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In anticipation of our Monday celebration, I’m counting down the very best survival tips, from the pioneers, till the depression era’s forced creativity.

Go through them, find recipes you can try, maybe new things you can use, and add them to your list of why you’re proud to be an American.

To all of you, a peaceful 4th of July!

1. Pioneer Recipes, Our Ancestors used


“When we have to live off our food storage, we will have to adapt to a diet that is similar to what our pioneer ancestor ate. Since we will not have the prepared food, or the variety we are used too, it will benefit us to know how they cooked.  Here are some examples of pioneer recipes.”

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2. 26 Depression Era Recipes You Can Use for Survival

“Most people who are preparing for a future economic collapse or SHTF event realize that life as it is today could be radically altered. One of the main things that will change radically if the world experiences another severe economic collapse due to an EMP event or another extended grid-down situation will be diet and cooking methods.

Many preppers are looking to the tried and true recipes of the Great Depression period which began in August 1929 and lingered through approximately 1941 in the United States and Europe. It was the worst recession of the Western industrialized world. It truly altered the way of life for many families. Vegetable gardens were nurtured, clothing was patched and repaired for longer wear, and several generations of families often lived together out of necessity.”

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3. Lost Remedies from Our Forefathers


“Often my grandmother’s remedies worked faster and more effectively than conventional treatments. These lost remedies can treat and improve a variety of conditions. Whether you have a headache, stomachache, or sore throat, you can quickly find something around the house to relieve pain.”

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4. 15 Vital Items The Pioneers Stockpiled For Hard Times


“We tend to think that stockpiling food and supplies for an emergency is a modern invention. But it’s not. It actually started thousands of years ago, with people stockpiling food for a snowy day. Those ancestors of ours knew something that most of us today have forgotten: the fact that winter comes every year and you can’t grow crops or hunt game very effectively when the freeze hits.”

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5. Storing Dairy Without a Fridge


“What about the milk and eggs? If you have a food stockpile, then at some point you probably asked yourself this question. Most people purchase milk and eggs every week, and the only place you can keep them is in the refrigerator. So how are you supposed to stock up on these things when they go bad so quickly? And how are you supposed to store them if there’s no power for the refrigerator? In this article, we’re going to explore a few options for storing dairy.”

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