6 Keys To Finding The Perfect Firearms Training For You

Do you want to learn how to shoot but don’t have any idea where to start? Finding the right instructor can be tough, especially if you’ve never fired a gun before. You also want to find an instructor whose teaching method matches your learning method.

If you’re a visual learner, you need one that’s going to take you to the range and show you how to do it step by step instead of wasting your time trying to explain it to you first. Maybe you prefer to stand at the back of the class and watch for a while instead of being the center of attention. These are both scenarios that effect how you learn so you need to find an instructor that meets your needs.

Weapons training is no joke so it’s imperative that you find the trainer that will teach you the most.

So how do you find this perfect firearms trainer? We found a great article by Travis P who is an infantry veteran. He spells it out well and warns you of some of the hidden issues that you should look for. He also gives you a nice list of credentials that you should check before choosing a firearms trainer along with clarifying some of the military or firearms credentials that you’ll run across in your search.

Travis P keeps it real and offers some incredibly useful advice that will help you find a good instructor without blowing your cash on smoke and mirrors.

Read his article here: 6 Keys to Finding the Perfect Firearms Training for You.


This article has been written by Theresa Crouse for Survivopedia.


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  • Every one wants to have the latest Rambo garbage, for home protection & all that. I have several weapons & only 1 weapon larger than .22 is semi auto. None are Commie crap. As the man said “… No self respecting American, would own an Ak or SKS junk. Nor are any of my knives made in China, Went to buy a Puma & saw that it was ‘assembled’ in China gave it back, told the clerk I don’t buy junk from China or Brazil. I have found many American made knives, Swedish, English & German, Japanese knives but not 1 made of crushed beer cans.
    BTW. my 30 cal is the light weight dependable accurate M1 Carbine. Not some spray & pray AK. All my other weapons are bolt & lever action form .22 to 45/70 & about every thing in between. Any thing that advertises as ‘Tatical’ is just high priced junk. As they have too many parts. Remember KISS, that’s the bolt & lever action weapon.