Prep Blog Review: Hands On Survival Advice

There’s no better advice than hands on advice. The kind that you can see how it’s done, before trying it out by yourself. For me it’s so much easier to try a new recipe, or start working on a new skills once someone showed me how to do it, or I’ve at least watched a video with a demonstration.

This is how I got to the 5 videos bellow, that I’m sure you’ll find both interesting and useful. Let me know what else have you learned from a video in the comments section below.

1. Make A Hot Tent Wood Stove

“Lonnie shows how to make a homemade DIY woodstove that is suitable to use for a hot tent, bug out shelter etc…..”

Video first seen on Far North Bushcraft And Survival

2. How To Make A Soup Can Mouse Trap

“Super cool DIY soup can mouse live trap. Super easy build and super cheap.”

Video first seen on The Mans Cave

3. Clay container using primitive technique

“This is not really a tutorial as I have little experience with working clay, so any advice on future container are welcome!

Hope you enjoy the video, even though there are lot of plane flying over and other annoying sound from time to time.”

Video first seen on Cédrik Grenier

4. Recharging Batteries on the Homestead

“Zac hooks up a small 20 watt solar panel in order to recharge some small medical batteries that might be later used for HAM radio. It works pretty good and its always a good idea to have more than one option to charge batteries with.”

Video first seen on CLICK HERE to find out more!

This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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