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Being a vegan is a very time consuming business, and it’s only possible in our high-tech society, where you can work without basically doing

Are you trying to shave some money off your grocery bill? Intentionally adding some budget friendly meals to your meal plan can help you

At least 80% of all processed foods contain GMO ingredients (soy, corn, canola), and the vast majority of Americans eat genetically modified foods daily.

Following “backlash” (just kidding) from our readers after one of my recent articles about eating bugs for survival, I’ve decided to dive deeper into

Regardless of how many knives you carry, choose good quality knives as well as accessories such as sharpening stones and suitable carrying cases.

No matter when you look at the news these days, there are endless stories about food recalls as well as ones about people that

100% artificial foods: What can we eat that will not lead to serious illness now as well as in a time of major crisis?

A wonderbag is fairly easy to assemble and will last for years. With a little bit of practice and integration with solar ovens, you

Take time to learn what plants around you are nutritious. Otherwise you will be at a disadvantage when disaster strikes, and you can’t buy

Bug eating is not at the top of any survivalist’s list of fun things to do, however, in a survival situation, when food and

The recipes for some of these super foods were developed decades to hundreds of years ago.  You can learn to make all of them,

Frying chicken is a process that is time consuming but completely worth it when you finally sit down and bite into the freshest home-fried chicken.

Being fully prepared ahead of time is the absolute only way to survive comfortably until the disaster has passed. And everyone will have to revert

Cowboy biscuits take minimal ingredients, and travel well. The sourdough can also be used for many other breads, and you won’t need to worry

What if fishing is your only way to survive in the next coming days? Do you think you can pull through without proper gear? Truth