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When SHTF (because all of us know that it’s a matter of when, not if), you will be prepared, for sure. But do you have a plan in place for every emergency situation?

This week we found some great articles that bring up things you might not thought of before about preparedness.

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1. Are You Prepared to Help Your Neighbors?

Survivopedia Prepared Neighbours“Have you thought about your neighbors lately? And not in that, “what’s all that racket?” way. Have you thought about ways you could help them?

I know, I know, it’s not a holiday, this isn’t the season for such thoughts, but I would argue it should be an every day thought.

Let’s face it, things are not getting a lot better out there, not for most people. And they aren’t likely to turn around much.  And the stronger you can make your community, the better your community (And YOU!) will survive a SHTF event.”

You can read more about this on SHTF Blog.

2. How an Average Person can Prepare for a Pandemic

Survivopedia Pandemic Preparedness“I’ve been seeing several news reports of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and got to thinking about pandemics in general.  Lots of people fear a global pandemic.  If you had to rank a list of super scary threats, pandemic would be pretty high on the list.

We’ve all seen movies like Contagion, which is scary enough.  We also associate pandemic with nightmarish throngs of zombie like disease ridden creatures.  But let’s pull back to reality and get some sense of what is a pandemic and whether they can happen.”

You can read more about this on Apartment Prepper.

3. Essential People in Your Prepper Group: Stacking the Deck

Survivopedia Essential Preppers“In the world of prepperdom, it’s a common sentiment to aspire to be a Jack of all trades.  However, what often results is that the ‘Jack’ (or Jill, of course!) is a master of none.  Simply put, society thrives because people are different.

There is a wide diversity of different strengths and different weaknesses, and under good leadership, this can be leveraged to promote economic growth and the advancement of survival.”

You can read more about this on American Preppers Network.

4. Procuring Water When Utilities Are Shut Off

Survivopedia Water Preparedness“If you’ve been prepping for more than…well…a few hours, you probably understand the importance of stockpiling a source of purified water. Public utilities are fragile to say the least, and anything from inclement weather to a SHTF scenario could cause disruptions in public water.

Unfortunately, water is also one of the hardest things to prep for a long-term scenario. It is the heaviest and most frequent prep item you will ever use.”

You can read more about this on Ready 4 It All.

5. Air Rifles for Prepping and Survival

Survivopedia Preppring Rifles“Can an air rifle fill a role in prepping and survival? Or are powder/cartridge firearms the only effective tool for those purposes?

My blog co-author, Butch C., weighed in on this topic a while back. But I’ve been researching the latest air rifles, including models due out in 2014.

So I thought I’d post an update and a few of my random thoughts on the subject.”

You can read more about this on Prep Blog.

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