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Psychological Prep.

One thing I made a habit of doing is an after-action review of any major disasters. That means whatever is reported in the news,

You never know what may happen in the workplace and it’s a far better idea to be mentally and physically prepared for whatever your

The American family starts the day with the routines, and then family members split as they go their separate ways, to school, work, or

Everything we do as preppers can help us to retire comfortably. Things that we might consider doing for retirement will definitely help us to

You should definitely sleep at least 7 hours per night, as getting enough sleep is not about looking good the next day, but it

It’s clear to me that this video is nothing more than a humorous attempt to grab the nation’s attention. For that, I have to

Foreseeing disasters and preparing for them is what preppers do. So we should always be looking forward, seeing the next potential disaster and trying

Setting good habits, situational awareness and emergency response exercises into our daily routines allows you to train your survival skills while staying under the

Considering the latest events in North Korean crisis, we're about to fight. Are we fighting the same war, or we're going into another? Are

If you have no experience with camping, or hiking in the woods, spending the night in the wild is frightening and dangerous. Here's how

If you aren't prepared to deal with only one hand or one leg, your efforts go to waste. What if you get disabled while

We don't know what SHTF will bring, and hope we'll never find out, but keep prepping in between. Here are a few hints from

The human body is amazingly adaptable, able to survive in a wide range of conditions. Do you know what are your limits?

A survival mindset is the key to survive in any life or death situation, whether this is a natural disaster, or government gone wrong.

There’s a military axiom which says,“The best defense is a good offense.” I have my own version of this. It goes, “The best defense