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Prep Blog Review 14 FebHave you noticed that when you start prepping there’s always more to be done than expected? One thing leads to another and from just setting a BOB and some food provisions you find yourself looking into new sources of energy for when SHTF or how to successfully reach food independence. When you start understanding what you are really prepping for you realize that there’s always something to be done to improve your chances, and that’s what we want to help with.

This week we found some great articles on various aspects of preparedness, that I’m sure you’ll find more than just interesting. After going through them, remember to drop a line in the comments section below to let us know what stage of preparedness have you reached.

1. How to Clean A Wood Stove

Wood burning stove“Burning a wood stove is a must for many who live a self-reliant lifestyle in Northern climates. Generating enough heat via solar or wind to power a large enough furnace that would be required to combat the cold winters is not within the financial grasp of most folks.

If firewood is available in your area a wood stove offers an affordable way to heat your home without running up a bill or being connected to the grid. A wood stove can also be an excellent source of emergency heat for winter time power outages or for that ‘just in case’ moment. Not only can they heat a home or bug out location but one can use even your average wood stove to cook on.”

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2. Love Your Preps: PREParendess Items to get in Post Valentine’s Day Sales

Love your preps“Love Your PREPS! Take advantage of post-Valentine’s Day Sales to snatch up these handy emergency preparedness items to add to your stocks. While they may be similar to what you’ll find in post-winter sales depending on where you are in the country, take advantage of a second round of clearance items to stock your closets and kits! Find out about other seasonal sale items you can take advantage of.

Preparedness Items to get in post-Valentine’s Day Sales

Chocolate Chocolate and candy abound. Take advantage. You can store hard candies indefinitely in your pantry, chocolate candies can be vacuum canned or refrigerated to extend their life.”

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3. 50 Emergency Apps: Turn Your Phone into a Life-Saving Device!

Emergency apps“One thing most of us carry at all times is our phones, so why not make them smarter? Phones these days can do much more than check emails and take pictures; they can do CPR too (well, almost)! They can be more useful in an emergency situation than you may realize!

There are thousands of apps and more coming out each day. I tried to round-up some of the best emergency apps below, but if I missed one of your favorites let me know!”

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4. 7 Food Hacks To Learn For Any Disaster Threat

Food preps“Hurricanes, blizzards, terrorist attacks, power outages, epidemics, and so on — you will never know what natural and manmade disasters will take you by storm.

Such stressful times necessitate every ounce of physical and emotional strength and it is crucial to have an emergency food supply for at least three days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This survival food storage guide will walk you through how to come up with a game plan. This includes advice for planning your food stock and food storage tips for your emergency survival food to last for as long as possible.”

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5. Setting Up A Back Up Generator

Energy generator“In a recent article on SHTFBlog called “10 Lessons From A Multi-Day Power Outage“, I fielded several questions about how myPrepper Back Up Power generator was set up for a power outage, so I thought I’d walk you through what I’ve done with my back up generator.

You’ll need a few things and they aren’t cheap; however, if your power goes out with any regularity, or you have young kids, or you just want to be comfortable if it does go out, you might want to invest in these items.  I also want to point out that this is not a long term SHTF solution to a grid down situation.  This particular solution is designed for a few days to a couple of weeks of use.

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