Prep Blog Review: Is Your Health SHTF Ready?

It’s not rocket since that when SHTF your health situation will make the difference between life and death. You also know by now that medicine my not always be at hand so knowing your way around foods and plants will be essential

So for this week we made a roundup of all the great articles that will help you get your health in top notch condition and keep it there when SHTF.

1. Essential Oils for Asthma

Prep 1“I never really understood asthma…until Beau (my husband) had an asthma attack right in front of me.

I was terrified.

See, he had childhood asthma. I didn’t know him as a child and his asthma hadn’t affected him since he was a child. Until that frightful night.

He called me on his way home. He had pulled over. He couldn’t breathe. He could barely spit out the words he was trying to tell me. I honestly didn’t know what to do.”

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2. 13 Foods That Can Help Diabetics

Prep 2“One of the most-frequently asked questions I get regarding medical preparedness is about diabetes.

Insulin, as it come in liquid for, doesn’t maintain its potency after its expiration dates very well.

This is all well and good in normal times, but what about survival settings where the pharmaceuticals just aren’t there for you?

What natural substances might have some sugar-lowering effect?”

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3. Elderberry Extract: Nature’s “Tamiflu”

Prep 3“The most important weapon against influenza that you can add to your herbal arsenal is elderberry extract.

Whether you are concerned with the seasonal flu or the potential of a deadly strain of influenza becoming pandemic, elderberry extract is a vital addition to your vault of flu remedies.

Unlike the highly touted flu shot, black elderberry has actually been conclusively proven to be effective.”

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4. Rare Respiratory Virus Now Making Its Way Across the U.S., Sending Kids to ER

Prep 4“Just a heads up, apparently a rare respiratory virus called human enterovirus 68 (EV68) is sending kids to the hospital all over the Midwest and it just keeps spreading.

To be clear up front, for most people, this virus causes nothing more than a really crappy cold with the regular crappy cold symptoms.

For young kids who suffer from asthma, however, this particular virus can be pretty dangerous.

Here are a few headlines to give you an idea”

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  1. Natural Solutions for Respiratory Virus’ in Children and Adults

Prep 5“First off let me begin with the vitality of a healthy respiratory system. This is so because there is also a vital need for healthy non contaminated oxygen to the central nervous system as well as the immune system.

Yes the immune system need oxygen to properly process the nutrients and their delivery to their applicable system. e.g a healthy properly delivered b6 supplement when called thy the central nervous system through a chemical biochemical process also from the liver;

This delivery is also supplied with pure oxygen at the level amount is is called for.

When oxygen becomes contaminated with neurotoxin an added stress or burden is applied on both the liver and immune systems because they have to work harder during the delivery process to deliver a purer delivery of what is called for.”

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  • Cit “C” in tablet form will help you avoid getting any viral infection but in very large doses it is a laxative. If you get something like Ebola or the bad cold that is going around, a big dose of Vit “C” IV will stop it in short order. See Dr. Thomas Levy’s book “Curing the Incurable” for more details.