Can You Survive Below Radar? Off Grid Tips And Tricks

Lately so many people are getting so fed up with pervasive totalitarian spying on literally everything we say and do, that they’re wondering whatever happened to the American Dream?

Add in out of control greed municipal intrusions with building code tyranny for exorbitant property tax profits, not to mention a noticeable increase in strangely nosy parasitic neighbors, all combined in a world starting to crumble under the weight of its own violent insanity.


Truth be told, is it even remotely possible anymore to enjoy the wonderful freedom of personal privacy, the peaceful solace that this great land, and our precious Constitution, once held for us?

Let’s take a closer look at the cold, hard reality.

It’s not what you think…

Where Did All the Freedom Go?

 “We tried so hard, and came so far, but in the end it never really mattered….”

The sadness of this discussion is that we should not even be having it in a truly Free country. The first important revelation here is that “We, the People” screwed up big time in the last generation with our mass passive acquiescence to the government nanny state.

We allowed Them to brainwash us into relinquishing our rights of self-determination to a point where they now control every facet of our lives in exchange for a specious promise (not even in writing!) to take care of us, and make us all little happy faced cherubs, bouncing blissfully on big daddy government woo woo’s cushy knee from cradle to grave.

Then they threw us a few bare bones in the dirt and we licked them up like the obedient State sponsored lap dogs we became.

The history is clear, but our own innate weaknesses ultimately caused our own libertarian demise because the mouse never resists the free cheese on the mouse trap. I don’t know if we even deserve liberty salvation anymore, or whether we can ever get it back…but that’s another depressing topic.

In any case, here’s what’s left of the whole idea of the off grid under the radar privacy situation today:

“You can run, but you cannot hide!”

First, I hope everybody realizes, or at least most Liberty minded Patriots, that if you want absolute, complete privacy from any kind of government or private sector intrusion, it simply doesn’t exist anymore. Nada, Zippo, Zero, No Mas! And all of YOU, my beloved, let them get away with it!

This is because the so-called ‘Grid’ is now everywhere. The Grid is now life itself! Therefore it stands to reason, if one desires to indulge in the solace of private seclusion, one must first escape the dreaded Grid itself? Unfortunately, there isn’t anywhere to go… where the grid ain’t.

The last nail in the coffin of human privacy, ironically, which replaced the Patriot Act, was the American Freedom Act, which allows the FISA courts and the government dark state agencies to casually violate our 4th/A protections.

Toss in ubiquitous surveillance/location/tracking technology (also 4th/A violating in usage) so advanced that I’d need several more pages to even begin describing them here. Think of it like this, all despotic power elite totalitarian regimes need the same control as farmers have over their cattle.

They need to know where they are and what they are doing at all times. The more Big Brother/Minority Reporting the government becomes, the more of a slave you wind up being.

So before we go any further, realize and accept the following as FACT. If a government agency or one of its oxymoronic private contractors wants to find you, They Will.

Unless you just go somewhere so remote and deep in the jungles or mountains. and disappear yourself, one way or the other, permanently, which is really an optimal below radar off grid style of living, even if they don’t get you physically, as in someone like Assange or Snowden (who traded their freedom to travel for a prison sentence by escaping to sanctuary in other countries), they will be tracking every move you make, every day of your life, and then some.

Even Jason Bourne, today, couldn’t evade them or disappear for very long. Not with the latest biometric facial recognition and location tracking techniques. Not with the specially trained seek and capture teams assisted by inhuman god-like AI computers with seemingly mystical sources of information and telepathic powers! And just by being alive, we all generate some type of electronic trackable footprint.

Ironically, the only real effective way to disappear off grid is to let the government do it for you. Just like they recently did with the September 17th illegal street arrest and due process killing disappearance’ of attorney and activist dissident, Andy Ostrowski.

Oh, you thought they did that only in Russia! The true history is that The American Dark State INVENTED it along with the formation of the CIA and the Soviet Union merely copied it. Apparently, you’ve never heard of the infamous Homan Ave police detention center in Chicago? Where it was impossible for your lawyer to find you after you were arrested?

Instead of just arranging for you to be an “unfortunate victim” of an armed robber and shot dead like Hilary’s campaign staffer Seth Rich, who some say knew way too much about something that could kill her campaign (still not solved). Or a suspicious suicide like Vince Foster, remember that one related to Shady Clinton business dealings? (still not solved).

But if you’re merely a vocal dissident with a growing political following, there are less violent tricks of the trade totalitarian authorities use such as simply remove you by arranging for you to be “picked up for your own safety” (same way they’ll eventually get all our guns) as well as the public’s safety, because you are obviously mentally ill if you talk too much toward the government to where it might incite people to vote.

This is Why Conventional Preparedness Wisdom is Deadly!

There was some recent law maker talk about anti-gov speech being made into some kind of prohibited law!

Then you will be lost in the matrix of bureaucratic red tape, never to be found, until they feel like letting you go after their government psychiatrist prescribed sedative drugs they treated you with left your brain with little desire to activate over any cause ever again.

And you still wonder why so many people have “visions of bushcraft homesteading dancing” in their heads?

Currently our so-called free society here does have some current and growing levels of below radar existence if you consider living like an illegal immigrant or a sleeper cell ISIS group or something like that. You could say these are pretty far off grid, but it would not be in a good way.

They cannot step out of their social status into what authorities call “going deep dark” or “lone wolf”, which is a misrepresented term. Just to maintain such a meager sustenance these types of people need others to depend on and things like fake I.D.s and unreliable associates. Once they do, they’re on radar again, and the authorities will be hot on their trail.

But can’t I just opt out of society and live my own life the way I want? I’m not a criminal fugitive or anything, I just want to be left alone and live as quietly and privately as possible.

Isn’t there a way just to be law abiding, but minding my own business and avoid contact with anybody and not be a constant victim of their agenda based for-profit rip-off abuse on my personal life and money, without getting into all that radical stuff???

It Depends

One of the advantages in a capitalistic society is that money goes a long way towards fixing personal problems in any venue and any scenario. The wealthier you are, the easier it is to disappear and virtually never be bugged by anyone including the government (as long as you pay your taxes).

On a bare bones budget level it’s more difficult but it can be done. But probably the first thing you would need to do, is realize that you would have to change your lifestyle, and especially your location.

And for some it might be fairly dramatic and emotionally troublesome. But for most, just the sheer inconvenience and work outside of your normal life ritual would be too much of sticker shock of a life transition and an automatic deterrent.

Still, some people have valid reasons to go below radar off grid and often no longer have any choice but would even welcome an escape from the typical 8 to 5 lifestyle with a heavily mortgaged three bedroom two car garage home with 2.5 kids, and 1.5 pets.

But hurdles would still exist. Mostly economic. And because of the sub-culture of literally one third of the workforce adults barely existing hand to mouth from pay check to pay check, it is no longer considered a “such a shame” to reconsider a major life change. In any case this requires very pensive rumination.

Because you need to understand what off-grid really means.

But let’s say you simply can’t stand it anymore! You want to cut the twisted umbilical cord to the nanny state womb, and you made up your mind that you seriously want to give it a shot anyway.

What Should We Do?

Okay, here’s the main tricks, tips, and flips.

1. Get Off the Radar Screens

If the government or anybody is NOT LOOKING for you, you won’t be found! Remember, they CAN find anybody if they really want to, but they are not actively looking for everybody.

So don’t let them target you. Don’t buy form 4,473 guns every week. Buy them privately and pay cash. Don’t do anything that will make them come after you and you’re pretty safe from scrutiny.

It’s a shame we have to be so “defensive” like this but we made our own beds and now have to sleep in them. I still wax fondly reminiscent of the days when They knew they had NO business violating our private lives. Now it’s BIG Business.

However, if you think you’re going off the grid and below radar so that you can skip your student loan debt, IRS tax liens, child support payment, etc. then forget about it. All this kind of stuff comes back to your driver’s license, especially the new National I.D Card ones we all MUST have now, by unconstitutional illegal law.

Unless you are hiding primitively up in the mountains like some weird Sasquatch eating grubs, roots, and berries all day and only peddling your bike down the trail every few months for emergency supplies, sooner or later you’ll be rudely dragged back in the grid from that remote mountain paradise, when some bored sheriff’s deputy with nothing better to do than check on strangers takes a second glance at you.

2. Become Untrackable

This is probably going to be the hardest thing to do to consider yourself really off the grid. And it’s a lengthy process to untangle yourself from a spider web Grid.

Everybody knows that being on Facebook or Twitter or everything else is directly reporting your life’s activities and thoughts to the big “cloud” in the sky where the big all-seeing NSA, CIA ‘EYE’ lives. To really become off grid and under the radar you must unplug yourself from the mainstream computer.

Remember, there are specialty resources for this. One really doesn’t need to get this deep into it. If you just want to homestead and self-sustain somewhere private and get off the conventional power grid, you don’t have to get so primitive that you don’t even have a computer.

But it’s not a bad idea to read one of those “how to disappear” books on Amazon to get an idea how thoroughly you are connected to society.

3. Find the Right Off Grid Location

This will likely be the biggest challenge. The problem is that municipalities are often ugly little siblings of Big Brother.

I seems like they stay up late at night trying to figure out new ordinances and ways to tax or fine you into compliance in everything from size and type of housing you MUST have, to what you can do in terms of growing or hunting or recreating on your own private land.

And it gets worse if your land is close to wetlands or has a pond or stream through it. The Feds are usually in on that tyranny as well. This is because county municipalities are going broke due to excessive patronage jobs provided by the town officials to their feckless friends, and recalcitrant relatives who otherwise would fall to the laws of natural selection by themselves.

So many do not allow full time living on your own property in a nice modern travel trailer, for instance! And restrict you to minimum square footage requirements on new built construction so you pay more in property taxes.

And many will allow you—if you file special paperwork/permits and pay an inspector–to have a solar or other off grid power system, but you STILL must be connected to the conventional power line grid besides! Obviously because there’s a monthly base charge whether you use their electricity or not as long as you’re connected.

So this is an important first step. You must determine an off-grid friendly location in which to purchase your own piece of land. These are out there.

The problem is they’re not advertised as such and you have to search them out and find out the local codes. And most of the time they’ll be pretty remote. Deep in the Yukon you can probably find some land at a good price where there’s probably no building codes. Also up in the Canadian Wilderness.

And they say you can find heavenly peace and solitude “Down in the Bayou” Country where the climate might be more hospitable if you don’t mind snakes and alligators and who knows what else?

So make up your mind only after you decide exactly what the extent of your off grid life actually will mean to you, and how much privacy you can afford.

If you are on a fixed retirement income, then that will be your determining cost factor. If you are still stuck in a job that’s location locked then the next best thing is to start prepping for your retirement off grid location.

Or do like some people I know who found themselves a suitable location away from where they must live now, bought at least the land and will begin the steady set up of their off grid retreat as an ongoing project for a future transition.

4. Get a Trust or LLC as an Alt Identity

It’s too complicated to explain here why this is a very good idea for privacy and off-grid security. If you pay cash for your retreat location and have ownership in a Trust or registered in a business, this is the best way to go. Especially if you are into unplugging yourself as much as possible from the New World Order. Even your vehicles can be owned by the Trust or LLC or Nevada type corp. And nobody can just ‘check’ on your property anytime they want to see who owns it.

5. Last but NOT the Least…

…stop dreaming about it and get proactive!

If you’re one of those liberty minded free choice loving hold outs who can’t stand all this government overbearing authority, and truly don’t want to lose every last single bit of privacy (even smart toilets are coming), it would be best to start working on your emancipation from the grid ASAP.

Once a few final straws whack the collective Camel’s back, like the imminent elimination of cash (and illegalization and prohibition of using gold as alt currency) in favor of an all digital daily commerce system, it will become more and more difficult to get comfortably off grid and below radar if you haven’t already done so.

As this is being written the UK has the world’s first food store where customers use their palm finger vein scans as a credit card and facial recognition scans as identification. China is expanding fast on this.

In the U.S. distance radar scanners with biometric facial recognition (linked from your National I.D. card drivers license holographic photo) are being installed to instantly search and identify anyone just walking around an airport or train terminal.

So if you’re going to go off grid and below radar, better get started NOW!


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Written by

Mahatma Muhjesbude is a former Spec-ops combat Vet, LEO, international security consultant, and private contractor. He has instructor level credentials and skills in various survival disciplines. He is a dedicated advocate of Liberty and Justice for all and a proactive defender of our Constitutional rights. He strongly believes that the best value you can give back in life is vital knowledge through experience, and that's why he's writing for Survivopedia, using a pen name to protect his real identity. You can send Mahatma a message at editor [at]

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  • It’s true what was said about restrictions on your own property. Where we live, can’t live in our motor home on our own private property while we are putting in electric and water lines, without having a “conditional permit” to build a garage first instead of the house first! Dealing with county and State officials is a nightmare! But they sure have their hand out for permit fees.

    • Denise burgwin–you are absolutely right. this same thing happened to me on family owned land in alabama. i pay taxes on it every year but cannot even have my travel trailer on it while clearing off/cleaning the land. we are totally losing our rights, one at a time in this country!

    • Your own private property sounds great, but government owns it You taxes is only your rent to them. don’t pay those taxes and see what happens is my opinion.

  • How do I get rid of the obsequious share bar that hides the first word of every line?

    • hover over the bar… At the bottom of the bar there is a left arrow. Click on it and the bar will retract to the left.


  • Note 1. If you buy shells for that weapon you have paid cash for, make sure that you pay cash for the shells or they have you.
    Note 2. You have not talked about the mobile Society. A group of people that have purchased a either a motorhome or a Schooley and live just around on the street and everywhere.

    • Recently, buying some ammo from Walmart (with cash), the cashier insisted on seeing my ID. Ostsensibly, this was to prove I was over 21, but gray hair had always sufficed before. On top of that, he asked “Is this for a handgun?” With a degree on honesty, I could say that it wasn’t (.22lr), even though it could (having .22 handguns too).

      Maybe it was just a badge-heavy casheir, or maybe it’s a new policy. I’ll test it again with another purchase of .22lr to see. If it’s new policy, then no more Walmart purchases for cash. They’re tracking that too.

      • That has been Wal-Mart policy for many years now. What little ammo I buy there is shotgun ammo, since I can just pick it off the shelf, and take it to the registers in the front, where they normally don’t have the time or inclination to demand your ID.. Back at the sporting goods counter, they’ll lie to you and say the ID “requirement” is law, but in truth, it’s just their company policy for ratting you out to Big Brother. I prefer to just pay a dollar more to buy ammo from a mom-and-pop store where they know what the laws are.

        • The place where I normally buy my ammo(cash only) always wants a zip code…so I give them one…that is about a 3 hour drive away. Been doing it for about five years, now. So far so good.

  • As for buying remote property there is still a paper trail. Very well written article and soooooo true.

  • You can forget about the bayou! after Katrina regulations are unreasonable. fema controls the money to the counties which must enforce the new codes. we own land our family lived on since the 50’s but now we can not: replace our mobile home, drink from our own (inspected by the health dept) well, but we can water plants with it, (we must have city water and city sewer), camp on our land, park a motor home that can be driven to safety during a hurricane, build a storage shed, build a tree home above flood levels. but we must pay taxes or loose the land. no wonder this entire area is still empty since katrina.

  • Lease property in the name of the LLC. We truly do not own property any more: the goobiernos own it or our neighbors, who routinely violate our Fourth Amendment rights. We just make the payments.

  • Welcome to the 21st Century. Don’t you just luv it?

  • Just had my propane tank topped off. When the driver handed me the tag, I notice that along with my name and address, the tag also lists the Lat. and Long. coordinates. Now THEY know exactly where to send a smart bomb.

  • Thank you for a well written, informative and insightful article. Thanks for posting it now before they make a law against articles like this for being complicit to sedition and treason. I think we are living on the last fumes of what was once ‘the land of the free”. This is sad because there is so much potential for America to be the greatest nation ever for a thousand years.

  • Everybody is forgetting the main thing that is fueling the loss of our rights and privacy, namely HUMAN OVERPOPULATION. No matter where you go, the ever-expanding, exponentially-exploding numbers of human beings will catch up to you. I’m old enough to remember when there was open land where we could shoot and hunt. Now, it all belongs to the airport and is patrolled by feds. The farm where I grew up and spent half my life is now a huge truck stop. No matter where you go, people are going to f**k it up for you. Unless we have a TEOTWAWKI event that kills off most of humanity’s masses you can forget about getting off the grid for long because overpopulation will catch up to you and bring the grid with it.

  • It’s unfortunate, but when you buy land…the paper trail is there. All land purchases will have a deed of some sort and that paper trail will eventually lead to you…even if you have it under an LLC or a trust. In this day and age dropping off the grid will almost be a superhuman feat. I’m not trying to pee on anyone’s campfire, but realistically…and eventually, if they really want you, they will find you.

  • I second for DAVE, just above. My placer mining claim worked until 12 – 15 years ago – but, No More. Only thing left is a Desert camper with No Hookups.

  • I think it is important to understand when and how our American Experiment went off the rails. You say, ““We, the People” screwed up big time in the last generation”. I disagree. The problem actually started in 1913 when we foolishly ratified the 16th Amendment allowing the federal government to tax income. With that act, we gave them access to virtually unlimited money. Unfortunately, the old adage is true: Money IS power. Thus, we inadvertently gave them virtually unlimited power. It took a while to show itself, but the feds ultimately figured out how to buy off the people and the states with their new wealth. Now, if you want your Social Security check or your college loan or your EBT card, you have to toe the line. If the states want their highway funds or education money or Medicaid reimbursements, they have to toe the line. We became slaves to the nanny state when we let them sap up unlimited money and grow without bound. My fear is that, if people don’t see the real source of this problem, we will never be able to fix it.

  • No matter how good you get off the grid, the very first time you need medical attention, eye glasses, dentist, you will need your photo ID to get it. TA DA! you are now back on the grid, and they will have a general location for you.
    The article mentions getting your retirement or going off grid after you retire. How do you think you are going to use the funds? Even if you set up a bank in another state, you still have to get the cash out, or use a debit card (on the grid).
    Are you ready to get rid of all credit cards? Not register to vote? Keep your driver’s license current?
    I think the opposite reaction is a better one. Instead of fleeing into the woodwork like roaches when the lights are turned on; get so involved and so public and so prominent, that your disappearance would be noticed and questioned and investigated. It is only when we do not cower like cowards and stand as men and women of faith in a God who can do all things can we change this ship of state.
    Can you imagine if the founding fathers ran and hid from the British? We can’t fight their wars. We have to fight our own, or we will lose our liberty and security and deserve neither.

  • Thank u