Prep Blog Review: Bugging Out Essentials

If you got over the question “should I bug in or out?” and decided for the latter, there a lot of things to consider and plan ahead, I’m sure you know that.

This week we found 5 great articles plus a bonus that will help you bug out safely. Keep an eye out for our next article too, as we explore how life without Obama feels like with one of our writers who has already put his plan into action. Also don’t forget to put your 2 cents in on our comments section.

1. Missing Calories In A Bug Out Location

Survivopedia Bugging Out“Many North-Americans are not aware of the fact, that agricultural outputs would not be enough for almost 400 million people when SHTF.

Only a fraction of the demand for food could be satisfied without pesticides, without chemical fertilizers, and without cheap energy for irrigation and agricultural machines.

For ignoring this fact, the majority of the population is still asleep. But there is nothing else that they could do, because there are not enough Bug Out Locations for everybody in North America.”

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2. Plan Your Bug Out Bag Contents With Our Free Tool

Survivopedia Bugging Out“There are many Bug Out Bag lists posted all over the internet that look at what to include in your Bug Out Bag contents.

However, many of these include everything under the sun in an attempt to cover every possible survival scenario but do not account for how carrying around all this weight with affect a person.

As highlighted in our How to Make a Bug Out Plan post, a pack should weigh no more than 30% of your body weight.

Any more than this will be highly strenuous and will limit a person’s ability to hike over long distances as may be required by your survival situation.”

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3. Bugging out or staying put…Hantavirus doesn’t mind which you do

Survivopedia Bugging out“Hantavirus has been around for a long, long time, it is endemic in South-east Asia but was first discovered in the western world in 1993, in New Mexico.

A dozen healthy individuals of the Navajo Nation, in the Four Corners area, developed respiratory problems and died.

Their deaths were attributed to adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Investigations began immediately into what could have caused a dozen people, with no underlying problems, to keel over and die.”

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4. How To Make A Family Bug-Out Plan

Survivopedia Bugging Out“For many people being prepared means going out and buying a checklist of items that will come in handy if the need arises.

While this is a good step in the right direction any experienced person will tell you that there is so much more to being truly prepared to survive.

In addition to having the right survival gear for your environment the other two sides of the survival pyramid are honing your survival skills and having a realistic plan for what to do when trouble comes knocking.

Building up your survival skillset can take years and unless you are at the camping store right now, the most immediately actionable element of the skills/gear/planning trinity is the last of these: Having a Bug-Out Plan.”

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5. If SHTF, should you head for the city or country?

Survivopedia Bugging Out“There’s always been a lot of debate on whether you should stay in (or go to) a city if society collapses. Some say there’s safety in numbers and the city is best. Some say heading for the hills is the best option. Here’s what I think.

This is gonna be a pretty big post but I want to make sure you have enough to think it through and enough resources to look at later.

You may also be interested in my previous article: Should you build a SHTF team or go it alone.”

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Bonus: This one is 2 weeks old but we really liked the topic, any thoughts?
6. Is Your Pet Ready for an Emergency Evacuation?

Survivopedia Bugging Out“Not too long ago, I received a question from a Home Ready Home Facebook friend:

Have you ever looked into prepping for family pets? I have a bag for my dog with a water bottle, treats, small bowl and vaccine record by the door for the dog park but also for an emergency.

My cat crates are by the basement hatchway with water bottles close by. I like to think they are prepared for an emergency but I’m curious as to any other ideas.

We all hear of pets left homeless in a disaster. I wonder how many people simply aren’t prepared.

I’ve often wondered the same thing. The photos of the pets left behind during Hurricane Katrina broke my heart. I can’t imagine ever abandoning Henry, Lola and Iggy. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.  “

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