What Makes Us Strong Enough To Survive?

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This is the time of year when our thoughts turn to family, friends and blessings. However, it occurs to us here at Survivopedia that maybe, as preppers, we may be a bit more aware of these gifts than other people are, or maybe we’re just more active about our feelings. We say this because, for many of us, prepping to survive crisis isn’t necessarily all about our personal survival.

Stockpiling, learning what to do in emergencies and studying how to live off the grid aren’t actions that are motivated solely by our personal survival response; they’re often driven by many other factors, too. We tend to be a family-centric, patriotic lot who just wants to do what’s best for those that we care about; that’s why we feel the need to prepare for any eventuality.

So WHY do we preppers do what we do?



You see it every species; even the meekest of parents will fight to protect their young if given no other choice.

Our desire to protect our children is ingrained deeply into our DNA and it’s probably one of the few urges that can’t be overcome or controlled.

If our cubs are threatened, we WILL fight to the end to protect them.

That urge carries forward to our prepping and survival efforts. We stockpile food for our kids and our parents, we teach them survival skills so that they can live even if something happens to us, and we would find an extra reserve of strength to continue fighting if it meant that they would survive, even if we didn’t.


Americans are a patriotic people and the desire to protect the rights that have been won with the blood of many is strong.

We respect those that have fought before us and we have an overwhelming desire to protect those rights for ourselves and for our families and friends.

For that matter, we are a people that pull together in times of strife and even strangers are people worth fighting for, because they’re part of the collective “us”.


We have the mentality that if you strike one of us, you strike us all and if push comes to shove, we’ll dig deep to find the ability to keep fighting in order to protect what we’ve been given even if it’s for those that survive when we don’t.

America isn’t just a plot of land; it’s an ideal and we’re willing to die to protect that ideal.

Personal Survival

Of course we want to survive but that compulsion is rarely driven by purely selfish motives. If we die, our kids won’t have anybody to protect them, our animals will starve or be taken by those who may abuse or eat them. Our land will be used by those that seek to do our neighbors harm and our country may fall into enemy hands if there are no prepared patriots to stand up and fight for her.

When the going gets tough and there doesn’t seem to be an ounce of strength left in us to fight, it won’t be selfish reasons that give us the ability to reach deep within ourselves to find a reserve of grit that we didn’t even know we had. It will be the love of family, friends and country that gives us the edge we need to rise and fight some more.

You see, America wasn’t built by the selfish or the greedy – it was lovingly and painstakingly created by a group of strong men and women who were tired of being beaten down.  The world needed a place where all were equal and welcome; a safe harbor where people could speak freely and raise their families without fear of persecution.

Millions of brave men and women have given their life’s blood to protect this wondrous place and it’s that sacrifice to protect the ideal that will give us the extra oomph that we need to keep fighting even when we think we have nothing left.

We have what nobody else in the world has, and we’ll continue to fight for it regardless of how cold, wet, exhausted, hungry or injured we are, for we have right on our side. Our last breaths will be spent protecting what is ours and fighting to preserve our way of life for generations to come. Our faith in God and Country will sustain us and our will to survive and protect will keep us going long after we should have fallen. We are Americans, and we are strong. In the end, we WILL survive! Happy holidays to you all!

EMP4This article has been written by Theresa Crouse for Survivopedia.


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Theresa Crouse is a full-time writer currently living in central Florida. She was born and raised in the hills of West Virginia, where she learned to farm, hunt, fish, and live off the land from an early age. She prefers to live off the grid as much as possible and does her best to follow the “leave nothing behind but footprints” philosophy. For fun, she enjoys shooting, kayaking, tinkering on her car and motorcycle, and just about anything else that involves water, going fast, or the outdoors.

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  • Bravo! Could not have said it better. Proud to be an American and your neighbor. God Bless

  • Thank you for the great laugh!! I thought: Christmas eve, what could make me laugh!

    Many of your other articles are just great, so you are entitled to explain yourself. The worst I can say is that you really believe “right is on America’s side”.

    1000 international bases, 19 aircraft carriers and 1000s nuclear bombs and we are “banding together with strangers to defend our young”. OK.

    Merry Christmas.

    • I’m an American and I will band together with my family, friends and neighbors to defend what is ours. I don’t have any nuclear weapons, nor do I own an aircraft carrier or live on an international base (of which many are where they are, in support of our allies – a base of operations is not necessarily a threat, though I do understand some are even if they are no longer taken seriously by our enemies). I believe he is speaking of Americans in the general term, the citizens of the United States, not the government.

    • Yep! that article could make a smile for other reasons too. Given today’s world, one could say Americans are a unique people. We may not blow up our children or behead folks with different ideas and really as a people we’re all far from perfect. We also allow anyone who doesn’t like us to leave America if they want and they don’t even have to come back. Ever. Those thousand or so international bases help us keep America as our land of choice and that’s a pretty good thing too. Just think about it; you don’t even have to apply for an ‘exit visa’. Now that’s something to smile about.

      • Old crippled vet: As a vet myself, not crippled yet, I try my hardest to keep up with the news. Best I can.

        Yes, American government (military) fly drones and blow up people in other countries. They kill innocent people. Ooops. Sorry! Was that your grandmother? out in her garden?

        Yes, our country (not citizens) now maim and torture and commit atrocities of unspeakable nature.

        No, despite your welcome mat to me, now that you are done with me as a fellow vet? You can physically leave America, IRS still wants taxes.

        A unique people? Exceptional?

        If I don’t agree, hit the door and shut up?

        Again, it makes me laugh. Don’t know why that hurts your feelings.

        • Your reply to old crippled vet does not compute. We may be old and we may be crippled, but the big majority of we vets have such a love for our country that at least we went to war for her and many gave their lives for her or limbs or health. I am proud to be an American. I may not agree with the current situation in my country of USA, but I WILL fight for her, even at my age…and, I would bet that thousands of vets would do the same.
          My philosophy…if you have a problem with your commitment to the USA…”Hit the road Jack”

          • You write: My philosophy…if you have a problem with your commitment to the USA…”Hit the road Jack”.

            Yes, I know you have that philosophy. It appears, most times a person, including other vets, makes a comment about a problem, you “get defense, challenge their patriotism and tell them to get lost”. Right?

            “your country” is so great, that “your country” can’t own up to any imperfections. I get it.

            This site helps people with practical info for when the SHTF.

            The 1000 bases? The nukes? The Torture? The $1/2 Trillion my country (I assume yours) just spent on military?

            These things make it MORE likely the SHTF.

            It is just my opinion. These things make our children less safe. More likely to be the victims of torture (oh, you mean it?) than if we weren’t doing these things.

            Since you have fought for my freedom of expression, right? why is your philosophy to ask me to leave if my expressions isn’t right down your line?

            Your opinions certainly don’t make me hostile toward you.

            Best, tim

  • I totally agree with Theresa. I am a 68 year old Viet Nam, Veteran and I hate to see what is going on in our country. Race relations has been set back to the 60’s and accountability is nowhere to be seen in our Government. I mostly blame the voters that are so apathetic and narcsistic they don’t even know what is going on.
    Everyone has their had in an electronic device or only get the crap that main stream leftist media moguls want them to hear.
    If something happens I am sure there will only be a few of us left.

    • I’m also a Nam vet. I mostly lay the blame for what’s going on in our country at the feet of our education system. Educators no longer teach children the reasons why America is different, how our system works, how the Constitution outlines our rights as citizens, or even what the government can and can’t do to citizens. They do not even teach them an American history as it actually happened, when where or why. Instead children are taught a fable in the place of our history and kids are indoctrinated. All one needs to understand how messed up our kids get by the time they reach college, where they are immersed in anti-American indoctrination on a greater level is ask them some simple questions: Here is a video that gives you an idea of the level of educated stupid our kids are at graduation: http://thevinevigil.wordpress.com/2014/12/10/american-universities-are-close-to-stupid/

      As long as there is a veteran living I believe we will see many standing up to anyone, foreign or domestic, who tries to destroy this country. It may take the loss of freedom and the sense of us having all the safety and food we can want whenever we want it, before many of the lackadaisical younger people to “get it”. Just teach the young’uns you come in contact with and I’ll teach the ones I run into, what this country means and one day they may “get it”.

  • I think the will to survive is in most of us right at birth. In the case of disaster I expect that instinct would come to light.
    In the event someone or some group would try to take my freedom would make it known that I spent two yeArs fighting for freedom for people didn’t know and whose language I didn’t speak. So am I going to gives up mine?
    Not bloody likely!

  • Great piece! I loved it and I’m sharing.

  • “You see, America wasn’t built by the selfish or the greedy – it was lovingly and painstakingly created by a group of strong men and women who were tired of being beaten down.”

    …On the blood and backs of slaves and Native Peoples. Who were robbed and beaten down.

    • And you are so much a racist that you probably believe all the slaves were black from Africa!

      Wrong! Why don’t you do some research and learn just how ignorant you are as a result of having been “educated” in the public schools and state universities of this nation. Just for laughs why not Google “Irish slaves” to see one small piece of the larger group of Non-Black African slaves who built this nation. There are many white, Chinese, Indian and other races who were enslaved and used to build this country!!!!!

  • well said young lady. there are many of us that feel the same.thank you for relating what we feel so well. in my 60’s of course i want to live but all my preps.are always with my children and grandchildren in mind.AMERICAN STRONG AMERICAN PROUD.GOD BLESS

  • You folks think you’re so free?

    You think your patriotic sentiments are really benefiting you? You think you’re free because you wave the flag, you vote/can vote, have a “Constitution”, have a “checks & balances system”, have a fat bank account, can save for your “nest egg”, can buy the latest gadget/toy/gimmick, can entertain yourself with hundreds of cable channels/sports games/video games, have a big house & car, visit Disney Land/Six Flags, have “2 -4 paid weeks” vacation annually, have a grand army, or can attack/invade weaker nations & exploit their natural resources & cheap labor with impunity? You think these table scraps and lackluster, materialist pursuits & interests are anything to boast about or will get you anywhere?

    We’re just slaves, folks. We keep using money…we keep looking for a leader/new leader to follow…we keep using/consuming/making/selling destructive & harmful products…we work hard, long hours for the benefit of the elite Few who determine the fate of the Many with the stroke of a pen, a handshake, a speech, or a secret meeting…we pay bills/taxes/fees/charges/penalties/debts/etc…we worry about the health of our body & mind, our loved ones, our air, our soil, our water, our food…we worry about job boredom/burnout/wages/security/competition/stress…we worry about stock & forex rates/gas prices/inflation/etc…we worry if we will have enough quality time (or even energy) with our family & friends…we worry about martial law/police brutality/random search & seizures/chips/mandatory vaccines/drones/cameras/wars/one-world government/etc…we think we can “change” things by joining some group/party/union/organization/association/etc. or by voting/petitioning/protesting/rioting/etc…and so on. You get the idea.

    Yet as we continue to do all these things, conditions get worse. Have you considered that the matrix (yes, it is a veritable “matrix”) you’re living in is not, and was never designed to be “fixed/fixable”, or re-designed for your benefit? A slave system is designed only & completely to keep you a slave.

    And more importantly, have you ever thought…why should I even have to worry about any of these things? Why should any of these concerns for us or anyone else even exist?

    This should lead anyone with even a few working brain cells to realize that the only (ie, logical) means to creating a paradise on earth is to simply eliminate the “system” altogether. And this can be accomplished rapidly by simply stopping the use of money…and ignoring (not killing/protesting/attacking/arresting) politicians/bankers/other elites…and committing to global cooperation. No violent revolution required. If we’re going to work, then we should be working for each other rather than for money. It will be like each person having millions/billions working for them.

    Imagine no money, no banks, no business, no stores…imagine no leaders/rulers/kings/dictators/laws…imagine only a “council of wise elders” who teach & give advice, but do not rule or make laws, nor are necessary to follow or obey…imagine everything being free…imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world without charge…imagine pursuing a line of work (when still a child) of greatest interest & joy to you…imagine no diplomas/degrees/grade levels…imagine working without any mandatory or set schedules…imagine the only work needed is that which is necessary (eg, teaching, health, science & technology, exploration, food production, materials, maintenance & construction…NO money/banking/taxation/insurance/business/trade/stock market/forex/commercial/retail jobs)…imagine machines doing all the hard/tedious/boring/dangerous labor…imagine having a huge surplus of labor (because of cooperation, much fewer necessary jobs, less work necessary, & producing only what we need)…imagine having access to abundant, healthy water & food (from home, community, & city gardens, plus wild veggies & game)…imagine healthy air/water/soil/food…imagine rarely needing healthcare because of healthy & abundant natural resources, tons of free time, fun work, and lack of stress…imagine no suppression of free energy devices, or even alien technologies…imagine free contact & exchange with alien civilizations (resulting in new knowledge & technologies)…imagine being able to finally transfer all potentially destructive or toxic mining/manufacturing/construction operations to other planets/moons/asteroids, and keeping earth a pristine garden home…imagine having every means to fulfill your fullest potential…imagine a true paradise, and true freedom.

    Why shoot for the moon when you can shoot for the stars? Your potential is far greater than you realize, and you’re just giving away this power to a bunch of reptilian elites.

    I’ll leave with this quote every person would do well to ponder:

    “The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” ~Charles du Bos