What You Need To Know About CBD And Coronavirus

CBD and medical cannabis are believed to treat any kind of disease nowadays.

Moreover, in these uncertain times, CBD is believed to treat even the disease caused by a coronavirus. We are sure that at this very moment, you would like to hear that CBD for coronavirus is a perfect and successful method.

Unfortunately, there aren’t claims about CBD for coronavirus. The latter is still an unknown and not curable virus. Currently, there are only hypotheses and many hopes, but no official treatments. However, it is true that Cannabidiols like CBD have some effects, but the way they work for virus diseases is still unclear.

Can CBD be considered an effective coronavirus treatment? First all, you must know, that on this matter, the virologists’ claims are fairly controversial. Indeed, scientists are currently unable to find not only trustworthy treatments for viral diseases like coronavirus but even a decent explanation to keep this invisible enemy far away from us.

It is obvious that in this confused and sad scenery, we are pushed to believe anything, even in false doctors who sell snake oils as a miracle cure for coronavirus. Obviously, treatments that don’t have medical approval are to be considered as scams.

All this causes misconceptions and misinformation about what could be really effective against coronavirus. But, at last, is CBD helpful for Coronavirus or No? To find a reliable answer, try reading our short guide, where we revealed everything you need to know about CBD for Coronavirus. Let’s start from the beginning.

What Is Coronavirus and How CBD Can Intervene?

Coronavirus is an unknown virus belonging to the large family of coronaviruses. These viruses can cause the common flu or severe and deadly diseases. One of these deadly diseases was triggered by the Sars Covid1, another coronavirus that affected the world in 2002. For the strong similitude with the previous disease, coronavirus is also known as CovidSars2, Covid-19, or new coronavirus disease.

Many COVID-19-affected people have had mild symptoms and recovered at home without treatment. Other patients, instead, have had more severe or deadly symptoms, such as pneumonia and breathing difficulties. Many of those who got hospitalized have died; others have survived thanks to random and trial treatments, which fortunately worked. And so: how can CBD intervene to relieve the most severe coronavirus symptoms?

We have to say that the deadly symptoms of coronavirus are triggered not by the virus, but by our immune system. It is the system, which, to defeat the virus, unleashes an immune reaction known as a cytokine storm. Cytokines are proteins that our immune system produces to attack viruses and neutralize infections. This natural process is always followed by inflammation.

Hence, inflammation is an immune reaction. If this reaction is overdone, it can become harmful and lethal. Patients who recovered from coronavirus have been, in fact, treated with anti-inflammatory medications. CBD also has anti-inflammatory effects, but it is still unknown if these work for coronavirus. CBD is an endocannabinoid extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant.

It is also an immunomodulator and immunosuppressant. When CBD works as an immunomodulator, it strengthens our immune system; when it works as an immunosuppressant, it weakens our immune system. In short, CBD can, concurrently, strengthen, and weaken our immune system. That is why medical cannabis has been simultaneously tested on patients affected by:

  • Autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis;
  • Cancer;
  • HIV.

In autoimmune diseases, CBD seems to slow the immune reaction, which, mistakenly, attacks and destroys nerves and tissues.

In HIV and some types of cancer, instead, CBD seems to strengthen the immune system and boost white blood cells that kill viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells.

Unfortunately, this natural and unconventional medication has not been tested for coronavirus, yet. Why? The reply is simple: because it is not clear if, in the CBD for coronavirus, the medication will strengthen or weaken the immune system.

Many anti-inflammatory drugs have turned out to be pointless for coronavirus because they increased the inflammation triggered by the disease instead of soothing it. What if all this also happens with CBD for coronavirus? The risk is too high to be taken!

The advice we feel to give is to use CBD only to keep under control the anxiety and fear caused by the pandemic.

Regarding this aspect, there are many CBD products that can be very helpful in relieving anxiety from coronavirus. For a comprehensive overview of the usage of these products, you can visit the website of CBD Centrals. Anyway, one of these products is CBD oil. What is it good for? Follow the paragraph below to discover it!

What Is CBD Oil Good for?

CBD oil revealed to be good for anxiety, depression, and pain because it works on brain receptors. This compound is, in fact psychoactive, but it is not addictive. CBD oil also improves sleep, heart health, controls seizures in epilepsy, and reduces inflammations in the irritable syndrome bowel. These are only some CBD healthy benefits.

Furthermore, medical research has proven that CBD can be effective in treating acne.

Other studies, instead, aim to prove that CBD oil can relieve chronic pain, muscle aches, and arthritis. But does CBD oil work for coronavirus? Unfortunately, there is not a satisfying reply to this legit question. Many studies are currently in the trial stage and will take further years to provide a reliable answer.

CBD is not a miracle cure for coronavirus, and this is worth also for other forms of this molecule, such as the CBD oil and the CBD powder. At the moment, there aren’t credible studies about this matter.

Thankfully, CBD oil is available in several types of products. If you want to learn how to use them and how to strengthen the immune system, keep reading.

How to Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil can be used as a dietary supplement or medication. The way you can use CBD oil depends on the country where you live. That is always one of the Cannabis compounds, and to use the proper dosage, you should ask your doctor.

In some cases, you could need a medical prescription to use this product. If you suffer from epilepsy, for instance, CBD is used as a seizure medication. As a dietary supplement, CBD has a form of an oily mixture.

The oil can be used to flavor your favorite dishes.

Ongoing and early studies are also trying to discover if CBD oil can be used in health care to treat other severe diseases, such as:

  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis.

How to Take CBD Oil?

You can take CBD oil as a topical product to apply on your skin or as an oral medication, such as drops. You can even smoke it through an electronic cigarette.

There aren’t fair studies about this product, and obviously, there is not even a recommended dosage. The latter must be suggested by your doctor upon your medical conditions and other parameters, such as age, gender, height, and weight.

Of course, CBD oil must always be taken according to a certain dosage to work. The dosage always depends on the disorder you want to treat. It is better to start with a minimum quantity, such as 20 mg per day. To relieve severe pain, you can take 40 mg of CBD oil per day. Always keep track of the dosage and improvement of your symptoms during the treatment.

In short: CBD oil does not treat coronavirus, but day by day, you’ll observe a clear improvement of your anxiety and depression. A good mood is a good way to strengthen our immune system. What strength does CBD oil have for your organism and immune system? How long does it take to work? The ultimate answer is in the paragraph below!

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work?

The time CBD oil takes to work depends on the way you take it. If you intake it as a medication, you’ll adsorb only the 20, 30% of the edible and active compound, and it takes effect after two hours. When taken as a dietary supplement, the time can be longer because the active compound will have to be processed in our stomach first.

Also, the topical CBD oil can take time before being absorbed by the skin. If you smoke CBD oil through a vaporizer, you’ll inhale a high dosage of the compound, and it will take effect in less than 15 minutes.


The things we just discussed are not medical information. We only discussed the possible benefits of CBD for coronavirus. As you can see, the benefits are mainly psychological, but the truth will take much time before being discovered.

CBD is one of the active compounds of a plant, it can work for common disorders, but, for the rest, we must wait for the commitment of science and medicine. We count on your commitment, as well. Have you found the answers you looked for? Let us know!

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Rae H. is an established freelance medical writer with an eye for recent medical discoveries. Her articles about studies on coronavirus and cannabidiols have been published and translated for science and health magazines worldwide. When she does not write, she spends her time reading science books and walking amid the wood.

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