The Silent Invasion Of The Western World. US Next?

We talk of many different disasters to concern ourselves about and prepare for. Some are small, regional disasters, such as hurricanes. Others are nationwide disasters that will change the world as we know it. These disasters are the ones that we focus on, simply because of the great impact that they will have. That impact requires a much greater level of preparation… if we want to survive.

What if I was to tell you that we are all living in the midst of a world-changing disaster? One that will change life as we know it. A disaster that won’t just affect the United States, but if the people who are propagating it have their way, will take over the world.

This disaster is taking place right before our eyes, but we don’t see it as such. I’m of course, talking about the Islamic invasion of the western world.

The Muslim prophet Mohammed left his followers with a mission to fulfill; that of taking over the world in the name of Allah. They are commanded to either convert everyone to Islam, kill them or essentially enslave them with high taxes and no freedom. This is the baseline of the jihad, the holy war of Islam.

While the sword of Islam swept across North Africa, Europe and the Middle East, they never fully succeeded in their goals. Eventually the Christians of Europe started pushing back, eventually all but expelling the followers of Allah from all of Europe, even sending armies to the Middle East, in order to win back the Holy Lands.

Of course, the Muslims point to those Crusades as justification for their violence today. Apparently, in their minds, Christian violence over 600 years ago justifies their violence today. Oh, and by the way, the Crusades were defensive wars, fought to take back what the Muslims had conquered.

We could say that ISIS is merely the latest phase of a long list of wars which have been waged by Muslims, both against each other and against the world. As the stated purpose of ISIS is to unify Islam under a worldwide caliphate that would seem logical. But I don’t see Saudi Arabia or Iran bowing to ISIS domination, do you?

The Silent Invasion

The other manner in which jihad is going forth today is via simple invasion. Islamic immigrants by the hundreds of thousands are leaving their homelands, in order to begin their lives anew in foreign lands. They come from different countries, but right now, the focus is on Syria, as that is where ISIS is fighting and killing.

Labeling themselves refugees gives these people a huge advantage in today’s worldwide political climate. The world supposedly has a responsibility to refugees, which it might not have towards other immigrants.

That magical word shows that they are downtrodden and abused, worthy of special consideration and care. While that may be true, I can guarantee you that not all who claim that title are worthy of it.

The Syrian refugees are merely the most recent from Muslim lands. It seems that there is constant war in the Middle East, with one group constantly trying to exterminate another. I’m talking about different branches of Islam here. They’re killing their own people off, because of their differences in interpreting their holy book.

However, these Syrian refugees are interesting in and of themselves. First of all, there are almost no Christians amongst them, even though ISIS is quick to kill all Christians who don’t renounce Christ and convert to Islam.

Apparently, the only ones being allowed to leave as refugees are Muslims. But even then, there are certain things they are looking for. Seventy-five percent of these refugees are males of military age. They try to escape going to war. Or it looks very much like they are being selected and sent out by ISIS, for some purpose.

Europe is becoming overrun with Muslim refugees and has been since long before the current wave of Syrian refugees sought asylum. As with many immigrants, they tend to settle in pockets or ghettos, along with others of like faith and culture. While immigrants from other countries do the same, there’s a huge difference between the way that Muslims do it and the way that others do.

Muslims move into a neighborhood or suburb to conquer it. No, they’re not using swords to do so (at least, not that I’ve heard); they’re using social pressure and the law. They’re taking advantage of political correctness, playing up the part of being mistreated minorities. But they are far from that.

The Qur’an tells them that they are to rule the earth. They are the head and all infidels are beneath them. As such, they can mistreat any infidel in any manner they so choose. We have no rights and our laws really don’t mean a thing to them.

In fact, seems like the only time they pay attention to our law, is when they can twist it to their advantage. Seeing as they don’t obey the laws of the countries that they move to, it’s not unusual for some of these Muslims to abuse the inhabitants, as in their eyes, those people are mere infidels.

The goal of every one of these Muslim neighborhoods, communities or ghettos is to convert it to a Muslim controlled community, ruled by Sharia law. That is the only law they recognize and the only one to which they will submit. European laws or American laws mean nothing to them.

It has reached a point now in Europe where the Muslims have succeeded in taking over communities and making them “no go” zones. Infidels are not welcome in those areas, even infidel police. The Muslim population is self-governing, creating their own courts that follow Sharia law, regardless of what national laws declare.

Infidels who enter these no go zones are greeted with hostility, even violence at times. But most often, all they need to do is display their hostility and people leave. Muslims have enough of a reputation for violence that normal people don’t want to mess with them.

France is the worst for this, but they are by no means the only country with Muslim no go zones. We’re even seeing them start to crop up here in the United States. The city of Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit, is almost totally taken over my Muslims, making it the biggest no go zone in the United States. I’ve seen videos, taken by infidels who dared to wander into that area, and the hostility that was displayed towards them.


Everything Has Its Price

With so many refugees, one has to ask why none of them are going to the Muslim lands that border upon Syria. That is the historic norm for refugees of any type. One would naturally assume that refugees would go to the nearest country where they would be safe. After all, that’s what normally happens.

But not in this case; no, these refugees are paying thousand Euros each to have someone “guide” them to European countries. If they’re in such sad shape, where are they getting that money from?

Obviously, there’s more here than meets the eye. Someone or some organization is behind this exodus, paying for these people to go to Europe and spread Islam. Whoever it is, has made the decision to invest in this, with the expectation that these people will eventually convert Europe.

The other factor for why they are going to Europe, rather than to the surrounding Muslim countries is that the Muslim countries haven’t adopted socialist attitudes towards redistributing the wealth.

In a European country they can count on the government giving them food, money and a place to stay. If they go to one of the surrounding Muslim countries, about all they’re going to get is a tent in a refugee camp, if that.

This is placing an incredible strain on the economies of these European countries. These people aren’t moving there to work; they’re not moving to become a useful member of society; they’re moving there to take over the countries they move to and demand that the country’s government pay them to do so.

Of course, this isn’t limited to Europe either. Some percentage of these “refugees” are making it to the United States as well. We really don’t have any idea how many are, simply because the government is lying to us. However, it appears that Obama has already allowed over 60,000 of them to immigrate to the United States.

That’s not counting those who have managed to sneak across our southern border, along with the “refugee children” from Central America. Unlike the Syrian refugees, these haven’t even come from a war zone, merely from countries which have had a violent culture for years. Why that makes them refugees now, when they weren’t ten years ago, is beyond me.

The Border Patrol is under orders to list anyone from the Middle East, who crosses our southern border, as “OTM” which stands for “other than Mexican.” That’s it. There’s no further identification, showing how many of the OTMs who cross our border are actually from the Middle East.

There could literally be thousands who have joined this jihad and have snuck across our border to help build the Islamic community here in the United States.

Like they are doing in Europe, those Muslims will try and take over communities, bringing them under Islamic control and Sharia Law. We can expect to see them creating more no go zones and establishing their own Sharia tribunals, rather than accepting our civil and criminal law.

The Muslims in Texas already tried this, establishing their own tribunal, without any legal right to do so. They didn’t even bother getting a law passed or check to see if it was legal. They just started it, daring the city to do anything.

Well, the Mayor of Irving, Texas, where this tribunal was started, ordered that to be shut down, declaring the tribunal illegal. That, of course, was answered with cries of “racism” and “discrimination” but in reality, no law, outside of American law has any standing in the United States.

A German or French citizen has no right to expect to be tried in a German or French court in the United States, so why should Muslims be allowed a Muslim court?

The big scare behind all this is actual terrorists coming into the United States. We know that some are, as Border Patrol captured 10 ISIS soldiers in McAllen, Texas a few months ago. If normal statistics hold true, where ten were caught, another 100 made it through.

Those 10 aren’t all that has happened. The latest count I’ve heard is that there have been over 3,000 known terrorists or people on terrorist watch lists, who have been granted entrance to the United States, under Obama’s relaxed enforcement of immigration laws.

So, you see, our society and our way of life is under direct attack. We are literally facing a situation where we are soon going to see TEOTWAWKI, even without a major event happening. As they gain more and more ground in the United States, they are going to push more and more for Sharia to become the law of the land, whether formally or informally.

Muslims are already getting exceptions in all sorts of areas. Muslim men in the military are allowed to wear Muslim head coverings and have beards, while nobody else is allowed any sort of special dress.

Islam is being taught in our public schools, as part of Common Core curriculum. Muslims are winning every case they bring up, where they are asking an exemption from doing the jobs they were hired to do, if they can argue that it defies their religion.

We are losing the war with the immigrants; and unless we stand up like Australia and a few other countries, we will lose it all. They will take over the United States, one court case at a time, with the progressive liberals bowing down to them, in order to not hurt their feelings. It doesn’t matter what the majority of our citizens want, it has already become a capitulation to give them what they want.

At some point, we the people are going to have to stand up and say “Enough is enough.” Our politicians won’t do it; our media won’t do it. No, it’s up to you and I to do it, or it won’t be done. So, what are you going to do if not to stand up and be counted?


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Well said, Bill.
    And THANK YOU for not using the idiotic term thrown about in the “media” so profusely: “Radical Muslims”. There is no such thing. As you described, their own “holy books” compel them to follow the Jihad….it is NOT an option, nor is it radical….it is simply orthodoxy – to them.
    This trend has been going on for centuries…..recently, in our time, we adults should remember the warring in Eastern Europe, after “the wall” fell. Neighborhood was warring against neighborhood, in what the media prostitutes termed: “Ethnic Cleansing”. … meant for us (US) to be indignant at the “violation of these poor peoples’ rights”. NO – it was the NORMAL people finally standing up on their hind legs and pushing the blasted moon-god worshipping Musloids OUT of their country.
    It WILL happen again….here….thanks in large part to our Musloid – in- Chief bringing them in, wholesale.

  • Timely topic, Bill. We need a way to sort out the true refugees and honest migrants from the ISIS sleepers. We could make them take a Western worldview course, so they’d know what they are getting into, but that still wouldn’t tell us what they intend to do. People whose villages and roots have been destroyed won’t have anyone to vouch for them, normally, so we can’t vet them that way. We need to have an education process for them but also a probationary process, to sort out the sleepers from the ones who are genuine. Obviously the govt. will not do this for us nor would I want them to try (they’ll just get wrong). It has to be private organizations, perhaps churches, working in alliance with one another to maintain the Western Christian worldview. Call it an accreditation process, and make it a coveted attainment that gives immigrants acceptance within the Christian and pro-American community. Just ideas … not sure how we get this started. Maybe a pilot program in my own locale … but we can’t wait to see if pilot programs work. The issue you described is going on now.

    • You as a Christian in western lands can not make deals with these people.Their agenda is clear, they’re doing it all over the world. They must be evicted from the United States. If not there will not be a United States. They are not here to fit in,they have no want to fit in.It is said in all truthfulness,if they say they are here to fit in they are liars,if you believe they are coming here to fit in you’re an idiot.I believe that we are staring at a war on American soil that is going to happen.Barack Hussein Obama started it 7 yrs ago, I said it then and I say it now,life in this country is going to change dramatically and I believe it will happen before the next election. Prepare your selves as best you can. When it begins you won’t have time to do so.

  • Don’t let them in. Send them to Syria, Egypt, Lydia, Pakistan or any where else.
    Why should I fight and die for them. Makes no sense.
    Make them renounce their religion when they get here.I am tired of political correctness.

    • Saudi Arabia has a tent city with nice big air conditioned huge tents, enough for over a hundred thousand people…NONE went there because Saudi has NO welfare and Muslims cant cry racism {Islam is NOT a race} every time they get into trouble….These fakeugies are grown adult men…if their countries are so bad, why leave the women and kids??? When do grown men travel to other countries alone?? FOR WAR!!!! Look up pics of Yazidis Christians and Kurdish Christians…THOSE are what real refugees look like…thin and dirty, hungry and scared and yet they get turned away, /America has taken over 380000 fakugies during Obummer rein and 97% are Muslim men….3% are women, kids and Christians combined….Refugees do NOT demand, demand and demand…in the old days refugees had to host families and the new comer took American classes to learn culture, history, language and the law. There were strict guidelines and if you put a toe out of line. You were gone.And there was NO welfare, food stamps, Medicaid….you had to work and learn all about America, then after some years, you applied for a green card. Islamists are not taking anything from us….America and the West are simply giving it away….who goes to PTA, town halls, City council meetings?? do you know who the reps are?? whose on you school board?? Know these things as your children and grandchildren will be the ones who pay the price of our ignorance and apathy.

  • I am one American who is tired of paying and paying and paying, financially, physically, emotionally. Let them live in their utopian society somewhere else. We have got to stand up and say no to all of this. Illegal immigration as well. I am tired of listening to the politically correct politicians saying we can’t build a wall to keep them out. The Soviet Union kept people in for years with dogs, burp guns, mines and concertina wire. Good grief everyone wake up before it really is too late. Why should we, a nation of the tolerant welcome hordes of intolerance? Makes no sense!

  • Good read Bill. You are right when sounding the warning horns. I agree we will let many more thousands of these Middle Eastern “Refuges” in and they will set up their own communities. Just as we have allowed the illegals to come across our southern border. They (both groups) will not assimilate to our language or culture or our laws. They will do just as they want to do, just as they did in their country of origin. We politically correct American “sheeple” wouldn’t dare say anything or do anything that might “offend” one of these groups. We will just wake up one morning and wonder what happened. Then go right back to watching our favorite “Drama” on TV and act like nothing really did happen.

    Its like standing on a beach with the waves slowly washing past you.. You don’t notice the sand slowly being washed from under your feet until your foundation has collapsed and you have to move to keep from falling down. Our Foundation is being washed away but we do nothing about it.

    • rs: agree, also we have very few alpha males in this country and Europe is being trashed because the men are all beta sissy males. America is trashed and once enough Muslims are in a country the killing starts. Most men today would hide in their garage or closet when hell breaks loose, while their wives and daughters, sisters are raped and killed. Europe didn’t learn from history and history is no longer taught in schools here. Hundreds of years ago, Europe was invaded by Romans, Huns, Vikings, Saxons, etc killing and pillaging, etc. Muslims doctrines are to kill infidels.

      • Very true about European men….they went from he-males to she-males….and with guns very hard to get the gals cant defend themselves…England has passed knife control laws because crime continued after gun confiscation….now store cant sell knives with sharp edges or points….seriously…STOP, or Ill stab you with a spork……What I would do if I were able is have a clearance sale on pet piggies,….Muslims will avoid you at all cost if you have pork….tea cup pigs are small , intelligent and very easy to train…and kryptonite to <Muslims. Its a win win situation

  • The time is rapidly approaching when Patriots will have to carry the fight to the enemy in a swift, silent and deadly fashion, and if it is required, be willing to shoot it out with the police who are protecting the enemy. A case in point is in New York City where every Friday at noon the Muslim pigs block the downtown area by parying in the streets, and attacking anyone who tries to get past them. And, the NYC Poloce protect them, and detain or arrest those to try to stop them from blocking the streets and their businesses. So, now is the time to decide when you have had enough, and what you will be willing to do about it, and tell no one. Just do it when the time comes.

    • We could use good patriot warriors here in west Tx area….We have everything here in the country that people would need in storage…..WE are as prepared as we can be for the moment….but need good honest people for security.

  • We have a Hugh Trojan horse coming into our country that are waiting to be let loose and we are sitting back and letting them get away with it. Watch Out America the dawn is coming.

  • I have been following several websites to learn what is going on with this topic. I follow Jihad Watch to keep track of daily events, The Religion of Peace is keeping track of the 26,800 or so Jihad events that have occurred since 9-11 and are still occurring (they have a running counter) and Citizen Warrior is attempting to educate people on the contents of the Qu’ran (read the essay on “The terrifying brilliance of Islam”). It might be useful to mention these sites; the more people and our leaders(!) understand what Islam is really about, the better chance we have of fighting it. Thanks.

  • First we need to get The Muslim in Chief out of OUR White House. Then stop giving our enemies support, food, money, shelter and any other thing that could give them an excuse to come here. Giving aid and comfort to our enemies has always been considered a treasonable act that carried a capitol punishment sentence. Giving our would-be conquerors food, money and shelter definitely qualifies Obama as such.
    Stop trying to save the world and close our borders and toss out the ones that are already here at their expense, not our taxpayers. If they are hired to do a job and say they can’t do any part of it due to their religion but they still expect to get paid for the same job FIRE THEIR ASSES! If they can’t adhere to the military dress code, kick them out, just as we would be. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING IN OUR MILITARY OR DOING IN AMERICAN JOB SLOTS?
    Clear out any non-muslim areas that have been taken over and closed to non-muslims. That includes places like Dearborn, MI and get rid of sharia law and it’s tribunals where ever they’re found.
    Make sure that every single Christian in America has a weapon and knows how to use it. That includes everyone, men, women and children! The time of Camelot has passed and the enemy is not at our gates they’re in our yards.

    • Amen!

  • No more immigration, no more political correctness! Time for a little jihad of our own!!!

  • We need Christ to save us from these Muslims