Could Clinton Actually Go To Jail?

Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency has been plagued by a constant string of scandals. Yet somehow she still manages to stay in the primaries and even to stand out as the Democrat front-runner.

But I guess we shouldn’t be surprised; after all, her husband had so many scandals while he was in office, that he became known as the “Teflon President.” Of course, he’s not the only one to ever win that title, but he was one of them.

But now, Hillary has her own list. Some are shared with her husband, but there are many more which are hers alone, not having anything to do with his presidency. Starting with Benghazi and running through her e-mail scandal, it seems like there’s nothing that Hillary does, which doesn’t rate high on the scandal meter.

The sad thing is that her followers don’t seem to care. Now, I realize that there have been many cases of political groupies who didn’t care about the scandals of their favorite candidate.

But there’s a difference between a scandal based upon not liking a politician’s decision, one that’s based on made-up “evidence” and one that exists because the politician either broke or severely bent the law. The collection that Hilary is building seems to fall into that last category, rather than the first.

While the List Itself Is Extensive, Here Are a Just a Few Highlights:

  • Benghazi – It seems pretty clear that Hillary was complicit in the death of Ambassador Stevens and three others. She didn’t allow them to be rescued and she tried to cover up what really happened.
  • Private e-mail server – Her use of a private, unsecured server for official business, including for highly classified material.
  • Clinton foundation – The Clinton Foundation seems to have been used as a back-door to give bribes to Hillary, for favors while she was the Secretary of State
  • Speaking fees – While not illegal, does anyone really think that Hillary is worth $200,000 for a one hour speech? Sounds like another back-door to getting her favors.
  • Cover-up for Bill’s mistakes – Hillary was apparently the prime mover in threatening and coercing women who accused Bill of rape to not press charges. Quite a woman’s rights advocate there, isn’t she?
  • Selling uranium to Russia – Somehow or other, Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to sell a fifth of our nation’s uranium, a vital natural resource to Russia.
  • Stealing from the White House – While this happened at the end of Bill’s presidency, he was complicit in the crime. Between the two of them, they managed to take almost $200,000 worth of art and other goodies from the White House. They were forced to return it, but anyone else would have gone to jail.

There are many others that could be added to this list, but these are the biggies; and besides, that’s enough anyway. Any one of those should be enough to send her to jail, but up to now, nothing has happened.

Sadly, many of our nation’s top politicians seem to think that they are above the law. While I won’t say that either party has a corner on that market, the Democrats seem to be better at it than anyone else. Somehow, they have claimed the Jesuit argument of the end justifying the means for themselves, and use it as justification for any number of crimes.

That doesn’t just mean a good political result either. I guess if they did it to accomplish something good it would be one thing, but all too often, it’s about building their own wealth. Considering that Hillary was supposedly broke when she and Bill left the White House, doesn’t it seem at least a little suspicious that she’s supposedly worth $40 million today?

But, it seems like it all might finally be catching up with her. The FBI is working on concluding their months long investigation into her use of a private e-mail server while employed as the Secretary of State. That alone was illegal, but what is even worse is that she allowed her private server to be used for the transmission of highly sensitive, classified information.

This really isn’t something where she can claim ignorance and get away with a slap on the hand. As a top-tier executive in the administration, she would be made aware of the rules involving classified information and would have signed some rather frightening documents which listed the penalties to be paid if she broke those laws. So her actions were taken with her eyes open. There may have been stars in her eyes, blinding them, but they were definitely open.

One of the documents which has been uncovered all but told the terrorists how to kill Ambassador Stevens. That makes her directly involved in his murder, and carries the charge of conspiracy to commit murder.

The thing is, nobody knows who read her e-mail. Since it was on an unsecured server, there’s a very good chance that any number of enemies had access to it. Both China and Russia have invested enormous effort into building their cyber-warfare corps; developing the means to break into other countries computer systems, both for the purpose of spying on them and shutting them down.

But Clinton’s server wouldn’t even have required that level of expertise. Since it was an unsecured server, pretty much any hacker could find their way in. It wouldn’t have taken the resources of a nation-state. So, terrorist organizations and others who wish us ill will could have been given access to some of our country’s deepest secrets. U.S. citizens couldn’t know those things, but our enemies could, thanks to the Secretary of State.

What’s Really Behind all This?

The Bilderberg Group has endorsed Hillary for president, something that the liberal news media is studiously ignoring. These are the liberal movers and shakers in the world, the ones who are behind the movement for a one-world order. Could they have ordered her to make her e-mail accessible, in exchange for their support? We will probably never know.

So where are we now? The FBI has stated that they are about finished with their investigation and are going to push for an indictment of Hillary. The big question is whether or not that will mean anything.

The FBI works for the Department of Justice (DOJ), historically one of the most non-partisan branches of our government. But under Obama’s rule, first Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch have turned it into a political bludgeon to be used against anyone who doesn’t support Obama’s plan to fundamentally change the United States of America.

Rather than trying to capture criminals, the DOJ today is much more involved in trying to imprison white police officers when they are forced to shoot black criminals, attack Christian businesses when they don’t bow down to the LGBT agenda and harass the firearms industry to run them out of business. Now, their latest crusade is apparently going to be to go after climate change deniers and imprison them for the damage they are doing to the environment.

This is the same organization who has to decide to try Hillary Clinton. In testimony before Congress, the Attorney General has already dodged questions about whether she will seek an indictment and go forward to prosecute Hillary. That makes it seem like she doesn’t plan on doing so.

Of course, this is all being orchestrated in the White House. Whether Obama is doing it himself, or his lapdog Valerie Jarrett is doing it, it’s essentially the same thing. Ultimately, it may all be pulled out of the hands of the Department of Justice by Obama himself, simply by giving her executive amnesty. Actually, it’s kind of surprising that he hasn’t already offered her that.

But here’s the kicker. Rumblings are coming out of the FBI that the director, James Comey, as well as other senior FBI officials are preparing to go public with the case. That has never happened before in FBI history. The FBI is known for being sticklers for “the book” and one of the key things that the book says is not to talk about ongoing cases and investigations.

However, should Comey decide to resign over this case and the mishandling of it at DOJ level, it would send an earthquake through Washington. More than a warning shot across the bow, that’s one aimed right at the bridge. The political fallout of such a move could have grave consequences for many more people than just Hillary Clinton.

Something has to break. Clinton is as much of a liar as Obama and everyone knows it. While her followers are willing to overlook that, few others are. Hillary could never be guaranteed the support of Congress, except if the Democrats kept walking in lockstep out of political correctness.

But that’s already starting to break. Former Democrat presidential candidate, Jim Webb has said that there is no way that he will vote for Clinton. He’s even gone so far as to say that he’s looking seriously at Donald Trump and thinking about voting for him.

While Webb is only one vote, the fact that he was a presidential candidate until just a short while ago, means that his refusal to endorse Hillary and possible vote for Trump could easily serve as a wake-up call to the entire Democrat party.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Hillary Clinton is truly a miserable human being. Like the lyric in the song, she’d throw water on a drowning man if it served some nefarious purpose of hers. The list of her transgressions goes way back to her days in Arkansas where her husband, in name only, has the State Police pimping for him. She could not have been unaware yet she chose to play the victim at the cost of the peaceful enjoyment of their lives of countless women “subjects” of her husband. It does not speak well of an electorate that would even consider her for POTUS. She is at least as unworthy as any tin pot dictator that ever trod the surface of this planet. To put it mildly, she is a conniving **** who would richly deserve to spend the rest of her worthless life behind bars in a max security facility where she could not manipulate her environment to her personal advantage.

  • I would bet money and probably give odds Hillary will NEVER see one minute behind bars! I love your article on this lying crook. It mentioned a couple of things I didn’t know but there were more things mentioned that I did know and even with that she is walking free and like you said the front runner for president!! So with our shamefully corrupt government WHY would we even think she will so much as get a fine for what she as done? And although the president and the DOJ is to blame for not trying to clean up corruption in government WE are to blame for the majority of it! Yes ” We The People ” are to blame! We The People keep voting them in office! Sometimes we didn’t know until after they take office but when we do what do we do about it! NOTHING! Oh maybe a very few will take the time to write, call, or maybe fax our representatives but that’s about as far as it goes. If we get an answer it usually why they can’t do anything about it. What happened to marching on Washington DC until they do something about it? But no we can’t spare the time. After all we might not be able to see who gets voted off Dancing With The Stars! Instead we will go to the voting box if we even do that and vote for someone who we know are a crook or haven’t spent so much as a minute to find out about who we are voting for and then gripe how corrupt our government is. Or vote for someone we are being shown to be a crook. Like you said, all this being known about Hillary but she IS the frontrunner for president!!! Shame on US!!!!!!

  • When is the FBI going to pull the plug, indict Hillary and prosecute? If it were you or I we would already be in prison serving a long sentence.

  • There is ONE that is way greater than Hitlery, Obummer, or the Bilderbutts that will make all things right again and ANYONE who is lying, stealing, thieving, and murdering will find their selves in the lake of fire. Hallelujah!

    • I find this very hard to accept mainly because they keep mentioning how the FBI might be sending her to jail then how do you know what the FBI is doing? shouldn’t that information coming from them is considered as confidential? which means you’re making it up and its an attack on Hillary because she’s a Democrat that’s running for Presidency and will be winning. So now you put out this bogus statement that anybody in their right mind has to know that its an attack on her. Hillary will not be going to jail because its not true further more get ready because she will be our next President!

      • Sandra, you must be a young woman. Most of you have been brainwashed. God help us all if Hillary is somehow elected. Don’t you understand that she will continue what Obama has destroyed of our country? She is for One World Government. Don’t you understand that’s communism? God help us if that woman is elected. You will be at fault of what she does and stands for.

    • Pamela shouldn’t you at least learn how to spell her and President Obama name?

      • Pamela knows how to spell Hitlery’s name. DUH. Poor Sandra will pay big time as our country plunges further into despair should that criminal ever be elected…

      • Spelling was on purpose.

    • Dude, why wait? God has almost always worked through people with just the odd miracle here and there to smooth their way. The busier we get, the more likely we are to get the occasional miracle from time to time.

  • She will NEVER go to jail even if she murders someone.

  • It might inconvenience her to run he campaign from a cell, but if ANYONE could do it………..

  • This is a great informative article.. I wish it could be broadcast all over the USA!! I recommend you send it to [email protected]. Perhaps John will tell the people about some of the evil Hillary has did. I believe Benghazi is the worse she has did. There is suspicion in the death of the Supreme Court Judge that was killed and suspicion of the death of Foster………… She has threatened the women Bill had relationships with. She hired private investigators to hound them. I so wish they would come out of the closet. She is an evil woman.. She will destroy America if elected. God help us if this happens, but the Bilderbergs are so strong and they are wicked and hell bent on a One World Government and they will support her as they did Obama with people voting twice and even dead people name used to vote… That Acorn bunch did a lot of ugly things that were illegal but never investigated. This will not happen if the American people come together and demand “WE THE PEOPLE” again. We as a people have become weak and so dependent on the government it’s disgusting. This is what Hillary want also. Control is her agenda. How can we be awakened if someone strong and able doesn’t speak out? God help us.. Are our prayers bouncing off the clouds?
    Keep e-mails such as this going.. Thanks so much..

  • I posted the wrong address for “insight” the correct address is “[email protected]” it is a very informative 30 minute program on SBN TV..
    Again, we need more people like Bill White that has the guts to tell it like it is………. We do not want Hillary to be RULER of the USA and that’s what she would try to do if elected.

  • Have you ever heard of the term: “…. the fix is in…”? For the last 7 yrs. article after article have been written, that this or that will bring down the current administration. It’s all BS! American is on a greased slide into nothingness. This election will be made by voters who aren’t voting & others who attempt to hope on “who will screw us less”.

  • This is a chance for the Republican congress to demonstrate some negotiating chops … by offering to give the current SCOTUS nominee a hearing in exchange for an indictment of Hillary.

    Th more promising the trial looks, the better the chances that the nominee will be approved … nothing guaranteed, of course.

  • Read the article and and couldn’t agree more.

  • HILLARY should go to prison! Anyone who has worked in government and holds a Top Secret/SEC clearance knows the rules about safeguarding information. I for one was one of those people for more than 10 years. The consequences for disobeying the rules is a huge fine and prison. Hillary is NOT above the law altho everyone knows she thinks she is. God forbid she becomes president! She deserves PRISON SENTENCE.

  • She should being federal prison, or better hanging on a pole somewhere!!!!

  • The November Election will say a lot about you! Where you really stand on good and evil, right and wrong. How do both contender’s stand when run through the filter of being a true Patriot of America and the good of the People! Let’s start with Trump! Brash-Insensitive-Loudmouth-Love’s to get his own way but has a heart of Gold and want’s to see America Great again and is self Funded. Hillary! a threat to National Security and Lie’s without Conscience. Allowed 4 American Citizen’s to die mercilessly at Bengarzi and has Blood on her hands! Who do you think has America’s best interest’s at heart? If you choose Hillary! Remember this! You agree with Hillary to allow 4 Citizen’s to Die Mercilessly and there Blood is now on your hand’s to.

    • We must not forget that Hillary told the families that the film/movie was the reason those men at Benghazi were killed. Now she is saying these people are lying. That poor mother was on TV crying telling the world Hillary told her this and now she’s calling her a liar. This is terrible and these brainwashed people are voting for this evil woman. She’s a murderer. She could have prevented those men from being murder by those wicked monsters, but no, she left her office and went on her wicked way when they were crying HELP US.. She has blood on her hands. All of us need to see the movie.. It’s a true to life story..
      And her best friend is a Muslin… Wake up people!! There’s a demon in the barrel.. The FBI could and hopefully expose her and the courts ruling to put her away..

  • Appreciate all you do from photo voters cards (so anxiously waiting) to keeping up with Hillary. So thankful for you.

  • Zoltar, you are so right, We have to somehow keep the crooks from messing with the votes as they did with the Obama election. Anyone that would vote for someone that pushed in a law that promotes baby killing and gay rights will someday stand before a Mighty God……….. We must vote for the lessor evil..

  • I will never vote for a O Soma Ben Hillary! even if the other alternative is a bigmouth. At least I think he is releasing to us exactly what he feels and thinks!

  • Yup. I agree with you 100. But that doesn’t stop the fact that many won’t.

  • I thought CNN just reported the news and journalism! I was so shocked about them giving their opinions on how to vote and get around having Trump win the nomination. How Hillay Clinton has the nerve to stand there and talk about someone else’s bad deeds, when she doesn’t even know how to tell the truth!! I remember when the Clintons moved out of the White House and STOLE art works, furniture, and other items to the tune of over $200,000.00!!! Hillary has copied all of Bernie Sanders items like they were her own!! Can’t even stand to watch her on TV!!!h

  • Sadly, she willnot see prison. She holds too many black files on many state officials and has made it crystal clear if she goes down so will they. Roger Stone and others are tracking this.