Prep Blog Review: Are You Storing The Right Food?

No matter how many times I write about survival foo, there is always something new. When it comes to survival food, there are so many things to think about: variety, nutritional values, caloric value, taste, weight, storage conditions, special diets.

I know, sometimes is overwhelming and one of the biggest challenge is not knowing what kind of food to store for emergency or survival.

With this thing in mind, for this week’s Prep Blog Review I’ve gathered five articles on this topic. If you have other suggestions, please comment in the section below.

1. 11 Food Storage Lessons Learned From WWI

“World War I was a long war that brought hunger and starvation to Europe. Agriculture was disrupted and commercial food production plummeted. The United States greatly increased shipments of food to Europe to help feed the troops and starving civilians. Food shortages were felt in the US, as they sacrificed to meet the growing food shortages, Americans learned to be careful with food and to make do with much less. We learned that war does not have to be fought in your homeland to affect you and your family. Here are a few more of the important lessons to be learned from World War I.”

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2. Emergency Food vs. Survival Food – Surprise! You Need Both

“We talk a lot about emergency food but do we ever really define what it is we mean? When it comes to surviving an emergency, our body requires different types of food to meet different types survival needs.

Life-Threatening Emergencies

When your life is on the line, your body responds. It is programmed to help you find the energy to fight off an attack or to flee – fight or flight. It is a tool that goes back to a time when our ancestors lived in caves and had to hunt and forage for their food. We were not the only predator, and sometimes we were the prey.”

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3. 25 survival Foods You Forgot To Buy

“When it comes to survival foods, there are the staples such as rice and beans and pasta that can be found in almost every bunker. But there’s a whole host of other great survival foods that are often overlooked.

If you’re a prepper, then chances are you already have most of the foods on this list, but I’m posting it on the off chance that you’ll come across a few great survival foods that you simply forgot. For example, I was recently surprised to discover I didn’t have any taco seasoning stockpiled, which is crazy because I love tacos! I thought sure I had some, but apparently I used it all and forgot to replace it. You can bet I fixed that situation immediately.”

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4. Why You Need To Store The Right Food Storage

“Do you sometimes wonder why you need to store the right food storage for your family? It’s a little overwhelming, right? Should I buy freeze-dried, dehydrated or what? Do you remember when you were growing up and our parents had a few 50-pound or 100-pound cans filled with powdered milk, beans, and sugar? Ours were shiny green.”

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5. The 25 Pantry Essentials You Need For Scratch Cooking

“Does your pantry contain all of the basics for scratch cooking? There are 25 ingredients that you need in your pantry at all times to cook from scratch.

More and more people are reclaiming the lost art of cooking from scratch in an effort to save money and avoid the trend toward processed food. A good pantry should have everything you need to whip together a pie, a loaf of bread, a casserole, or a batch of biscuits with no trip to the store required.”

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