Prep Blog Review: Survival Projects For The Weekend

This week we’ve stumbled upon some great reads on practical stuff you should consider when prepping.

Some are perfect weekend projects that will help you master essential survival skills and others are great to remember when SHTF.

Let us know if you tried any in the comments section below, we love to read your feedback and new ideas!

1. Add Photos to Your 72 Hour Kit: 10 min Preparedness Project

Prep 1“A Picture Says 1000 Words

If you are separated from your child during a disaster (they are at school you are at home etc), having a picture of your family in your 72 hour kit will be invaluable.  It will help you when asking others to help look for your loved ones.  It will help authorities find you when / if you child doesn’t know your full name etc.  It can also help prove that you all “belong” to each other and have for some time in case of identity theft, etc.

Today, go add a family picture to each of your 72 hour kit bags!  Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.  Easy Peasy!”

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2. DIY: Making An Activated Charcoal Filter

Prep 2“We’ve had a lot of rain up here lately.  A LOT of rain.  I was out puttering around the yard this week and I noticed the rain water slowly dripping through my raised fire pit and the wood coals it was full of.  Drip drip drip…… into a puddle below.

By Calamity Jane, a contributing author of

Do It Yourself

That got me thinking, is that some kind of charcoal filter happening there?  What is the difference between a pile of wood charcoal and anactivated charcoal filter?  Can I make an activated charcoal filter to filter water through for drinking?”

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3. How to Use Pool Shock to Purify Water
Prep 3“If I were to ask how many of you store liquid bleach along with your other prepping supplies, I am certain that a good percentage of you would raise your hands.

Liquid bleach is a powerful disinfectant and sanitizer but did you know that there is something better?  Something with an almost indefinite shelf life that is inexpensive and takes almost no room to store?

That something is the chemical Calcium Hypochlorite most commonly known as Pool Shock.”

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4. Build the Ultimate School Bug Out Kit for your Kids

prep 4“Is your child prepared to bug out from school?  Mine is.

Last year, I posed the question, “Should Your Kids Know How to Bug Out…from School?” and the answers to that question were incredibly varied. Some parents said that the kids shouldn’t be in public schools in the first place. Others said that they absolutely had a plan in place for their children. Still others said that the very idea was irresponsible and that kids should be under the supervision of a responsible adult, particularly in an emergency situation.”

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5. 8 Ways Duct Tape Could Save You in a Bind  

prep 5“People always joke that duct tape fixes everything, but did you know that it could potentially save your life? In a survival situation, duct tape can have many uses, and here are just twelve ways to use this adhesive wonder in a number of emergency situations you may encounter.

1. Patching holes/Sealing – Rip your tent while assembling? Hole in your siding? Missing a shingle? Duct tape is the perfect way to patch holes, seal items, or make emergency repairs on just about anything (like, for example, a tent whose zipper breaks in the middle of a rainstorm… not that I’ve ever had that happen to me).”

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