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Farm Animals

Are you having problems with egg production? Do your hens seem to be rebelling against you? Well there may be a good reason for

Should you choose to raise horses and mules for survival, there are a few different breeds that will be good for different purposes.

We’ll also talk about the physical aspects of your kennel and what types of areas you’ll need in order to breed, birth and raise

Regardless of what kind of dog you want to breed, you need to choose your puppies carefully if you want them to perform the

The following represents the basic amount of animals which would provide the maximum amount of diverse value. Would you choose something else?

So now you have cows and maybe some goats. All you need to do is go out and ask them nicely to fill your

Do you know how to grow it yourself, store it properly, or transform it into multi-purpose items when need arises?

Here are a few things we've learned that might help you as you decide whether or not to get chickens for your backyard.

Since you’re going to be relying on your livestock, you must know how to protect your farm animals and chickens from extreme weather.

We found some great articles this week that will help you keep your homestead in top form and ready for the winter and for

Autumn means new chores in the garden, preparing for school, fighting colds and more so are you ready?

In addition to being extremely nutritious, eggs purportedly have more than 100 uses. We tend to think that’s a lowball estimate

Building a survival farm is not easy. Here are 14 tips you need to take into consideration and some ideas about what things may

Toxic plants can easily wipe out all animals on your survival farm, or make milk inedible. Keep away from your livestock these 50 harmful

When it comes to raising pigs, there's a joke that everything is used but the squeal. Find out why and how to do it