Prep Blog Review: Emergency Food Solutions

In case of any emergency you’ll either have to bug out with the (little) food you’ll be able to carry along or you’ll have to find solutions to grow, find or make your own along the way.

So this week we’ve gathered a lot of useful information on that topic, including how to make the best coffee on the go and in the wild! While you’re here make sure to drop me a line in the comments section if you have any useful tips or just want to say hi.

1. Raising Guinea Pigs for Food

Guinea pig“Now first let’s do the legal stuff, California’s anti-pet-eating law has a broad reach that may cover eating guinea pigs. The California law protects “any animal traditionally or commonly kept as a pet or companion,” rather than just Fido and Fluffy. The statute is somewhat untested, though, so no one really knows which animals are included.  I don’t know about other states, so I suggest you check in your area before you get in trouble.

Now I know that you have all seen the guinea pigs that our kids have kept for pets.  But I will bet that most of you don’t know that is some parts of the world they are regularly eaten and are considered delicious.”

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2. Season 2 Episode 7 – An American Homestead – Milk and Honey

“This week on An American Homestead, it’s the land of milk and honey. We love our Raw Milk and we love our honey right fresh from the hive. We don’t yet produce these things on our homestead but there are homesteaders nearby that do. Let’s go see!”

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