Prep Blog Review: Winter Is Coming to Town

It seems like winter is coming to town on Thanksgiving. Deadly tornadoes raged through the Midwest, and days in Texas become colder than Idaho nights. Under the circumstances, writing about winter survival is easy to understand and comes to help readers prepare facing cold and extreme weather.

Let’s take a look at those useful articles we found for you on survival blogs and websites.

1. 6 Ways to Get Your Chicken Coop Ready For Winter

get chickens ready for winter

“When it starts getting cold, the chickens need a little extra T.L.C. to keep up egg production. Winterizing your coop can help keep the chickens happy, healthy and producing. No matter where you live, you will have to do some winter chores to keep your chickens clucking merrily along.”

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2. Wild Winter Edibles: 10 Foods You Can Find Outside Now

Wild Winter Edibles

“Wild food foraging isn’t just limited to warm weather. You can find all manner of foods, from salad greens to nuts that can be ground into flour, even during the snowiest parts of winter. Here are 10 wild winter edibles that can be eaten raw, used to make tea or jam, or added to soups.”

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3. 5 Reasons Why Survival Should Be Taught in Schools

Survival in School

“Even our best schools lack the survival skills classes our children need in order to be prepared for the real rough life. Students are graduating from both high school and college unprepared for the world. You surely need to know how to add, subtract and divide, but you most definitely also need to know the essentials of life, like basic cooking, how to start a fire, what to do first in an emergency situation.”


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This article has been written by Gabrielle Ray for Survivopedia.

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