The Socialist States Of America?

Someone recently posted a meme on Facebook, claiming that the United States was already socialist in many ways. The meme quoted a number of benefits that we as Americans enjoy, claiming that they are ours because of socialism.

Amongst them, it talks about the 40 hour work week and weekends off, both inventions of Henry Ford, who was probably one of the nation’s ultimate capitalists.

Oh well, if socialists… I mean Democrats, can get their followers to believe that Lincoln was a Democrat and that Democrats and Republicans “switched sides” about racism, I guess they can get their followers to believe just about anything.

But the scary part of this is that most of our youth, those we call the millennials, think that many of the benefits of our modern, capitalistic society, have been given to us by socialism. They have been taught that corporations are all about greed, and therefore bad; and that anything good that we have is because the government has forced those horrible corporations to give things up.

Our youth are being taught a warped view of the world in college. Specifically, this warped view praises the benefits of socialism and condemns capitalism. Within the ivory halls of academia, where reality doesn’t enter and things are dealt with on a purely theoretical basis, socialism is seen as the cure to the nation’s and perhaps even the world’s ills.

On a purely theoretical basis, socialism actually looks quite good. Everyone works equally and everyone receives equally. There’s just one problem… it requires perfect people. Everyone has to be working for the “common good” without any thought of themselves. I don’t know any people who are that good.

In reality, socialism has been a total failure, everyplace it has been tried. That’s because there is no motivation built into socialism for people to excel. It doesn’t matter if you do an excellent job or if you don’t even meet the minimum standards, you receive the same reward. Without any differentiation, there’s no reason for those who can do better to do so.

Of course, if you talk to proponents of socialism, they’ll berate you for not being purely altruistic in your outlook. They’ll talk about how socialism hasn’t worked, because it has been tried in the wrong places. Then, as quickly as they can, they’ll segue into a tirade on the evils of capitalism.

So, Why Do Millennials Fall for Socialism?

Is it just what they’ve been taught in college, or is there something more? While a fair portion of the blame can be laid at the feet of their professors, the truth is that both the education system and capitalism have failed them. They see no hope in the current situation, so are looking for something better. Without the experience necessary to judge socialism honestly, they accept what they’ve been taught.

Let’s start with the education system. Somehow, colleges and universities have managed to sell society in general and our youth in particular, the idea that you need a four-year degree in order to get a “decent” job. Yet, at the same time, they’ve stopped training students for those supposedly decent job. The vast majority of today’s graduates hold degrees in specialties for which there are no jobs; nor, in many cases, were there ever.

Just how many jobs in women’s studies or homosexual studies do our colleges and universities think exist? Yet countless students graduate with degrees in such fields, having been told by their counselor that they should study what “they like,” rather than studying something with a true job potential.

Sadly, these institutes for higher learning have become a factory of uselessness. Today’s higher education is more about political indoctrination to the liberal ideology, than training for any real job. Students pay a small fortune, much of it with borrowed money, to gain a degree that not only doesn’t guarantee them the job they were promised, but if anything, has destroyed any usefulness that the student might have in the job market.

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What Has Enabled All This?

Government handouts. The vast majority of students today receive some sort of financial aid, compliments of Uncle Sam. As with any other situation where the government is footing the bill or footing a percentage of it, that has caused the cost of higher education to skyrocket. College education has increased in price by more than three times, thanks to these government handouts, even when taking inflation into account.

So, our youth are being told that they have to earn a useless degree, which they can’t afford, but will have to pay for anyway. Then the people who sell them that degree don’t even have the decency to direct them into a field where they might actually be able to find a job and make a living. Instead, they are told to study whatever interests them. So students, not knowing better, work four years or more to earn a degree whose only purpose is to enrich the university where they studied.

Once these young people make it through their classes on Marxism, political correctness and how to complain every time your feelings are hurt by someone with an opposing opinion, they are ready to leave school and get their first real “adult” job. Only… there aren’t any jobs; at least not in their field.

There are currently over two million job openings today for skilled people. But most of those jobs require people with vocational training, not people who have learned advanced basket weaving. Yet the educational system isn’t preparing our youth for those positions, because that doesn’t fill their coffers.

But leaving the two million jobs aside, job growth since Obama took office has been dismal. It hasn’t even kept up with population growth, let alone make up for all the jobs which were lost during the recession. Yet our liberal government has the audacity to try and tell us that the “recession is over” and we are in “full recovery”. Try telling that to someone who can’t find a job.

Obama loves to point to figures showing the “huge” amount of jobs that have been created during his presidency. But those figures, like any others that this administration presents, are phony. When you analyze them, you see that the largest percent of those “new” jobs are in the public sector, not the private sector. So, Obama and company are creating government jobs faster than all the businesses in the country can.

Why Can’t Businesses Create Those Jobs?

Because of a combination of a down economy and oppressive government regulation. Obama’s administration has created more regulations per year than any previous administration, by far; and many of those regulations harm business in one way or another.

What jobs have been created in the private sector are mostly part-time jobs. Somehow or other, our national memory has forgotten this gift from Obamacare. The IRS regulation which defined “full-time” work as 30 hours or more per week, has destroyed full-time employment in entire industries. A large number of those who are employed are actually under-employed, because employers can’t afford to hire full-time people and have to pay the high insurance rates that Obamacare has given us.

I hear reports constantly out of the left about how people can’t live on minimum wages. I agree. People aren’t supposed to live on minimum wages. They also aren’t supposed to live on 25 hours of work per week. Yet, this is part of the legacy which Obama has given us… all the while blaming businesses, Republicans and conservatives for the lack of good paying jobs.

So for most millennials, not only do they graduate saddled with crippling dept, but there aren’t enough jobs to go around. Even those who are smart enough to study a field which has real chances of employment, the lack of economic recovery is hampering their ability to find work. Of all categories of people, the young, and especially young black men, have the highest unemployment rates.

It’s no wonder that millennials are disenchanted with the system we have in place. They don’t see the chance for opportunity that they were promised existed for them. Whereas a college graduate 20 or 30 years ago could readily find a job in their field, with the potential for advancement and a satisfying career, today’s youth graduate without any hope. Nobody is offering them the chance to make it on their own.

When these disenfranchised youth look at socialism, it has to look attractive to them; especially if their education in history is lacking. They didn’t grow up looking across the Atlantic Ocean at a socialist giant. They didn’t see what NAZI socialism did to the world. They only know China as a manufacturer of most of what they buy, not a communist country that has murdered and oppressed their own people. They lack the perspective of history, to show them what socialism really is. Someone needs to teach them.

If our youth aren’t educated in the truth about socialism, I can guarantee you that they will vote socialism in for the United States. It may not happen this election cycle, but it will happen.

The fantasy world of socialism will be held before them as a utopia where their problems will be solved by a benevolent government, and they’ll go skipping along, gaily, down the trail to vote and turn the United States of America into the Socialist States of America.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • a comment on student loans…In Illinois college profs now have pension plans that pay well into millions of dollars; ie 10-15M!! When I was in school a college prof was lucky to make 30K/yr. 1960s. Now they reap the spoils off student debt while poisoning their minds with pc and rewriting history to suit their communist agenda. This can only be cured by another revolution or by Jesus Christ Almighty! My feeling is the latter will happen sooner rather than later. johannes

  • As to overbearing gov. regs. Read YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WHEN book about getting your rights back By from As to the communist see

  • Couldn’t agree more. The younger generation has been brain washed through the leftist oriented educational system to accept a socialist system under the label of “progressive” socialism. It is a bunch of nonsense. That is, it makes no sense.

    These same young people fiddle away on electronic devices all day as well. Where do they suppose the technology came from- the State?

    Think again, That dirty word, capitalism, produced them. Socialism produces nothing. All is does is redistribute wealth created by capitalists. And the socialists who call for the redistribution are generally also people who have never produced anything either.

    What has Sanders or Hillary ever produced in reality? Uh, like nothing perhaps except more problems for all of us.

    Our youth is headed for a huge reawakening when this house of cards collapses under the weight of the debt it has generated and will generate as the socialist state expands.

    Unfortunately, the prudent and sensible will end up paying for their sins along with them. A sad and scary state of affairs indeed. One which the sensible should prepare for as this freight train of foolishness appears headed straight for disaster at a momentum that does not appear to be slowing.

  • About your article entitled, “The Socialist States of America”, there is only thing wrong: what you talk about is NOT socialism. It is FASCISM. You need to get your terminology straight so that you DON”T misinform your readers. Socialism is when the government controls big business. FASCISM is when big business controls government. When our Supreme Court Justices can determine that a corporation is a person and when we have laws that do not put limits on campaign contributions and PACS, then the ground work is laid for big business to control the government. That, and more details not mentioned here, all add up to the 1% having/controlling at least 97% of the wealth in the country while the 99% of ‘us’ have to divvy up only 3% of the wealth among us. See how lopsided that is? You can thank FASCISM for that, NOT socialism.

    • Thank you, Carl! Most here don’t realize we’ve already slipped from Democracy into Fascism….or at the very least are tap dancing on the edge of that enevitable precipice.

  • greetings. note am a student of history, having been born in 1942 and seen much of the glory of socialism as it matured only to fall flat on its face. and doesn’t matter what name it is given. Communist (Russian and Chinese,) National Socialist {Nazi}, Fascist (Italian) all were backed by so called intelectuals of educated people. once in power those idiots were quickly gotten rid of by the new masters who no longer needed them. now the college educated fools are the new backers of the modern socialist party that is growing like cancer in America. If the socialists win, then it won’t be long till they will be ground up as fertilizer for the new socialists party to grow on. as Shakespeare wrote. ” a rose by any other name still smells the same.” Altruism is the basic ingredient of communism or national socialism, volunteer your body for the good of the party. not the good of you, but the rich that own the party. Think Hillary cares about ordinary poor folk? good illusion. same with any other social character offered as the new leader.

    • I’m glad to see all the wannabe historians. It will lesson the shock of the actual real time historic problem with Bill’s revelations the problem of ‘Socialism’.

      The cold anti-normalcy bias truth is that we are ALREADY ARE a socialist country. Just because our method of authoritativeve government administration is supposed to be a democracy, or more supposedly accurately a Representative Republic under an egalitarian Constitution, doesn’t mean it can’t operate under a Socialist economic influence as opposed to a Free Market Capitalist paradigm or even a Fascist/Corporatist model, depending upon existential influence and circumstances. Actually, the more diverse and open a nation becomes, outside of a pure dictatorship, the more influence various ideologies command. The most deletarious, of course, being the Theocratic paradigm, which amounts to a supreme Royalist Oligarchy based on nothing more than delusion.

      But the truth has been that ever since the turn of the century when European Marxist/Fascist ideology infiltrated the ruling political class of America, and continued ‘progressively’ onward, Socialism has grown in America.

      Fast Forward and today we are now actually in the terminal–in more meanings that one– stages of ‘Socialism’. Best put by a wise old scholar friend of mine as such:

      ” Socialism sounds better than Communism or Capitalism. Because everybody wants more for doing less and we all love those freebies. But the immutable issue with Socialism is twofold. Sooner or later the country harboring it runs out of other people’s money, and then it always deteriorates into Totalitarianism to save itself.” –P.J. Klipangle

  • The problem with socialism in American is that the preachers of it are the very rich that they themselves are putting down. Their weak minded followers are too blind to see it. College professors are forcing their students to accept the indoctrination or fail the classes. They make it a point to slam anyone who does not agree with their opinions. So many people crumble to peer pressure.
    These socialists have taken control of the media for the most part so that almost nothing but their doctrine gets out on the air. We are told to not talk about a Christian GOD, but they are trying to force children to learn the Koran in school. Black lives matter, except in the abortion clinics. And they want me to pay for it. Gay rights are shoved down our throats every day on television and the push for permitting sanctioned marriages. The boarders have been made wide open for illegals to waltz in and get free medical and drivers licenses and education but the veterans that have kept this nation safe are forced to wait for medical attention.
    There needs to be a big shake up in both parties Our so called conservative representatives in congress better get their acts together and the liberals can just start packing. I’ve ranted too long now.

  • Right on! Back when I was teaching computer literacy spreadsheets, one of my techniques was to ask each student to type in the winning scores of all the teams the last weekend, then have the software calculate the average winning score. When they looked at me with glazed-over eyes, I asked the class to raise their hands if they knew how to calculate an average. In every class over half of the student did not know how. I told them I couldn’t hire them unless they knew things like this–that if they didn’t get it in H.S., they were cheated by their instructor(s). Facts of life bring reality in really close.

    • “socialism is seen as the cure to the nation’s and perhaps even the world’s ills.”

      Once I saw that the author wouldn’t, or couldn’t, make moral and intellectual distinctions between Socialism and Democratic Socialism, I stopped reading, knowing that such dumb-assery couldn’t possibly lead to an insightful article.

      Survivopedia would do well to stick with details of preparation, while leaving politics to better informed folks.

      • What- just because it’s voted in democratically that would all of a sudden make it work? Besides, the term “democratic socialism” was coined by none other than Vladimir Lenin.

  • You talk about something for nothing, then look at the members of the congress and the senate and you will find getting something (getting rich) for nothing. Stay prepared my friends!

  • In my opinion, the reason why socialism is so popular is, our higher education system is preaching against capitalism, in lieu of Socialism. On top of that, they see, and now hear, for the last seven plus years that, the democrats continue of their preach of free stuff. Free Tuition, free phones, free Obama money, free WIFI, free food, free housing, free medical, if you can name it, it’s free. All this has given the youth of the day, a lazy mentality, a selfish mentality, a mentality that expects everything to be given to them, that is why Sanders and Clinton is doing so well, especially Sanders, they don’t trust Hillary, but Sanders is speaking to their hearts. It will not be until reality sets in, when they become part of the working world, and start to see 50% of their money going to taxes, then if they become real successful, they start seeing 90% of their money going into the government scoffer, it will not be until then will they see that they have been screwed. Can’t trust a democrat, there is no difference anymore between a socialist, and a democrat, just ask Hillary, and Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

  • Yet another problem I have seen with our youth stems from the parents giving them whatever it is they want rather having to endure the whining and pleading that they will have to endure as”well my friend Bobby next door Daddy got him one… waaa” I was raised by a single parent that told me to get a job and earn it. I didn’t get my first bicycle until I was 12 and bought it with my paper route money.

  • I quit college in the mid ’60’s because many of the prof’s were already grading on whether or not you acceded to the liberal (progressive) ideology they were teaching. That and the fact that the courses I wanted didn’t exist (IT, in today’s terms). Many of the jobs available today can only be learned in a tech/trade school and, sadly, their student loan packages are just as burdensome. Many of today’s HS graduates, if they do, are just looking to get on the welfare wagon.
    Therefore, the problem is long before the college level since the educational system has been co-opted. It’s starting in K-12.

    “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery.” –Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774.

    Stop, Drop, and Roll won’t work in Hell.

  • There are a lot of us in small colleges and 2 year colleges trying to teach the facts of history unlike the “big” universities back east.

  • Those who are “feeling the Bern” express a strong desire to make the world more fair, more equitable. But they don’t seem to understand that, by the economic standards external to America’s borders, many – perhaps most – of America’s poor, including many “poor” college students are those whose wealth is so badly in need of redistribution.

    The advocates of wealth redistribution always envision it in terms of monetary wealth and, more specifically, in terms of the monetary wealth of others – rarely their own. But it occurs to me that one major foundation of such monetary wealth is wealth of a non-monetary nature – the Grade Point Average.

    A job is the means by which almost everyone earns that impossible-to-define level of wealth alleged to be “too much” and the GPA is a very significant factor when attempting to acquire a job. It follows therefore that it is not only the love of money that is the root of all evil but, also, the love of one’s individual GPA!

    What is so sorely needed in order to right that injustice is redistribution of Grade Point Averages to realize that most revered of all collectivist dreams – equality. In this case GPA equality!

    I think there is no better way to impart the impact of socialism’s redistributionist policies than to declare the GPA a primary, foundational form of wealth, sorely in need itself of being redistributed to the many suffering from abject GPA poverty on American campuses nationwide, unfairly and unjustly destined for eventual cruel and harsh discrimination in America’s job market.

    Redistribution of GPAs at American institutions of higher learning would afford students the opportunity not only to fight such terrible inequality of wealth first-hand but also provide them the opportunity to personally experience just what “feeling the Bern” of rectifying such social injustice actually feels like.