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You can't see anybody standing right behind you, but they are there, following your traces through the virtual world. Then they easily scan your everything

Advances in technology tend to displace workers, as Artificial Intelligence is the biggest job displacer. We need to make sure that we are not

With all the CIA and Vault 7 news, try to be more careful about what you put over the Internet and other means of

Americans have traditionally valued privacy very highly. Follow these seven steps to protect your privacy when using the Internet.

Our Police State USA has now reached new devastating heights of radical intrusion, stepping into our privacy in the sanctity of our own church.

Basically the FBI is asking Apple to create what's known in the computer world a back door into their software.

The National I.D. Card law is in full implementation bias. And the reason they want to know where we live is to deprive us

These five devices can protect your privacy, but you can’t hide from. What would we have left if they succeeded in removing all our

If you have an old computer collecting dust, you can use the hard drive as a backup.
It's super easy and doesn’t

Drones will further erode the privacy of ordinary citizens: it will be hard to tell drones belonging to the good guys from those belonging

Independent of which side of these issues you find yourself, keeping a low profile is one of the best ways to avoid becoming a

One of the most tragic losses you can suffer is the loss of your data, photos, music, books and other data that you value

The real issue is being hidden in a pile of red tape and legal mumbo-jumbo, then misreported in sound bites and cute catch phrases

An alert of this type would play on people's fears, convincing them that there was important information that they weren't receiving

There is plenty of reason to be concerned about the NSA’s spying operations, but they aren’t the only one spying on us. There is