Prep Blog Review: New Year, New Prepping Tips

prep blog reviewEvery new year brings a lot of new ideas and projects to look forward to, but many new challenges as well. You never know what the future holds, as an old saying goes, but you can surely prepare for anything it might bring.

Here are 5 tips we stumbled upon this week that will help stay safe in a lot of SHTF situations:

1. The Best Water Purification Methods

Prep 1“Water is second only to air when it comes to survival. Without water, you cannot survive for more than three days. In other words, in any survival situation, whether the collapse of society has finally arrived or you are stranded in the bush for an unknown amount of time, having a way to purify water can literally mean the difference between life and death.”

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2. 5 Ways to Keep Warm During a Winter Power Outage

Prep 2“Winter power outages can turn your cozy home into an icebox in a matter of hours, yet staying in a motel or going to a community warming center may not be an option. If you live in an area that experiences frigid winters, knowing how to keep yourself and your family warm during a power outage is crucial to your health and safety. Here are some safe, effective methods for retaining and generating heat while you wait for electricity service to be restored.”

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3. Why Prepping is Hard (and How to Make it Easier)

Prep 3“No one who decides to start prepping thinks it will be an easy feat.

Prepping isn’t something you do because it’s a quick and easy win. If it was, I’d argue that a lot more people would be doing it.

Prepping is hard. I’ve said it time and time again, and I’m not anywhere done saying it yet.

There are so many excuses a person can come up with for not taking prepping seriously – so many “reasons” not to prep.”

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4. 70 Tips That Will Help You Survive What Is About To Happen To America

Prep 4“You may have noticed that things are starting to get crazy. Financial markets are imploding, violent crime rates are soaring in our major cities, and we have witnessed a truly unusual series of natural disasters in recent months. War in the Middle East continues to rage out of control, and Islamic terror continues to spread all over the globe.

And many believe that 2016 is going to be a year of political shaking, civil unrest, governmental crackdowns and great economic chaos in the United States. All it is going to take to plunge our society into full-blown panic mode is a major “trigger event” of some sort. Another 9/11, a new “Lehman Brothers” moment, a massive EMP burst from the sun or a historic seismic event are all examples of what this “trigger event” could look like.”

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5. Back to Basics: Why and How to Stockpile Water for Emergencies

Prep 5“I wanted to start a new series on the Prepper Journal called “Back to Basics”. I know many of the readers of this blog are already well along their own journey of preparedness so some of the content might be remedial.

It has certainly been covered on our site before, but there are new readers every day. Millions of people visited the pages of our site last year and one of the most frequent questions I continue to receive is along the lines of “How do I start prepping”?”

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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