Rewriting History? On The Destruction Of Monuments

Last week’s altercation in Charlottesville, Virginia has dominated the news all week long. Democrats, the media and even some Republicans have attacked the president mercilessly over his comments about the attack, faulting him over not condemning white supremacists in particular.

There’s absolutely no question at all, based upon the video evidence, that both sides went there spoiling for a fight.

While they still attack Trump for his statement, they have also publiclly stated that both sides were at fault, mentioning that the Antifa people showed up with body armor, helmets and clubs. If that isn’t being ready for violence, what is?

Nevertheless, both sides drew blood, gained a lot of media attention and made themselves to look much bigger than they really are.

One could easily think that these two groups represent the majority of the people on both the left and the right, when in reality they are both fringe groups. Sadly, a woman paid with her life for that perception to be made. If you ask me, it was a poor bargain.

What Was Behind This?

As more and more information comes out about last week’s riot, it’s looking more and more like a setup. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising, considering that so many of the violent protests that have happened since Donald Trump won the election have been staged. But the difference in this case, is that it appears that it was staged by both side, not just the progressive-liberal left.

My guess is that the Antifa thugs were there at the behest of the liberals, as they are funded by George Soros. Soros, Obama and the Clintons are all in bed together, working to destroy the country and prepare it for the socialist takeover of a one-world government. This is not the first time they’ve sent agitators into an area to stir up trouble, even if it is the first time they’ve had an open clash of this magnitude with the alt-right white supremacists.

But I wonder who paid the alt-right to attend? Was this actually a grass-roots event, sponsored by Neo-Nazis and the KKK? Or could it be that there is someone in the shadows, who is funding these groups as well? The fact that they were imported for the event, like the Antifa group was, is highly suspicious.

But what’s even more suspicious is the actions of the police, or maybe I should say their lack of action. There was very little police intervention at all, even though the event had been planned months in advance and there were police on-site. Yet the police didn’t even follow the car of the killer as he fled the scene.

This is because the police had received an order to stand down from the mayor, over their objections. Michael Singer, the mayor, is a Democrat.

According to a whistleblower on the police force, the reason why the police were told to stand down was for the purpose of igniting a race war. Such a war, if it were to occur, would be disastrous for our nation. Not only would it cause even more racial division than the race-baiters have already caused, but countless innocent lives would be lost.

Civil wars, tend to have more civilian casualties, not only because the fighters are civilians themselves, but because more innocent bystanders end up being hurt, due to the fighters’ overall lack of military training.

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Even so, it looks like Obama and others have been trying to push the country to such a war for several years now. The fiery rhetoric during Obama’s presidency, coupled with his outspoken support of groups like Black Lives Matter, has only emboldened such groups to take more and more action, including the killing of police officers.

What Caused the Demonstration?

The original demonstration by the alt-right was over the planned removal of a statue dedicated to General Robert E. Lee, a Confederate Civil War hero.

This is only the latest in a string of situations, where the left has demanded the removal of similar statues, much like they have demanded the elimination of the supposed Confederate Flag.

According to those on the political left, these statues are symbols of hate and slavery, because they symbolize the Confederacy.

Since the Confederate states separated from the Union over slavery causing the Civil War, anything having to do with the Confederacy is about hatred and slavery to them.

But to the people of the South, the Civil War wasn’t about slavery; it was about freedom and self-determination. They call it “The War of Northern Aggression.”

As states, they had decided to separate from the Union over differences, high amongst which was slavery.

To them, General Lee isn’t a hero because of slavery, but because he stood up to what they saw as a tyrannical government, much like George Washington stood up to the tyrannical government of King George the Third.

Nevertheless, seems like progressive liberals want to erase the Civil War from American history. Rather than look at it as a victory over slavery, they prefer to just look at the slavery. Apparently the fact that our ancestors took on this difficult issue and fought to bring it to an end doesn’t matter. All that matters is that slavery existed in the early days of the USA.

Actually, according to those on the left, the only slavery that has existed is the American slavery of Black Africans. Slavery of whites doesn’t matter. Slavery of women as sex slaves by ISIS doesn’t matter. Even the slavery of the entire people of Israel by the Egyptians, a well-documented historic fact, doesn’t matter. Only our own history of slavery, even though we defeated it.

Actually, the United States was the second country in the world to make slavery illegal, with only England preceding us. As with many civil rights issues, we have been a people to combat bigotry, hatred, prejudice and discrimination. It hasn’t been an easy battle, but it has been a battle we have fought.

Yet those on the left would rather forget the victory and concentrate on the reason it was necessary. For this reason, they want to erase slavery and the Civil War from history.

The efforts to remove statues of General Lee and other leaders in the south are part of this effort. Apparently in the left’s collective mind, if those symbols of the Confederacy can be removed, all remembrance of that slavery can go away.

But Lee wasn’t even a slave owner. He fought as part of the Confederate Army because he was a Virginian. As such, he was fighting for his state, in defense of state rights. He didn’t agree with slavery any more than we do today; but Virginia was his home, so he fought on their behalf.

Taking down his statue, because others in the south owned slaves, is declaring him guilty of their sins; something that our laws do not allow. But then, since when have Democrats ever cared about obeying the law? The only time they pay attention to the law is when they can use it to their benefit.

So What if We Remove all the Statues?

The alt-right protesters were there protesting the removal of Lee’s statue. While I personally think that their torch-lit march was not the best way of doing this, reminiscing back to the KKK, the First Amendment guarantees them the right to peaceful demonstration. As long as it remained peaceful, they were well within their rights. But then Antifa showed up and showed up read for war.

Ultimately, neither side accomplished anything constructive. All they did was garner a lot of media attention and make things worse. Both sides are to blame, just as President Trump said.

But what if they hadn’t protested? What if we allow the left to have their way and remove any statue they deem offensive? What then?

First of all, the more we allowed this, the more the left would demand. Their appetite for getting their way is insatiable. Removing every offensive statue in the country wouldn’t solve anything. All it would do is eliminate reminders of our nation’s history.

On the larger issue, that of rewriting history; that should never be allowed. The saying, “Those who forget the lessons of history are destined to repeat them” is true. We must remember our past and the grave error of slavery. If we don’t, we are setting our country up for failure. It may take a generation or more, but our descendants will end up making the same mistakes that our ancestors made.

Is that what we want? Is that what anyone wants? Can anything good actually come out of erasing our country’s history? No it can’t. We can’t afford the risk of what would happen, if we do.

I’m not a fan of our national guilt complex, but I will say this for it: as long as we recognize the errors of our past, they will help keep us from making those errors again. We need to remember our history of slavery; not to honor it, but to be reminded of how wrong it was.

Should we forget, I fear what we might do to our fellow man.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Black people who were never slaves are fighting white people who were never slave owners or Nazis over a Confederate statue erected by democrats, because democrats cannot stand their own history anymore. And somehow this is Trump’s fault? Interesting

    Can anyone explain why any race deserves restitution for their hardships? At one point in history, each and every race has been enslaved. Unfortunately, in today’s Politically Correct Climate any discussion seems to only want to focus on the Atlantic Slave Trade, i.e., the black slave. Many people are unaware that the Irish slaves were more plentiful in the English Empire, as they were cheaper and treated far worse since they were Catholic, no thanks to Oliver Cromwell.
    If one goes back far enough in history, they can find the dark pasts of every civilization and of every group of people. People of all races and all backgrounds will never be able to achieve peace if all they ever do is focus on the past and demand restitution for ancestors that are long dead from “perpetrators” who are also long dead.
    Quite a few families, both adopted and biological, come from all over Europe. Some have blood from Germany, England, France, Czechoslovakia, Ireland, Poland, Italy, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine. Most of our ancestors came to America on a boats when their villages were invaded by other nations.
    I wonder why we don’t see these people at these Embassies demanding restitution for the hardships that their families went through. Other’s ancestors were kidnapped, enslaved, and murdered by Barbary Pirates, yet we don’t see anyone demanding restitution from Muslims and North Africans? Instead of all this nonsense what we should be doing is focusing on the present and our future, availing ourselves of the opportunities given to us by our ancestors that we might (depends on one’s motivation) succeed today. We should also try and continue to evaluate a person’s character and not the color of their exterior.

    • The Democrats must want to erase their past. The Confederate generals were Democrats. The 1924 Democratic Convention had the KKK marching to open the convention, Gov. George Wallace standing in doorway of Univ. Alabama to block blacks from entering was a Dem. There is video of Hillary Clinton praising the ‘mentorship’ of SC Senator Robt. Byrd, who formerly was the Grand Knight of the KKK. And they have the balls to call Trump a racist ?

      • @doug–tell me this if you “knew” what you were doing or had done is the exact opposite of what you are preaching wouldn’t you want to erase all the evidence that you are a hypocrite??

    • Excellent excellent response and truth. This is one of the best written accounts I’ve ever seen on the topic of the day, especially the part about the ruling majority or party of that day being Democrat. If the statues and edifices do not stay up, there will be no reminder of how we fought in this country to abolish slavery, in any form. Those who protest slavery at these rallies, especially those who protest violently, are cowards and criminals in my opinion. Why aren’t they trying to become defenders of slavery that exists today in our nation, that of the women and men taken or trapped in the sexual exploitation or prostitution arenas? Or why aren’t these protestors trying to help social and drug trade oppressed peoples? Just saying.

  • This is totally true. Makes too much sense. That is why the “media” will never cover this article.

  • Great article! A better slant at what really happened in Charlottesville, VA!!

  • What I always like to point out in these ‘cultural’ debates are the ‘convenient’ omissions from otherwise intentional interpolations of agenda based history which are unfortunately practiced by both the extreme left and the extreme right, which leaves the dumbed down masses of sheeple in even more confusion than they already are playing angry birds during the commercial breaks while watching cartoons on TV.

    First of all, Slavery was not illegal, or necessarily considered to be all that evil during the time. As Force recon pointed out, it was nothing new throughout all of history. Even Moses of the old testament supported slavery of all captives that his Hebrew armies conquered. So by some accounts there wasn’t even a real ‘morality’ issue regarding it in the bible in past history. Does it say ‘thou shall not have slaves’ in the ten commandments? Will Antif next demand that all religious artifacts be banned because it represents slavery.? Try that and nobody will believe the shitstorm that will happen next. it was all just a matter of life’s business at the time., and the morality issues emerged later in the so called modern periods of libertarian enlightenment.

    But here’s the brass knuckles in the ‘holier than thou’ racial wars now promoted by the totalitarian billionaires clubs dedicated to getting their way if they even have to start a next civil war.

    They focus on ignoring facts like there were free blacks who ALSO owned slaves before and during the civil war.. If you study ‘reality’ history you’ll learn that at one point in time there were even more blacks who owned slaves in Louisiana than whites!

    Stuff that under your anarchy helmets and smell it, you Antifa idiots!

    • @ Mahatma Muhjesbude I find it interesting you should mention religious ARTIFACTS and the left’s penchant for removing same because they find them “offensive”

      In that respect they are no different than the ISIS terrorists that blew up all the IraqI artifacts shrines and temples. And they have the audacity to label themselves pure and sin free??

  • So very true and sad. America is getting to where it is no longer America. The more I see the more I dislike the left and I was. never that way before. The same goes for the media–getting really sick and tired of it. They show absolutely no respect for the president. As much as I disagreed with Obama’s policies I would never show such a lack of respect. The left AND the media need to realize what they are doing to this country (that should also include a lot of the politicians on the right). Where is the America we all once loved?

  • I agree with all the aboe. We need to understand the facts and not try to change history. Move on since slavery is illegal now and no one is a “slave” our history should be protected and studied so it never ever happens again.

  • We are already repeating history – the tyrannical history that allowed people to be terrorized for no reason whatsoever. This message needs to be given to the people who do want to destroy other people only because these people are different than them and pose a threat that is only in their mind.

  • Some how, this site is only allowing me to post all cap’s !! Anyway, I have Syrian Christian relatives who were descendants of Mamelukes, or slave soldiers to the Seljuk & ottoman Muslim armies for over nine hundred years.. ironically, crusaders fought against their own brethren enslaved in the Muslim armies during some of the key battles between Christian and Muslim forces. as far as some of my Irish ancestors,, some may have been in Barbados after Cromwell shackled many Irish , if they weren’t lynched in Ireland.,

  • The larger or stronger African tribes raided the smaller tribes and enslaved mostly their women and children, until it became profitable to sell male captives and those women they didn’t keep for themselves, to traders, on the African coast.. The ones that survived the journey across the Atlantic,,aboard the rickety 16th century slave ships to the British and French Colonies of the Americas, were originally enslaved by their own race and after a period of servitude, set free and made citizens and now enjoy liberty and all of the benefits of living in what is now a paradise, compared to the African continent of their origin.. Many European whites sold themselves into servitude, just to get to the North American shores, known as “The Land of Opportunity.

    Instead of embracing the opportunities and many blessings, here for all, too many whose ancestors paid such a heavy price, would rather destroy the very thing that lifted them up, than rejoice in the knowledge of where they would be now, if history had left their ancestors in Africa!

    No one has a right to own anyone else, yet slavery exists in the world, today. In the USA, no one has a right to infringe upon the rights of another. Violence against another is only justified, in cases of self-defense.. Statues of Confederates is a manufactured issue… the real issue in this country is the Fraudulent Reserve (The Fed) Fractional banking and private international banking cartels managing our currency supply is making us all serfs and when they go to digital currency and a new world order (Globalism) we will all be slaves, with no where to go and no one to save us. All of this other crap is just a diversion, from the real problem. “May your chains rest lightly upon you”!

    • Hahahah! Well said Frederick. My sentiments exactly.

  • What about the Native,Americans. I was tweeting about the goings on with an African American and I said we as a country are ashamed of slavery and genocide of the Native Americans.

    He tweeted back “Who’s we? My people were right in the middle of that and I’m proud of them”. I was tweetless.

  • Very very well said. Send copy to President and spread as much as you can. I will. Thanks.

  • iF I AM NOT Mistaken the democrats have been behind and or founders of most of most racial groups in our country. blm kkk ect