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Psychological Prep.

There’s a military axiom which says,“The best defense is a good offense.” I have my own version of this. It goes, “The best defense

New to prepping and wondering what does one have to do in order to truly be prepared? Here are the answers to your questions!

Even if you don’t have military training, here are the top survival skills and habits you should learn from those who do.

In a real survival situation there’s not much you can use for help. If I were to quiz you about what to have close

Those who have the widest variety of skills and learn or adapt new skills, will survive in a post-SHTF scenario. These are the top

Sunday, this happened in my town; tomorrow it could happen in yours. All we can do is be alert and be prepared.

It seems to me that we can take a valuable lesson from our ancestors and use the winter for a few good projects.

There might be no more gardening for us, but there’s still a lot to do around the house to make sure we’re safe and

Those of us who are conservatives, who believe in the Constitution, as written by the Founding Fathers, must take a stand. Christianity is under

Think twice if you wait for the end of the world to make use of your survival skills. You'll need them sooner than you

Living off the grid is a challenge, especially if you’re not set up with alternate sources of power. It’s a lifestyle that kids may

During hard winter, you may not have any modern conveniences so be sure to have a list of hobbies and a stockpile of supplies

With Christmas not far behind, we felt inspired to gather the best ideas we’ve stumbled upon, for welcoming the cold season and the winter

Prepping to survive crisis isn’t necessarily all about our personal survival. So WHY do we preppers do what we do?

Winter time only seems like a time of solitude and rest. In reality, there are a ton of things that you can do to