Prep Blog Review: The No.1 Priority in Surviving

What’s going on in this America of ours? Seems like a new attack or a riot is always around the corner.

Dallas finally convinced me of something, we – as a nation – are overwhelmed.

Worry not, that just means we need to up our prepping game NOW. Protecting us and our loved ones is what matters here. That’s what prepping is all about. Don’t get lost in the “haves”, focus on what to do in all worst case scenarios.

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1. How to Make Your Life a Declaration of Independence

Survival Priority“This year, the 4th of July simply makes me sad. I was trying to summon up a rush of pride to write about what makes our country great, and all I could think about was how far we’ve sunk. How distant we’ve ventured from those original settlers who said, “No more!” and declared their independence. They fought and sacrificed to be free of a government that oppressed them, taxed them, stole from them, and enforced rules without any type of representation upon them.”

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2. Prepping is More Than Bug Out Bags and Food Storage

Survival Priority“Sometimes we get so consumed with preparedness supplies that we forget that prepping is about more than what you have in your bug out bag, and how much food you have stored. Sometimes we get so focused on the “sexy” parts of prepping (supplies and tools) that we forget about truly important stuff. All of these tools and supplies for prepping are important, but even the best bug out vehicle in the world is not going to do you much good if it only has a quarter tank of gas, and a top of the line ferro rod is worthless if you can’t get a fire started with it.”

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3. How do I know when it’s time to hunker down because SHTF has begun?

Survival Priority

 “Hello my friend and welcome back!  In today’s post, we are going to look at a common question that even many seasoned Preppers have.  “How do I know when it’s time to hunker down because SHTF has begun?”  Grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat while we discuss this very important question.”

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4. Escaping A City During SHTF

Survival Priority

“Learn how to escape any urban environment and find out where to go when you DON’T have a dedicated bug out location in the country. If you spend much time reading prepper or survivalist blogs (including this one) you’ve probably heard the standard advice to get out of any city or heavily populated areas when the SHTF. This is for good reason and solid advice. There’s no doubt that cities will be dangerous, much more dangerous than areas outside of the city. You can look at Venezuela for proof. The problem is over 70% of the US population lives in or close to an urban area. The second problem is not everyone has a place to go if they leave their homes.”

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5. If You Have to Bug Out, Don’t Become a refugee.

“Since we have been talking about bugging out for the last couple of days, I want to continue this discuss a bit longer.  You will become a refugee if you don’t bug out correctly.  The biggest bug out in US history was the result of the hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans.”

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