostility projected, towards you until you, only have enough time left to feed your own ass, or to beg for that government check!
      I guess you all don’t want to know who those Anonymous (childish-bunch, cowards) are? or Jullian Assange, Edward Snowden etc are?
      Got their real identities, but that’s a little to! real for y’all.

    • Yes, as my next door neighbors are spying on me using this/these same types of equipment. INVEST IN THE FOIL/ALUMINUM INDUSTRIES…THEY’REALLY ABOUT TO EXPLODE OVER THE NEXT YEAR’S, as aluminum, as well as glass, repell’s infrared.

  • A decently written article.
    The Backscatter vans, however, are NOT nearly as accurate as their proponents like to portray. However, one of the most pernicious dangers of these devices is the HUGE amount of radiation they emit all around. One blast from these things is about a hundred chest x-rays in equivalent radiation; and there really is no shielding from them.
    Another “danger” not mentioned are the “readers” that are common equipment in police and state trooper cruisers nowdays – the devices that use back-door software and in conjunction with cell technology that allows them to read and download all data from your “smartphone”, regardless of your device being passworded.

    • Rambuff, you gotta search the info on these backscatters. You’ll find actual company photos of them pulling next to other trucks and seeing literally EVERYTHING inside, including the concealed pistol you’re carrying, the bumber jacks, stuff on your seats, etc. etc., depending on how they adjust it.

      If they pull in front of your house they’ll see what size T’V you have and what you’re watching and what you have in your gun safe, between the walls, and in your closet. And that’s the OLD versions. I’ve heard they have something newer and better already!

      But you’re right, that’s not accurate enough.

      As far as the police cell phone data downloader, that has been challenged already and it looks like might be able to do it only if you are arrested but we’ll have to wait and see. But they already have the Stingray artificial cell phone tower imitators and the program to monitor any phone conversations, get the call numbers, and track them in a certain range area. Apparantly so far this is not an issue because until its challenged they consider radio frequency ‘airwaves’ not private or protected?!

      They fund this equipment, by the way, with the asset forfeiture seizures they make from the drug busts they get from monitoring your calls.

      But ah! nothing to worry about. Don’t even have to bug your representative to start making laws prohibiting this kind of police state activity…

      Just wrap yourself and your phone in an aluminum-mylar space blanket, and you’ll be fine.

      • Why can’t We start our own network?

    • As a former long haul truck driver contracted to the DOD I can tell you personally these Vans are very very accurate. To the point that upon entering T-1 terminal in Portland OR I was asked to remove the handgun I had in my map pouch on my drivers seat and lock it up before I could enter and p/u the container I was there to take to a base in BFE Nevada.

    • …So true…has just happened to twice in less than a month!

  • I don’t know anything about this kind of stuff. I was just wondering two things. Has any of this been challenged in the Supreme Court yet. Also, is there any counter technology that the underground people can use?

    • Nope, and nope again. At least not yet anything we sheeple can afford.

      • So you say Justice to the highest bidder? Are you a mind reader or are we all on the same page?

        • 1.You misinterpret what I say.
          2. Yes, I’m a graduate of the holiest of mind reading schools.
          3. We’re not even in the same book.

  • Wow, it would seem that there is nothing we can do, but try to stay under “the radar “. That’s no way to fight back, so I am always harping on my representative, thanks for the info. Wayne

    • Wayne, As ominous as all this totalitarian activity by the government is, there is still one thing that ‘We The People’ can do to turn it around if we want to.

      We can pound the living shit out of our legislative employees to start doing something about getting our privacy liberties back or ELSE! I think these last midterms proved to them that we mean what we say.

      History has proven that governments will always become more tyrannical as they grow unless their power is reduced. This is directly proportional to how much they can control the people and the money…or not.

      Our collective problem is that after all is said and done, there will be more Said, than actually done.

      Right now despite intensive below radar efforts by this administration to monitor and record every move we do especially on computers, travel (license plate location tracking)and using banks to monitor and influence our monetary privacy (banking deposit and withdrawal notifications to the G and subsequent denial of services to certain businesses like gun dealing) commercial purchases, and affiliate activities, they also are now obsessively interested in knowing specifically where every citizen in their data bases can be immediately located and found.

      We all know WHY they need to do this.

      Right now, the manpower and money it costs for the government implement this on a total widespread scale is unavailable. While everybody will eventually be a digital file and collated into specific target groups, it will be a while before it happens.

      Hopefully we can all get politically motivated enough to ‘Pull their Plugs’ before they can get much further. Right now there are political groups passing state laws to prevent the hijacking of our local police and turning them into para-military government gestapo. Start by supporting them and advocating for our Constitutional Rights.

      In the meanwhile, yes, it would be good opsec to maintain a lower over all profile. Buy what you need with cash. Gun shows are experiencing a resurgence and you can ‘stock up’ relatively anonymously still.

      If you don’t tell ANYBODY (not your husband, your priest, or even god) where you carefully buried and hid your ‘stuff away from your immediate vicinity, and nobody saw you hide it. You’ll be okay for quite a while yet. Make sure you don’t leave any prints or dna on it,

      The other thing, as some have pointed out here, is to be careful of other people. Look up the recent Blaze story–i think–of the disabled Arizona Navy Vet who had thousands of dollars worth of firearms confiscated by police without a warrant just because his neighbor made a formal complaint and lied that he was threatening him?

      And remember, if you have potentially bad neighbors or family you don’t have to stay around them. Move. And don’t leave a forwarding address.

      • Just did, but they are following me ‘Life of Bwain-style’,
        whenever&wherever I decide to go, if they don’t have me locked up,
        for bogus charges, they to conceal my info, they have all fake inmates
        in my cell, and from wards to director of the prison, make it extremely hard, if I tell what I know, I have to have backing, otherwise, they won’t even allow me to be an ‘executive-nomad’ , Homeless, is another word that would label me in my current situation!

  • It’s funny to see all of these “solutions” you can buy in Walmart. The 800 lb. gorilla is if things ever get that bad we’re talking about a state of siege not unlike the flashbacks Kyle Reese was telling Sara Conner in the first Terminator, combined with Red Dawn. We the people would have to get very creative to survive what would essentially be a revolution against our own govt. That would also mean fighting off one another, which is exactly what Obama and the NWO want. Forget about space blankies.

  • We need another amendment to the Bill of Rights. Certainly personal privacy in our homes and communications is a natural right, just like the right to self-defense.

    Some of these may be defeated by putting metal screen under your siding – turning your home into a kind of Faraday cage. But then, THAT by itself would be used as probable cause for considering you a criminal or terrorist. Already, in some states it’s illegal to ‘harden’ your home against police invasion. What is ‘harden’ in that context you may ask? Anything you might do to keep out burglars and home invaders would be ‘hardening’. Longer dead bolts? Felony. Longer hinge screws in your doors? Felony. Shatterproof glass in your storm door? Or security style storm doors? Felonies. It remains to be seen if everything would be considered together or as separate felonies.

    As for burying things – fill your yard with buried scrap metal. Might as well give them excuses to use those cute toys. If you’re worried about GPR, then use pipe and some wire to ‘look like’ a gun on the image, and bury that stuff deep – they may have rented a Bobcat just for your bust and you don’t want to disappoint them. But bury your guns in a state forest or federal land, railroad right of way, or other ‘pubic’ but lightly frequented location. And by all means, do NOT put the locations into your GPS device.

    We may not be able to kill the monster, but we can make it waste it’s time all the time. Send someone some HUGE files like the entire Bible, just to use up storage and make them take the time to check and be sure nothing was inserted to hide it in there.

    • The System is broke, why fix it? I say we create a new system and let their system collapse into the cesspool they are created for US. We just won’t tell them and let them find out about it the hard way.

    • Wont work. The ass-hats in DC do not respect the rule of IE: The US Constitution as it is.

    • Other suggestions for stealth camping…lol…?

  • Truly we are like the decimated Continental Army of the American Revolutionary War. If God doesn’t intervene for us we’re doomed. Perhaps if enough bad actors like ISIS/ISIL terrorists start wreaking havoc in this country it’ll distract our overlords long enough for us to be off their radars

  • pre collapse is the worry..if the gun snatchers can look thru steel , what concealment is there ?