The pandemic is far from over, and here’s what you need to know

In the US, just like in the rest of the world, the pandemic seems to be far from over. Many issues are currently slowing down the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

A new wave can occur anytime, as long as there is community transmission because the virus mutates all the time and can change its transmission, contagion, and pathogenic properties. Some voices say that a new wave has already begun, and it will get much worse before it will all be over.

Following the numbers

According to the CDC, our country is seeing a rise in Infections, hospitalization, and deaths once again. This month, 35% of US counties are dealing with a high level of community transmission. In addition, the number of COVID19 cases is on the rise in 90% of US jurisdictions whit daily outbreaks in parts where there is a low vaccination coverage.

These are disturbing news since the Delta variant (B.1.617.2) is the main culprit here, and it was already established that its rapid spread and highly transmissible nature make up for 83.2% of the recent US cases.

Last week, the CDC stated that “the current 7-day moving average of daily new cases (40,246) increased 46.7% compared with the previous 7-day moving average (27,443).” – Source.

At this moment, things seem to have “returned to normal,” and some people believe that an increase in COVID-19 cases shouldn’t be of concern since we had a much worse situation last year, and now, we have various vaccines that can help us fight the disease.

This may be only partially true, and we need to look at the bigger picture to understand what’s happening. An increase in new cases will put more strain on healthcare resources, and hospitalizations will increase, leading to more deaths. At the same time, with every new case, the virus will have more opportunities to mutate, leading to the emergence of new variants.

Why is the number of COVID19 cases on the rise?

Many factors led to the current increase of COVID19 cases. Once the restrictions were lifted in many states, people have begun to relax. They seem to have forgotten all about the pandemic that crippled our country and the entire world.

We returned to our old selves, and we don’t want to hear any more about social distancing, wearing a mask, or getting vaccinated. Even the common-sense personal hygiene seems to have lost its purpose to some folks now that we are all “free.”

People refuse to wear a mask regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not, and they no longer want to follow the rules. You’ve probably seen videos online about people being denied service by certain businesses for not wearing a mask or people being escorted off planes for the same reason. Some folks can no longer comply with the rules set by certain institutions, and they would rather lose their privileges than wearing a mask one more time.

Lack of access to the vaccine, real or perceived, is another factor that leads to the increase in COVID-19 cases. Some folks still don’t have access to the vaccine even though the access has been dramatically expanded in recent months, and the federal government is delivering more doses than before. Other folks are in the wait-and-see phase, and they are waiting to see how the situation develops in their region, or they believe that the vaccine isn’t free and assume they can’t afford it.

The vaccine side effects are a significant concern, even if some of these side effects are not real or proven. The internet is full of contradictory information about the vaccine itself and its long-term health risks or unproven claims like infertility.

Also, it seems that there is an increase of cases in the young population, and all those that missed human interaction and socializing with their peers are now taking advantage of every opportunity they’ve got to make themselves seen, heard, and touched. As a result, more and more young, healthy people are now admitted to hospitals with severe Covid infections.

The levels of anxiety and frustration have reached an all-time high, and people can no longer cope with the stress caused by the pandemic. Feelings of fear, anger, sadness, frustration that has been bubbling for the past one and a half years are now starting to burst. In addition, the lack of trust in institutions makes people hesitant. After all, you can’t trust a health system that is a letdown for many of the government agencies that provided support or helped companies develop the vaccine when they could have prevented the disease from spreading so rapidly in the first place.

How about those vaccines?

Once the vaccines were developed, people regained hope, and some couldn’t wait to get vaccinated to return to their everyday lives. For a while, it seemed that we had the means to make all of this go away. Unfortunately, even though it was proved countless times that the vaccines do work, it seems that we are still not on the right track with getting people on board.

People don’t want to get vaccinated, and there’s a whole debate regarding the topic of vaccinations. Some fear that the vaccines may contain harmful substances, while others do not believe in the existence of the disease; therefore, there isn’t the need to get vaccinated.

Others refuse to get immunized due to religious beliefs, and some do not want to become “lab rats.” It seems that the country is divided, and the vaccine may not be enough to end the pandemic and bring us together.

As of now, 56.4% of the US population has received at least one dose, and it is estimated that around 49% of the entire population is fully vaccinated. However, the number of vaccinations is barely increasing from one week to another, and the vaccination effort is going slower than expected.

The CDC states that if you are only partially vaccinated, you are more likely to get infected. You will eventually get sick, and you will also spread the virus to other people. Those that are fully vaccinated are protected against severe illness, hospitalization, and death.

As we specified before, the more the virus spread, the bigger the chances of new mutations to emerge, and in my opinion, this will lead to the need to administer an additional vaccine dose. With the current vaccinations campaign and effort going on worldwide, it seems that the virus is here to stay. More than 70% of the US population could be vaccinated, and we could still “import” new virus variants from other countries. We will have a never-ending fighting cycle, and there’s no telling if we can beat this thing or not.

And to add insult to injury, the vaccination effort is considerably slowed by various conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccine itself. It is estimated that half the people who refuse to get vaccinated believe at least one conspiracy theory regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines had a bad rep in general, but it seems that these vaccines are getting the crown regarding conspiracy theories. It also doesn’t help that social media is spreading misinformation and ideas about the vaccine.

What you should do

To protect yourself and your loved ones, you first need to understand that you are the sole responsible for your actions. You need to do your research and discuss with medical professionals before taking one decision or another.

Our goal at Survivopedia is not to convince anyone that they need to get vaccinated because that is a personal decision. Only you can decide what’s best for you and yours. However, we encourage people to get informed and prepare as best they can for the uncertainties the future may bring. That being said, here are a few suggestions to remain prepared for the ongoing pandemic.

Get informed from verified sources

The reasons that prevent many folks from getting the vaccine vary from one person to another and sometimes may be seen as ridiculous by those around them. People fail to understand that fear is a powerful feeling, and it can affect our lives in ways we cannot imagine.

Rather than condemning someone for being fearful of the vaccine, try to support them and provide the correct information. As long as you can reason with them, you can have a constructive discussion, and hopefully, they will have all their questions answered. We can’t assume what others are thinking or feeling, and it’s best to try to understand and support them.

Also, understand that you can’t get vaccinated once you get infected, and you need to wait at least 60 days before getting the vaccine. People falsely believe that if they get the diseases and get admitted to the hospital, they will take the shot if things take a turn for the worse, and they will be alright. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that, and you need to understand how the vaccine works and what your options are before you end up in the ICU.

Protect yourself

With the relaxation measures being adopted by more and more states, people seem to have forgotten that just washing your hands should be common sense and not an imposed measure to protect yourself against viral infections.

If there is low vaccination coverage in your area, it would be an intelligent decision to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. If you have people that have preexisting health issues in your family or social circles and are not vaccinated, try to limit their exposure to crowded areas and advise them to wear a mask. You can even make your mask as we showed you in this article, so you can wear something you made yourself, something dependable.

All the protection measures you adopted when the pandemic was in full effect should be maintained if you feel the need to do so. However, even if you are vaccinated, you should understand there is no 100% guaranteed protection against the virus. If you catch it, you may not develop a severe illness, but there’s still a chance to spread the virus to the more vulnerable people around you. For example, this month, it seems that people ages 65 and older are the age group with the highest hospitalization rate.

I used hand sanitizer long before the pandemic started, and I always have some with me wherever I go. If you make a habit of using it, I guarantee that you will get peace of mind regardless if you fear the Covid infection or any other viral infection. In addition, using it is a good practice for your hygiene.

Don’t become part of the problem

People love to feed on conflict, and the media thrives on it since it’s something “out of the ordinary” that lures people to it. You’ve seen online or TV news how people are rising against the system and fighting the imposed rules meant to prevent the spread of the pandemic. However, ask yourself this, is it worth making a scandal for something temporary?

If you need to board a plane, why refuse to wear a mask until you reach your destination?

Is it worth risking to be banned by the airline to prove your point?

You may get some satisfaction if you refuse to comply and perhaps, some internet fame, but you have to calculate the risks and weigh the gains. The pandemic will end at some point, and you will still be banned from flying with a particular airline company. Try to calm down and look at the end goal, reaching your destination. Do not provide the media with more material to sell their programs.

The same goes for those shoppers who refuse to wear a mask when entering a specific location. Why fight with the employees (which are probably not paid enough to deal with such issues) or make a scandal because you don’t like the store’s policy? Why risk getting arrested and getting a record? Take your business elsewhere, and don’t complicate things more than they already are.

Stop spreading false information

Some folks unwillingly (or freely) spread misinformation they found on social media because it serves their agenda or just because they believe they are doing the right thing, trying to help people.

Before you spread any information you find online, it’s better to verify its sources and make sure what you read is true. If you click and share without researching the topic, you risk doing more harm than good. And this may not seem like much to you until it hits close to home. Protests and social upheaval have started after the spread of misinformation. In one way or another, those who helped spread the fabricated information eventually affected those events.

Remember that the media profits once the masses consume their products, and they do not care if the information they provide is accurate. Instead, they pass the responsibility and blame to the reader and only care about generating revenue. And since the outrageous, uncommon, and conflicting content is the most profitable, you can see how you can quickly become a pawn in their game.

Always research what you read, and don’t blindly trust anyone.


The pandemic is far from over, and the main reason for this remains human nature. We may have the means to bring it to an end, but the lack of trust in government agencies and institutions sometimes prevents us from making the right call. Also, the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories with the sole purpose of generating revenue has dramatically slowed the immunization process in our country.

The recent increase in infections and hospitalization is a clear sign that there’s still a long way to go until we return to our usual way of living, and we should all be responsible when it comes to our safety and the wellbeing of our peers.

Written by

Bob Rodgers is an experienced prepper and he strives to teach people about emergency preparedness. He quit the corporate world and the rat race 6 years ago and now he dedicates all his time and effort to provide a self-sufficient life for his family. He loves the great outdoors and never misses a chance to go camping. For more preparedness related articles, you can visit him at Prepper’s Will

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  • Aliens crossing the border taken by busses all over to the red states. To SEED and infect the population by Obama.

    They get no health checks. They bring all kinds of diseases to our country.

    • You realize that only people with American passports get into the states easily and legally..
      Obama hasn’t been president for over 4 years. Why even bring his name up?
      Let’s get back to common sense and decency and do what we have to do to keep each other safe.
      Let’s be Americans who care and look out for each other?
      Remember when our country wasn’t so divided?
      It serves no one and hurts all of us.
      The level of anger and misplaced hurt and fear makes everything 10x worse.
      I want my fellow countrymen to remember we are brothers.
      I wouldn’t be here if my grandparents hadn’t come from Poland. “America, the great melting pot”.
      It does take tolerance and patience. Something we are all in short supply of.
      .” In the end…only kindness matters.”

  • The ‘scamdemic’ will be over only ‘after’ they’ve infected the entire population with ‘the jab’…or the people, finally, just rise up and say, “Enough”.

    • That’s right!❣️

  • THANK YOU. FINALLY some common sense in this community!!!

  • The most scary words ever spoken are these : We are from the government and we are here to help”. Trust in government has been eroded to the point of virtually non existence. We all know from experience that once trust is broken it rarely if ever is restored. What now?

  • There’s at least two things I can think of that you left out: (1) Numbers of infected being inflated for one reason or another, whether intentional or not, and (2) Infected illegals flooding in. And even IF some of them are tested, found positive, and turned back, there’s no guarantee of at least some false negatives getting in.

    I figured that Survivopedia would be a bit more thorough than that, and would take such possibilities and facts into account. No, it seems like you’re laying the blame only on US citizens rather than illegals and the government.

    • I agree, it’s time to say enough to this blame america first dribble. It’s a sorry state of affairs when we are blamed for wanting to have all the facts before we get the “Jab” because the goverment says so. This “vaccine” has had way to many deaths due to its use, to ever be fully approved as is. Now we the people are being told it will have FULL approval soon? Yes death’s from the vaccine are recorded by a goverment run data collection department.

      Without freedom of speech (Big tech & Big Goverement censorship) to at least have a difference of opinion about something, are we still free? WAKE UP PEOPLE! While this article does express an opinion (however mis-informed) it does not address the inflated death tolls, the hyped up rate of hospitalization, the mismanagement of the situation in general.

      Yes the Delta variant is real.. But is it as dangerous as the govermrnt and the corporate media would have you believe please do your own research it is you life that will be in the balance.

      It is the nature of a virus to mutate, (guess they don’t teach this in ninth grade biology anymore!) The job of a virus is to spread, not to kill its host, if it kills its host to quickly the virus dies also.

      Fact is pretty plain that after 1 + year of lockdowns, restrictions, loss of freedoms for the sake of more goverment power, the covid bug is still here! So now that we know that non of that worked as well as some would have you believe, it looks like we are going to do it all AGAIN! ( THE VERY DEFINITION OF INSANATY.)

      So as for me and my family, I say I will not comply in the destruction of my own liberty by a tyrannical, politically agenda driven bunch of policital hacks that do not represent the people of this great nation!

      GOD Bless

    • I agree ❣️

  • Thank you for a very well written article on the current state of Covid. As an immunosuppressed 65+, I appreciate anyone who wears a mask and washes their hands. I will welcome the third booster shot when it’s allowed, the reason being is that I like being alive and healthy, so I’ve been mostly quarantined since January 2020, having seen the virus coming early.

    What many people don’t understand is that there are many issues that affect Covid patients who survive, and that’s what scares me most personally, because if you’re dead, you’re out of the game and your health doesn’t matter to you. “But many people whose initial brush with COVID-19 appeared to be mild have found themselves suffering lingering effects, including heart issues, lung issues, joint pain, dizziness, hearing loss, and memory problems that can mimic or lead to Alzheimer’s. COVID-19 has also led directly to thousands of instances of amputations. COVID-19 patients have found themselves needing kidney, lung, double-lung, or heart-lung transplants.” Another seldom heard about effect is erectile dysfunction and in some cases requiring penile implants. If you don’t believe this, Google it.

  • I have been getting survivopedia news for a long time now.
    I appreciate the valuable information and tips.
    I came in to actually unsubscribe because I figured this article would be more rhetoric or conspiracy theories and I have seen enough.
    I am happy to find this article was much more balanced and the website full of more great information.
    I applaud you, Survivopedia. You are striving for truth, I appreciate that.
    All preppers are not trumpers nor republican but we are ALL Americans and neighbors.
    I want everyone,, EVERYONE to survive, not just one political party.

    Thanks for all that you, Survivopedia, do for all of us.

    Good information throughout the website and as unbiased as I’ve found on most prepper sites.

    Bless you all. Stay safe.

  • The globalists want everyone vaccinated because they can’t have a group of unvaccinated people being a “control group” that will prove what they are pushing is false!

  • All US vaccines have been tested, developed, and/or manufactured using fetal (unborn) tissue cells from aborted (murdered) embryos (babies. Period. End of story.

  • Sorry, should have specified COViD vaccines

  • PS I have been a practicing registered pharmacist for 50 years and a member of Pharmacists for Life.

    • One last thing, the reason why doctors don’t write antibiotic prescription scans readily as they do is because the more an antibiotic is prescribed the better chance for the EMERGENCE of RESISTANCE. Think about red ants and black ants. You may have 50% red ants and 50% black ants. If your bug spray only works on black ants, soon you will have 100% red ants. The same with this “vaccine”. If you kill off the original virus, soon you will only have the Delta variant. So it’s actually the vaccinated people driving the Delta mutation not the unvaccinated ones.

      • How true

  • “…and they no longer want to follow the rules.”
    You mean that people don’t want to follow the edicts of power hungry, power tripping political parrasites that quite honestly don’t really are about Covid at all.
    I say that because the worst of the lot all put CV19 positive people in nursing homes, and get the exact outcome they desired. A massive increase in the death count.

    And to be honest…i’m a bit concerned that Survivopedia is backing all these “necessary rules” that have a tenuous tie to any positive effect concerning disease spread.

  • Who wrote this trash article, Karl Marx?

    Why don’t you just tell everyone to “give up your Freedom to follow the rules”?

    My Mother, her best friend and 360 other unsuspecting Americans were Murdered by vaccine, and nobody gave a damn about them! So why should I give a damn about anyone else??? It’s everyone for themselves. Survival of the Fittest.

    Anyone gets anywhere near me, or my family, with that deadly vaccine and they’ll find themselves on the wrong side of the dirt!

  • “First, do no harm.”

  • The sooner the unmasked and unvaccinated get sick or die, the sooner this viral situation will end. We need to stop paying attention to them and stop trying to convince or force them to mask and vax. If they want to poke the bear instead of climb the tree, get out of their way. It’s for the best. Secondly, if someone is getting their medical information from Fox, CNN, social media, or an antivax blog, they’ve managed to prove Ron White to be correct.

    • I completely agree. It’s called freedom.
      Personal choice, and experiencing the rewards or consequences for those choices is the best course in far more cases than not.

      It’s good to read from somebody who recognizes this concept!

      • That’s right. If someone wants to go under the bypass and scream at traffic, just laugh at them and move on. No need to care.

    • Ok, so you can’t fix stupid. Right, but we might need some honest research and recommendations ❣️ I can’t figure out if anyone knows.

    • Well said.

    • stupidest comment so far.

      • Not necessarily. He’s not saying he’s interested in initiating unjust force, or curtailing the rights of the unvaccinated. For somebody who has quite a bit of disdain for those who chose to not take the Vax, that is an extremely enlightened position.

        • Be careful of the information we believe and do your own research? Oh, that makes it SO EASY! The list of people to NOT trust starts with 1) Big Pharma (the legalized form of drug cartels), 2) Bought off government agencies and politicians by the drug cartels, 3) Bought off legal system by the drug cartels. 1) Big Pharma (the legalized form of Drug Cartels) and the entire medical world have lied to the citizenry, repeatedly, since they’ve existed, have deliberately hidden proven research and all non-patentable forms of cure so that they can make patentable dope to be dealt to the citizenry for huge profits, very carefully crafted to cure nothing, only alleviate symptoms. Their greed has led them to buy others off to make medical murder acceptable. And we haven’t even gotten to the topic of COVID-19 yet. The falsified testing results, people who never were tested getting letters from some lying medical institution reporting they tested positive for COVID, or the false positives, the questionable sliding scale the testers can supposedly use to show positives that aren’t there or to show negatives when the virus is present, are all huge reasons for me to not trust the medical world. The doctors who have openly admitted, if there isn’t something OBVIOUS for why a person died it is automatically deemed to be a COVID death, whether it is or not. Neither the positive numbers or the death numbers is anywhere near accurate. The medical world owns up to all of this and honest doctors who are blowing the whistle are being threatened. The trust in the drug cartels and medical world should be GONE for everyone. They have been a very abusive BUSINESS for YEARS! 2) The age old saying about politicians is still true, “The way to tell if a politician is lying is to see if their mouth is moving. If it is, they’re lying.” Gov’t hasn’t been honest since shortly after it started. They operate from greed as well, giving their loyalty to the highest bidder. The drug cartels have huge enough profits they have been able to buy off the gov’t to their side right along with the corrupt legal beagles. 3) DA’s and assistant DA’s threaten people who talk about natural substances that don’t arm anyone that kill viruses, bad bacteria, fungi and yeasts in the human body, animals, etc., and threaten people with prosecution, even though the CDC can’t offer one single medical study or provide any evidence at all to prove what the drug cartels have paid the illegal legal beagles to threaten the citizenry against talking about. So that makes the top three portions of this country 100% untrustworthy in relation to COVID-19. Why would we believe any of the three? I sure don’t. I’d NEVER trust my health to people who openly and routinely LIE.

  • I’ve had covid .had a dry cough for 2 days. but I will take the vac as soon as i can get the same one Clinton.Soros. Gates & the rest of the eliet left got before they had China turn it lose,

  • I follow the facts presented via human microbiological pathology professional scientists (that always cite source references that I look up to get a confirmation of what I am reading) and I do this as a novice in health related matters (I have no professional medical nor health training). The devil is in the details. Bob Rodgers defines the shots as a vaccination, when even the CDC has said in print that it is an experimental gene therapy (meaning that it directly effects human genes) and that is authorized only for emergency use; and IS NOT APPROVED BY FDA (except under an emergency order). The USA-made Covid Jabs are not the “old fashioned” “dead or incompacitated bacterials or viruses used in the past. If you have been vaxxed, the next time you visit your doctor have him or her test you for the presence of HIV antibodies, since an HIV factor was put into USA’s most popular gene-therapy vaccines to enhance the activity of the spike protein that is the real culprit/viral problem in the first place. By the way, ALL EARLIER gene therapy “vaccines” were dismal failures–they were not worth taking and removed from the market place. The creator of the most often named USA vaccine has gone public (in writing and interviews) citing that he STRONGLY ADVOCATED that the Pharmaceutical Companies who made the “vaccines” perform animal studies before permitting human injections. His advice was ignored, and he is worried about short and long term outcomes of being Covid-vaxxed. The spike protein in USA’s shots “is the enhanced virus”. It has been reported (but I have not yet seen the original source, so I don’t know whether the report is true or not)–that 50,000,000 viral particles were put into the USA made Jabs. Were 50-million needed (?), when as it was explained on TV, that human antibodies would go to the shoulder and learn how to fight the virus. What happened instead was that within 20 minutes of receiving the “SHOT”, viral material from the shot was all over the body that may (in my novice opinion) be one of the reasons why different people are reporting different urgent problems, excepting those who died suddenly.
    Further, people are mammals, so are bats and animals. Since the “USA gene therapy” was made from a bat virus, grown in monkey kidney cells, enhanced with HIV components (of some sort) those cells had “their own peculiar mammal viruses inside their cells from which people’s vaccines were made and shot into arms; and there is great concern stated in writing by microbiological pathologists that jabs (in general) may be “dirty” and filled with what are called retroviruses that could create unexpected problems anytime-over-time. Most approved vaccines are tested first on animals–and if most, or all, start dying rapidly, the vaccine is not approved and removed from the “tests”. Well, plenty of animals have died from the gene-therapy vaccines, and the USA vaccines are still not approved (but authorized for delivery-use under the emergency order). It used to be that people could “read between the lines” about serious concerns that suggest exercising caution. But caution has been thrown out the window with all the threats, bans, and politics going on, and outright uninformed erroneous lies on some people’s lips; but beyond that, YES-opinions may still vary. I know there are MDs on TV who believe everything will turn out fine, and they cite CDC as their source of information. But I am reading great concerns expressed in print by the creator of USA’s most-taken vaccine and by health-medical researchers; and they do not quote CDC, and rarely quote the international WHO. They quote scientific studies that expressed results or concerns with the individualized tests that they ran.
    The Covid-jab spike protein works like a robot. It is not living in the sense that it cannot make a baby of itself (it can’t replicate on its own); but in true viral robotic fashion it enters cells, changes a healthy cell’s RNA and or DNA so that the cell makes a duplicate of the virus that intruded it that then goes out and infects another healthy cell. If such a practice makes sense to anybody—to intentionally get the virus, so that your body can attack it with the strength of its immune system army—well, I don’t know what to say. Maybe we should do real wars that way and first invite a foreign country to invade the USA and put our soldiers to the test, and then hopefully “prevail over the enemy we invited into our personal lives”! Israel in the last week put into newsprint that their use of USA’s most prevalent vaccine has been for them a dismal failure.

    • Thank you. Finally someone has responded with the Provable truth. Don’t hake his word ofrit, use your own brain and do the research. The information is out there. not just someone spouting on Facdbook, but the real scientifiec papers.

  • These comments all sound like Diaper Donny Trump family member comments.
    The entire article is well written and thought provoking to the great unwashed/unvaxed but that is to much for there simple inbred tiny minds .

    • Except Trump brags about operation warp speed, and encourages everyone to get vaccinated..
      Once you can see past the left vs right thing, your eyes will be opened.

    • Diaper Donny? I think Bidung is the one wearing Depends.

  • the only “pandemic” in history with a 98% survival rate.

    • Amen!

  • 74% of fully vaccinated people have still come down with the virus. Don’t know about you but if 74% of new Ford vehicles didn’t run I probably wouldn’t buy one.

    • LOVE the analogy! From the propaganda the gov’t and medical world spread in the state where I spent the pandemic time, “The vaccines are 95% effective” (now known to be a lie, but they still try propping up the lie with more lies), “Those who get the vaccine never have to worry about getting the virus,” (now also known to be a lie), “Vaccinated people can still be contagious and spread the virus to others, but if you’re vaccinated you don’t have to wear a mask or quarantine if you do become contagious,” (pretty selfish and ineffective way of trying to “stop the spread” don’t you think? I do.) And some of the more recent propaganda, “Unvaccinated people must wear masks in public places. Vaccinated people are encouraged, but not mandated, to wear masks in public places since they can still be carriers and contagious to other people.” (Again, no attempt to stop the spread from people who are contagious, and still in there pitching for vaccination when these nutty shots are not even a vaccine. Still lying about the shots being vaccines throughout the current length of the propaganda.) I’m with you Mr. Burke, I wouldn’t be buying anything either if it didn’t work any better than the reality has proven to be for COVID in spite of all the propaganda.

  • Sounds like Survivopedia has had a BIG swig of “the koolaid”.

    Question: why has the regular flu not ended?? Answer: For the same reason the ChiCom virus hasn’t ended—it’s here to stay.

  • “While others do not believe in the existence of the disease…”
    Please don’t say that; I don’t believe that’s true. We all know that Covid exists. The question is: do you believe the vaccine gives better protection than your own natural immune system or do you believe the vaccine can cause greater harm?
    And people should not call us “vaccine hesitant” as a group. There’s no hesitation for me – my answer is a flat NO.