3 Signs The Economic Crash Will Hit Us In 2016

Never before in the history of the United States have so many top authorities agreed on one thing: the end of the US Dollar is almost here, and a global economic crisis will start in 2016.

This is very, very clear.

“Cash is trash.” – Robert Kiyosaki

“Dollar is going down.” – Donald Trump

“A U.S. financial crisis—greater than the crisis of 2008—is fast approaching… and this crisis will be very different from the last one.” – Ron Paul

“The Dollar As We Know It Will Be Gone Within 6 Years.” – Mike Maloney

“The American people have no idea they are paying the bill.” – G. Edward Griffin

And if you hold your wealth in banks, personal real estate or stocks, you need to stop what you are doing. Listen to what I am going to say, and pay very close attention, or when the economic crisis hits, you will be the one footing the bill, losing a majority of your savings, and working many years after you had planned to.

You see, in an extremely rare culmination of events, 3 key indicators all point at one conclusion: there will be a crash in 2016. And if it’s as big as some of these folks say it’s going to be, the US government will be coming after all of your civil liberties: your livelihood, your guns, and possibly your very freedom.

The government will come after your livelihood to pay their debts, your guns so you can’t protect yourself, and your liberty if you object to the first two.

And I know, it seems too crazy to be true, but as you will see in just a minute, that is also part of their plan. I founded my company in 2010, when it became abundantly clear to me that the reason the economy got smashed in 2008, was going to happen again – and this next time was going to be ten times worse.

But luckily for some of us, there is a way out. If, and only if you take the necessary steps now to avoid what they have in store for you.

So who is “they”? Sounds dubious, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. “They” are the big bankers and corrupt politicians that continue to steal from the hard working population in order to line their own pockets and bail out their buddies, while the middle class and little guys suffer.

They are the IMF. They are the Federal Reserve. They are Wall Street. They are Politicians. And according to many credible sources, they will be the ones that walk away from the next big crash unscathed, while folks like us suffer.

How Do You Know What’s Coming?

There are three things that need to be revealed to you, in plain and simple terms:

  1. How the 2016 economic crisis, will go down, according to many authorities, who have been correct on the matter a number of times;
  2. What traps the government have already put in place to take what’s left of your civil liberties, including confiscation of the majority of your wealth; and
  3. How you can take simple and inexpensive steps to protect your wealth by getting it beyond the desperate clutches of a broke government.

But first, I want to reveal the 3 major economic indicators that our economy is past due for collapse:

  1. The 7 Year Economic Crash Cycle has expired;
  2. The Presidential Hand Off is about to take place; and
  3. We’ve Reached a Critical Mass of Printing Money.

There is a theory called the “7 Year Cycle” which pretty accurately predicts that every 7 years or so, the stock market crashes. This trend started in 1966, with a serious credit crunch and liquidity crisis. 7 Years later, in 1973 marked the oil embargo crisis, and oil prices skyrocketed. In 1980, banks and brokerage houses nearly avoided a collapse by a last minute change to margin calls on shorting commodities. Interest rates topped at 22%.

And in 1987, the Dow lost 22% in one day. Seven years later, in 1994, the bond market crashed. And in 2001 (7 more years), Wall Street was hit hard after the attacks of 9/11. You remember what happened in 2008.

So why didn’t we see a crash in 2015? We should of, and I will tell you why we haven’t yet in just a minute. But just so you know, this “7 year cycle” crash could hit any day. The storm that is brewing is heightened by the fact that 2016 is an election year, so the “blame” can be pawned off on the candidate who’s time is finished (Obama) while the “New Hope” for our nation is being revealed.

And who will that be? The two front runners for the Democratic party are equally terrifying. Hillary because she is majorly in the big banks’ pockets, and Bernie because he is a self-proclaimed socialist. And the votes are already bought and paid for. Because there are so many people relying on the government for support, or to get their illegal family members into the country legally, that the nation has become Socialist and the Democratic Candidate is very likely to win.

And do you know what that will do to the stock market? Hint: its bad! Or the price of gold? Hint: It’s good if you know where to buy and hold your gold, which 87% of people do not.

The only reason the seven year cycle didn’t hit in 2015 is that we are printing money at proportions greater than ever. The federal reserve has increased the money supply through “Quantitative Easing” and buying and holding crap bonds. And the United States national debt has nearly quadrupled since 2001, from 5 trillion to over 18 trillion. Make no mistake. The “QE” program and printing is the only reason we have not been hit with the biggest economic crash that anyone can remember. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, because it’s coming.

If this is shocking or hard for you to believe, please know that you are not alone. And it’s not your fault. It’s a very common and natural thing to believe that everything is fine, and is going to be okay. It’s so common that they even have a clinical phrase for it. It’s called “Normalcy Bias.”

And normalcy bias affects every single one of us. Even me. It is something that you must address in yourself. It is the mental state people enter when facing a disaster. It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster and worse, the effects. Normalcy bias is the reason that any Jew remained in Germany after 1930. Or any resident of New Orleans remained in the city after the first levy broke. It is a real thing, and it paralyzes people.

I will address it during an upcoming video conference so we can know this about ourselves, and move past it to see the problem, and therefore help ourselves.

Here Is What They Have Planned for Your Savings

While the rumblings of this economic upheaval have been set into motion since the so-called “recovery” after the last crash in 2008, the threats have never been as clear as they are today. And as we’ve learned, a number of highly respected and credible analysts have all predicted that the end of the US Dollar is here, and the crash is coming in 2016. But this time, and unlike 2008, the game is different, the players are smarter, and the stakes are so much higher.

And I hate to say it, but the traps are already set. And we are the mice. You are smart enough to know that the problems with this economy are systematic, and the solutions that worked to “fix” the problem in 2008, are no longer available to us.

What do I mean the solutions are no longer available? Well, the idea that anyone is “too big to fail” will not work in this new economy, and the Policy makers and bankers know this. They know the tax payer will no longer foot the bill for big banker’s mistakes. So what have they done? They have taken serious and decisive action to protect themselves (and not you) when their house of cards falls this next time.

And sadly, for millions of Americans, there will be no way out. I am talking about bail-in banking models, and capital controls like FACTA. And if you are thinking to yourself, “The economy is fine, we don’t have a thing to worry about.” You need to think again, and hear exactly what they are planning for you, your money, your passport, and your livelihood. This can happen in America, it has happened in America, and if you don’t do something to help yourself, it could very well happen to you.

1) Bail-In Model

First and foremost, the “Bail In” model means that the government will confiscate your savings during a crisis. If you think I am exaggerating, you only need to look back 2 years ago to what happened in a little country called Cyrpus. What’s more terrifying, is what the IMF said about Cyprus.

But if you have saving in the bank, you need to learn more about how to protect your savings. And another thing you should be asking yourself is: why they are collecting all of the new data they are collecting about your finances? Like FACTA.


FACTA is a classic Big Government move: first, find out where the assets are located, so later, they can be levied. Governments do this to round up guns, money, and even food. And in 2014, the US began requiring that its citizens and even its resident aliens report all foreign accounts. Even if these accounts are 100% legal – they must all be reported so that the government knows exactly where to go to collect.

And finally, when the collapse does happen, you will see some major restraints on the movement of your money. These are called “Capital Controls.”

3) Capital Controls (Private and Public)

During Greece’s latest collapse, banks shut their doors, and ATMs were limited to a $50 per day disbursement, before many of them ran out of money. Things got pretty ugly, and turned back to a barter system–something that often happens in a collapse. And you may not know this, but we are already trained to accept capital controls from our government.

Have you ever left the country and had to tick the box on a form if you are carrying more than $10,000 across the border? That is a Capital Control. And in a collapse, that number will be reduced to less than $200. Just ask the citizens of Argentina, who experienced this in 2012. Learning how to avoid these private and government controls of your money is one thing that you really need to do before it’s too late.

Because remember: if you can’t access your money, how will you buy anything you need to survive? You won’t. Unless you take the next step and learn how this seemingly terrible situation can actually mean financial freedom for you.

I have helped thousands of people get ready for this scenario, in what I like to call a “No Risk” situation. Here’s what I mean: there are a few ways to prepare for this scenario that cost you very little, and if I am wrong, and the economy only gets better forever, you still have not lost much compared to what happens if I am right.

Look, any time you “invest” your money – there is a risk. Stocks plummet, real estate crashes, and banks refuse to hand over your money. But there is one thing that historically increases during this type of economic upheaval, and when the shit really hits the fan, this one thing will be your savior: Physical Gold and Silver.

The thing with gold and silver is this: it has value regardless of what the economy does. Since the dawn of human time, people have used these metals as jewelry, for trade, and for machinery. And unless this 2,000 year practice all of a sudden stops tomorrow, physical metals will hold much of their value.

And I wish it was as simple as telling you: “Go buy gold.” But it’s not. They have made sure of that. These folks are not stupid. And they learned their lesson last time the entire system almost came crumbling to knees. They saw how people like me, who saw the writing on the wall, made money on the crises. They know how some people are trying to subvert their efforts, and they have got almost all of their bases covered. Note: I said almost.

If you know their plan, then you can make your own. And there are ways right now to get your wealth beyond their grasp, and into an asset class that they cannot reach. And by now, I hope the problem is clear. A crash is coming in 2016, your wealth is at stake, especially if it’s held in the bank, in your personal real estate, or in your 401k. You are at risk of losing all you have worked to save, unless you learn how to preserve your savings.

You don’t have to believe me, rather, you only need to look back 8 years ago to see what happened then, and you know, this time it will be worse. These institutions have not gotten healthier or stronger. In fact, they’ve become more cancerous and pervasive. And this time, there will be no saving graces. They have made sure that you and I will be the ones left to suffer. Unless we get this insurance and protect ourselves right now.

Once the collapse comes, it will be too late, unless you act now, and that is what I am here to help you do. That is why we have just arranged for you to join us on a video conference call this week. We don’t want you to miss out on any of this life-changing information. And you won’t regret it. Click on the banner below to secure your spot now!

This article was written as a Guest Writer for Survivopedia by Jarrod Dennis of Success Council.

Written by

Jarrod is a monetary scientist, "gold bug" and crypto-currency author, investor, and evangelist. He has been working in the physical metals space since 2010, and has amassed thousands of followers on his YouTube Channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/successcouncil (now run by his business partner Max Wright). In 2012, Jarrod was the co-author of the Amazon Best Selling Book in the Bitcoin Space with their book: The Bitcoin Revolution: Ending Tyranny For Fun and Profit. Jarrod has spoken on the topic of gold, silver, preparedness, and bitcoin. He is passionate about helping others prepare in the case of an economic collapse, and commentating on monetary policy, global economic impact, and freedom in many countries across the world.

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  • I also was in the precious metals business bak during the late 70’s early 80’s. Let me say this – most people bought gold and/or silver at the top of te market and then lost their wealth as prices fell hard. Lesson one … larn how to read a market price chart and don’t listen to others as to when to buy or sell. Lesson two is that owning gold and silver will be extremely dangerous. When the majority will not own any, and they by chance see you spend it to get what you may need, they will simply follow you home and help themselves to whatever gold or silver you may have. Only a fool would expose themselves like that in a crises situation. Precious metals wil only be useful once the collapse is over and the Republic is restored. If a different political system takes its place, then gold and silver will most likely be illegal to own with stiff penalties if discovered. Lesson three – the best items to have before and during a collapse will be items to be bartered and in high demand such as food, ammo, medicines, fresh water, sanitation items, plant seeds, you get the idea. Lesson 4 in a collapse would be to appear in dire straights just like everybody else. Lesson 5 would be to keep your mouth shut because letting the wrong person know or overhear you dicussing your preps will lkely get you killed depending on how serious it gets. What was once a normal and rational person that could be trusted during a crises may turn you over to authorities if they ar promised food or other assistance. I’m sorry to say this but owning gold and/or silver in a crises (unless you are extremely wealthy and can keep it hiddn until after the crises ends) would probably be one of the worst steps on could take to prepare – instead put your wealth into neccessities that you can barter with.

    • Hi Steve,

      You make very good points about who knows what about your preparation plan. But your points apply equally to all things – food, ammo, gold, etc. That is why I am a huge advocate of (1) not telling anyone anything; (2) diversifying where you hold your assets so even if some of them get stolen, you still have others; and (3) making damn sure you can protect yourself. I partner with some really great gun and ammo guys, like Jeff Anderson and Mike Morris – but I am the “How to Hide Your Gold” guy – and other assets like Bitcoin – which can move across borders with the click of your mouse. Thanks for bringing up these issues, and I will be sure that Max or I address it on the calls this week.

      • Jarrod. I’m sure you mean well, but Steve is really more spot on ‘the money’, so to speak. Especially if you are in an all out economic collapse situation.

        Most people can’t afford ANY assets to ‘Diverse’ in the 1st place with the middle class shrinking more every day?

        And, please, Don’t encourage anyone to get into ‘bitcoin’. It’s not an asset, At best it’s similar to a commodity trade. It’s bad enough the banks will do a ‘Greek job’ on you when you least expect it so you shouldn’t keep any more cash in it other than for bill transactions,

        But as soon as you have bitcoins, it’s not yours anymore. I know some have made money off of it by mining which is sort of like investing in the stock market. But more than a few have had their ‘coin vanish forever in cyberspace.

        But Bitcoin was started by the government as a covert ‘economic’ experiment. Along with tertiary deployment as an NSA assumption that anybody dealing in bitcoin outside of the miner/speculators, must also be dealing in drugs or other illegal activities to avoid authorities ‘following the money’.

        And your entire wallet can ‘disappear’ in a New York Nano Second. And since it’s not official U.S. Legal Tender currency, Nobody would even care.’

    • You are absolutely right and it makes complete sense! My mom was a very religious woman. One time I was talking to her about how it would all end and how I could prepare physically. She said all I can say is, there’s a scripture in the bible that says, “in the end time they will throw their gold in the streets!” Whatever it means I never forgot it.

      • It means money wont mean shit in the “End time”.

  • This quote: “The American people have no idea they are paying the bill.” – G. Edward Griffin” They/We have the power to stop paying that bill, as well as the right to do so….there is a way, and not many will understand, might less really want to walk away from what they have known and re comfortable with doing.

    Everybody, everywhere within the Continental Union States (50 in all) of Amerika, needs o rescind their ssn, give up their DL (ssn is fraud against you and govt is the only one’s that are allowed to use them….DL: is you asking permission of govt to do what you already have an Elohim given right to do…travel freely without interference, threat, coercion, etc., etc.,……you/we have the right to Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, and Property, no one, absolutely no one, can take those away from you. It doesn’t matter if they destroy physically the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence, your rights still exist, so STOP giving them away…hey can’t take what you don’t give them, so stand up….stop paying that coerced/extorted tax, you’re not liable for it, (that’s according to and written in their own “Tax Manual, being “Voluntary”) only govt Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

    Your labor cannot be taxed, the money from your labor cannot be taxed, it is your most sacred property. Give back that ssn to the govt/IMF…this is how they manipulate everyone, they steal kill and destroy you through their tax which they extort from you, and you think it’s just part of life….NO IT’S NOT!! Please consider this before writing it off, I used to think it was nonsense too, but after careful and diligent research, what I’m saying is true….Peace to all and have a great day..

    • Hey Andrew,

      I wish it were as easy as just giving up those documents. I study AnCap theory quite often, and I try to live my life as an Agorist – free in an unfree world. Thanks for your thoughts.