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You’ve made the decision to raise hogs for survival. You’ve lined everything up. You’re ready to go. Except something is still missing, you need

Besides costing an arm and a leg, grocery store pork often contains questionable ingredients. Thankfully, there’s at least one solution.

I wanted to film this so that all of our readers here on Survivopedia can use this video tutorial to make their own pemmican.

You may enjoy feeding them by hand, but this projects will free up some time in case you’re too busy to throw scratch every

Is your livestock ready for spring? Once the weather gets warmer it's the perfect time to start cleaning their spaces and think of adding

Despite all the benefits, animals are a lot of work. You shouldn’t just go pick up a milk cow, a pig, or even a

Bees have natural ways to survive through the winter but since you’re keeping them in an unnatural habitat, you'll need to help them along

If you thought bugging in with children was complicated, you may be surprised by a whole new host of challenges when bugging in with

In a SHTF scenarios there are extremely critical elements that change the perspective and dynamics of dog ownership quite seriously.

Some are our companions, on others we rely for food and others we'd better avoid at all costs if we care for our lives

If you think that dog food is irrelevant in a survival situation, check this out: you can eat dog food if S really HTF.

Are you having problems with egg production? Do your hens seem to be rebelling against you? Well there may be a good reason for

Should you choose to raise horses and mules for survival, there are a few different breeds that will be good for different purposes.

We’ll also talk about the physical aspects of your kennel and what types of areas you’ll need in order to breed, birth and raise

Regardless of what kind of dog you want to breed, you need to choose your puppies carefully if you want them to perform the