Prep Blog Review: Tips For The Unknown Aftermath

Everybody has his own scenario about SHTF. Is it going to be dark and cold, or hot and suffocating? Is everybody going to become ill or turn into zombies? Or maybe it will be about nuclear fallout burning out any living organism.

We hope we will never find out, but we’ll keep prepping in between. That’s why we stumbled upon other survival websites, and chose a few hints to help your prepping efforts. Keep reading!

1. 50 Bartering Items for Post SHTF

“Once the SHTF, you will realize there are things you need that you don’t have on hand. Paper money may not hold any value at this time. Rather, you need to have items or skills on hand that you can use to barter with others for your essentials.”

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2. 6 Things That Could Attract Dangerous People After SHTF

“First, the disaster will come. It will come like they always do. It may start slow and steady but eventually, it will reach a fever pitch. The destruction brought on by man or mother nature will ravage all that dares step in its path. The audible effects of the disaster will give way to visual awe when the damage is quantified.”

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3. Who Will Be Your Biggest Threat when it All First Falls Apart?

“Hello, my friend and welcome back! When it all falls apart, there will be a lot of people who will not want to believe it, but as they do come to grips with what is happening, there is one group that will immediately present a clear and present danger to you when it comes to survival.”

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4. Planning For Success During And After The SHTF

“Success requires a plan, and that is true if you want to have success during and after the SHTF. You can have a great deal of knowledge and ideas but not have organized and applied any of this. Remember, only applied knowledge is power, and this is especially true of financial power.”

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5. How Do People Really Behave When Disaster Strikes?

“There are a lot of reasons why people prep for disasters, but there’s one reason that’s far more popular than the others. What people fear most when they think about what would happen if society collapsed, isn’t hunger, disease, or exposure. They fear what other people might do to them when the chips are down.They worry that members of their community might hurt or kill them to survive.”

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This article has been written by Gabrielle Ray for Survivopedia.

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