Prep Blog Review: 50+ Natural Heal-Anything Cures

Heal Anything

When it comes to your medical preparation for a post-disaster scenario, heal-anything natural remedies are the safest way to go.

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Prep Blog Review: Freeze Drying Or Dehydrating?


Learning about common methods of food preservation for long term storage is important. What would you choose: freeze drying or dehydrating?

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Prep Blog Review: Best Practices For Storing Food

articol_11 (1)

Storing food for survival becomes overwhelming when you keep buying, and buying without a plan in mind. Here is how to store wisely.

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Prep Blog Review: Are You Prepared For An EMP Attack?


The U.S. power grid is in danger more than ever. Do you know how to prepare for a power failure that will put your life in danger?

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Prep Blog Review: 8+ Food Crops To Grow In Your Survival Garden


Starting a survival garden is one of your resolutions for 2017? If so, here are some ideas about how to grow efficient food crops.

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Prep Blog Review: Let’s Talk About Survival Food

Survival Food

From planning to cooking the best survival recipes, food should be a priority for every prepper. So, let’s talk about survival food!

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Prep Blog Review: Preparing For What 2017 May Bring

Preparing for 2017

2017 brings a lot of challenges and unknown events. We never know what the future brings so always prepare for the unexpected.

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New Year Prep Blog Review: 5 Resolutions For Preppers


A new year provides opportunities to learn new skills. Here I’ve gathered 5 articles to help you set your prepping resolutions for 2017.

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Christmas Prep Blog Review: 5 Last Minute Gifts

Christmas Gifts

If you forgot to buy a present and you are looking for last minute gifts ideas, here you have 5 easy, cheap DIY projects.

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Prep Blog Review: How to Survive Winter In The City

Winter survival

The winter holidays are coming but don’t lose focus from your prepping. Here are some useful tips for winter survival in urban areas.

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Prep Blog Review: DIY Christmas Gifts For Preppers

DIY Christmas Gifts

I am sure you are looking for Christmas gifts so here are some awesome and fun DIY gifts ideas for the preppers in your life.

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Prep Blog Review: Ultimate Winter Survival Tips

Winter tips

Winter brings joy but also many new challenges for preppers. From colds to winter storms, with knowledge you can overcome any challenge.

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Prep Blog Review: Gardening & Farming Winter Tips

Winter Gardening

For many people, gardening & farming are related to spring and summer, but not for us. Here is how to grow your food during winter.

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Prep Blog Review: About Living Off-grid

Living Off grid

People lived before the grid even existed but when our electricity driven society will fall, how long will you survive?

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Prep Blog Review: 18+ Tips For Healthy Preppers

Healthy Preppers

The challenge nowadays is to stay healthy in a toxic environment. These tips will help you keep health a priority for your SHTF plan.

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Prep Blog Review: 13+ Essential Winter Survival Tips

Winter Prepping

At the end of Winter Weather Preparedness Week I’ve gathered 13+ essential winter survival tips you should check right now.

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