11 Gifts Under $25 For Preppers

Gifts for preppers

Looking for the perfect gift for the preppers in your life? Check out our list of 11 + 1 useful and practical gifts ideas under 25$.

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10 Secret Ways To Turn The Panic Room Into A Bunker

Panic Room

Do you have a panic room in your house? Here are the secrets to follow for turning this space into the safest location on earth.

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How To Make Chloroform For Survival


Originally chloroform was used as an anesthetic to knock people out for surgery. Now you can make it at home.

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PrepperCon 2016: Why To Attend?


This year’s PrepperCon features a number of competitions to hone survival skills and keep emergency preparedness fun. Don’t miss the expo!

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Restraint Escape Carry: 16 Ways To Go Undetected


The restraint escape kit is one facet of an escape plan. Knowing how to use and carry it, is another part of the deal. How much do you know about it?

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10 Must Have Natural Remedies For Preppers


Why put our money into Big Pharma’s pockets when we can rely on natural remedies that, that have no side effects at all?

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Restraint Escape Kit: Why You Need The Ability To Escape

escape restraint

A restraint escape kit doesn’t have to be a “break glass in case of emergency” kit that is only useful in the event that taken prisoner. But what should it be?

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Pros and Cons: Body Power Systems For Survivors


Although these systems do not generate huge amounts of electricity, they offer enough power to keep you alive. Which one would you choose?

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Top 10 Types Of Meds You Need To Stockpile

10 meds

You should have at least a month’s medical supply. What if you don’t have access to what you need, though? Find out how to build your medical supply!

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5 Reasons To Make A Bug In Bag

Bug in plan

While caching supplies throughout the house may be of some help, there is still a core of tools and vital materials that should be with you at all time.

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Hazardous Or Harmless? The Mistakes That Could Kill You

First Aid

Do we know the things which are safe to substitute for others? Or are we likely to use something dangerous, just because we don’t know any better?

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How To Survive When Jammed In Traffic

traffic jam

While it may not seem like much of a survival situation, it may even be more challenging than surviving once you get to your bug out location.

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Types Of Rope And Why You Need Them

man in postapocalyptic landscape wit survival gear and gas mask

One of THE essential items in any respectable survival kit or bug out bag is a strong, solid piece of rope. What kind of rope should you use, though?

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Don’t Fly Without These 20 TSA-Approved Items

Silhouette of airplane with a beautiful sky.

What is worse than relinquishing all the items from your EDC kit? Here’s one: relinquishing the items and boarding a plane to fly across the country.

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Prep Blog Review: Health Preparedness?

Photo collage

Do you think there’s such a thing as being 100% prepped for a health emergency? I dare say we sure as hell try!

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Common Items To Use For Medical Crisis (I)

Cover Medical

When it comes to medical supplies, there are many items that you have around the house that are superstar substitutions for the “real thing”.

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