How To Survive An Invasion

As I sit here writing this, there are somewhere over 5,000 Hondurans and other Latinos on the march towards our southern border.

The news media is referring to it as a “migrant caravan,” but the people are mostly on foot and they aren’t acting like migrants. Rather, they are acting like an army of invasion. If they are actively seeking asylum, why are they carrying the Honduran flag and signs protesting Trump, rather than carrying the American flag? They don’t seem to be armed to be an army, their lack of arms just makes them a poor army of invasion.

The invasion force has been growing and will probably have even more people when you read these words. From a beginning of 150 people, plus cameramen and support personnel, the group has grown to its current size, stretching out over a mile on the Mexican highways, in less than a week. There’s no saying how much more it might grow, with Mexicans and others joining their ranks along the way.

At the time they reached the southern border of Mexico, this group numbered 3,000. The fence along the border and the border checkpoint didn’t faze them. They marched right through, tearing down the fence and overwhelming Mexican border security along the way.

The next obstacle was the Mexican Federal Police. Two plane loads of SWAT officers from the Mexican Federal Police force met this invasion force, with the apparent intent of stopping them. The invasion force beat the police senseless and kept on marching. I have no idea at this time if the police fired a shot, used teargas or used any other technical means to slow the invasion’s advance, but whatever they did, it was ineffective.

Part of the problem police forces face in this sort of case, is that officers would find themselves firing on unnamed civilians. I don’t know what the laws in Mexico are regarding this, but I know that here in the United States, our media would roast the police alive, calling for investigations and arrests of the police officers who were suspected of doing such a thing.

The same problem faces our border patrol, which is a federal police force. They are not prepared to defend our country against a large invasion force of this kind. Realizing this, President Trump has declared that he’ll send in the military to seal the boarder before they get here. But what are they going to do? Is our military, which is trained to fight wars, not to seal the border, going to start shooting at unarmed civilians, even if they are an invasion force? That won’t play out well.

If They Fail

There are things the military and Border Patrol can do to stem the flow of this invasion force, without resorting to deadly force. But it will be ugly nevertheless. One such action might be the widespread use of tear gas. Another is to use non-lethal rounds in riot shotguns. While I am sure the military will not broadcast their plans for the invasion force to find out, I’m sure that planners are hard at work, figuring out a way to stem the tide.

But what if they can’t? What if this invasion force grows to the point where the military can’t stop them without resorting to wholesale slaughter? What if this invading army actually does make it across the border and starts to invade our cities?

How To Build a Small Bunker in Your Backyard with $400

There are some who are calling for the military to shoot on sight, killing the invaders. But that’s not the American way. I was in the military and we don’t kill civilians. Even though those people are participating in an invasion, they are still civilians. They’ve just been duped by people who have set this invasion up for political purposes and who don’t really care about what happens to the invaders.

I live along the border so this is of real concern to me. If the invasion force dissipates once they make it across the border, they will pose little danger. But if they stay together as a cohesive force, they have the same potential for destruction as any other mob. We’ve already seen what they did to armed and armored SWAT officers in Mexico, why should we think they’d do any less here?

While not a conventional war, we need look no farther than previous wars to see how dangerous this situation is. When invaders come in, the options open to the inhabitants are limited. In fact, there are only two possible options: flee or hunker down. Both of those options have their problems.

Fleeing the Invasion

To flee such an invasion is the classic bug out scenario. Much of what I and other survival writers have said about bugging out involves scenarios where there is a breakdown of society. What that really means is a breakdown of law and order. This invasion force carries that with them, just because they are large enough to overwhelm any efforts by law enforcement to stop them.

People in towns along the border need to be looking to their hole card and polishing up their bug out plans now, just in case. Gas tanks should be kept full and a few extra cans of gas on hand. Miscellaneous supplies and scattered equipment should be gathered up and everything prepared so that you can load up and get out in short order, should the need arise.

But there’s one thing that anyone bugging out should realize; that is, chances are that the invading army will occupy your home, stealing your possessions and destroying your home. This is common in an invasion and there’s no reason to expect this one will be any different. In fact, considering the poverty of the people who are in the invasion, I would say that it’s highly likely that they will start looting as soon as they make it across the border.

So you won’t be able to count on your home being intact when you return. Oh, the house will probably be there; but it will also probably have sustained some damage. There’s no guarantee that any of your possession will still be there though and those that are, may very well be damaged as well.

What this means is that if you’re bugging out, you will want to make sure that you take anything of value with you. Either that, or find yourself someplace very secure to store it; perhaps in one of the many self-storage mini-warehouses that are scattered through our cities. Those are unlikely to be bothered, because they don’t have anything like that in the countries the invaders are coming from.

Hunkering Down and Riding the Invasion Out

Hunkering down or bugging in is a more dangerous option to take; but it does provide you with the opportunity to protect your property. It is hard to say how the invading force will act, once they cross the border. If they try and take over your neighborhood, there are enough of them that there is little you could do to stop them.

This is the classic situation which some preppers see as a reason to build a bunker. A mob like this one has little capability to do something against a bunker. They can’t even do much about the air supply, the most vulnerable part of most privately owned bunkers. Without vehicles, they can’t pump carbon monoxide into the bunker, through the air intake, to kill you.

You may not need to go as far as a bunker, in order to be able to hunker down effectively and ride out the invasion. Unarmed and unequipped, the invading army has little to use, in order to break into your home, other than brute force.

The key here is to harden your home’s exterior, so that they can’t kick in the door or throw a rock through a window. The average deadbolted door can be kicked in with a booted foot, and we all know how easy it is to break a glass window. But there are things that can be done to that door and that window, making it a real problem for the invaders to break in.

The Many Problems with Fighting it Out

I ran into a meme in my Facebook feed this morning, encouraging those of us who live along the border to be ready to protect our country from this invasion force. While I can definitely understand what would drive someone to post such a meme, I have to question the wisdom of it.

If the US Border Patrol and the US Army can’t stop the invasion, what can I, as a private citizen do to stop it? Even worse, what can I do which will not be breaking the law? That’s where things get real sticky; for it seems that the person who posted that meme expects me to be willing to break the law.

Last I checked, shooting an unarmed person is still considered murder, and murder is still illegal under any jurisdiction that I am aware of. Without committing mass murder, I don’t know anything that I or any other person living along the border can do to stop this flow of humanity. I’m not a martial arts expert, so I can’t go out there Jackie Chan style and lay out bodies all over the place.

Even if I do choose to break the law and commit mass murder, what good will that do?

I would not be surprised if the invasion force exceeds 10,000 people, including women and children, by the time it reaches our border. Let’s say that I’ve got a bit over 1,000 rounds for my AR-15 and another 1,000 for my sidearm. Does anyone think that I could take out roughly 2,000 people by myself? It’s just not possible. Either the mob will leave my area or they will overwhelm me long before I run out of ammo.

The only way that we, as private citizens, can do anything to stop this invasion is to organize ourselves as militia and stake out an area of ground to defend. But that is no guarantee that we will accomplish a thing. Unless we are able to cover the entire border with armed militia, all the invaders will have to do is find a way to go around us.

We won’t be able to stop them.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Pull back law enforcement, call up state militias, do not allow media within 10 miles, bring backhoes.

  • I live 35 mi from Ft Hood (50,000+ solders, battle tanks, attack choppers, MLRS rocket systems, and other goodies that can blow you away 6 ways to Sunday). If allowed, they would have no problem stopping this “invasion”. I for one, advocate the policy of using “extreme prejudice” is stoppling these scum from entering our country.

    • I agree %100! I don’t advocate killing unarmed civilians but as A civilian I will not let someone just run ramshod over me or my family & home.

      • These people are invaders not your regular civilian, lethal force must be used to stop the invasion.

        • AMEN

    • agreed boi

    • Right on, Brother. My sentiments exactly. If these INVADERS insist on trying to invade this country, make them pay in blood for every foot they gain. There is a right way to emigrate and the wrong way. Invading this country is the wrong way.

    • I hesitate to call all lawbreakers “scum.” Many “caravaners” are likely simply looking for a better place to live and opportunity, while others may be violent criminals and terrorists. I reserve “scum” for detestable people who have no inclination toward God or bettering themselves. I am an American citizen by birth and my father was a WWII fighter pilot and POW. I DO NOT think we should let these people in haphazardly, maybe at all, but that is not my (or your) decision to make.

  • “The invasion force beat the police senseless and kept on marching.” Really, the little girl with pigtails? Invading forces don’t carry their children on their backs. They are: 1) political activist, probably supported by one US political party or the another. or 2) People that truly need help.
    We are a nation of Christians. Does anyone know what the means any more? I am not saying we have to let everyone in, but there is a process to allow workers, asylum seekers. Instead of asking how we can defend ourselves with a blunderbuss,…

    • Are you sure you are aware of all the circumstances involved, Did you read the article? There is more at stake when one is overwhelmed. This is an ASSULT on our border and no way to handle other than force. When they entered Mexico they lost the FLEE FROM PERSECUTION PLEA. When you carry the flag for the nation you have left and burn the flag of the nation you are purs there is something wrong with that. It’s going to get ugly and some folks will get hurt and some will die. That’s the way it will go, close the border and defend it with as much force as it takes.

    • Question: How many of those “children” are with their parents? VS How many at with people who think they will get a better “welcome” if they have children.?

  • There are two other options, I believe, to deal with the threat. One is what quite a few of the Demcratic Socialists are already doing, and is what got the thing started in the first place. That is, welcome them with open arms, giving them everything you can from other sources, and as little of your own supplies as possible. Red Cross, government shelters, the other resources the left has been setting up to provide for (control) Americans.

    If you can divert the majority away from you place with these tactics, you might get by without too much damage or loss. This is what those in the left do, but also have fortified estates with armed guards to the point of having private armies. Plus, they have the influence to get armed authorities involved to help protect their places and themselves, with the full force of the law behind them. If they do wind up with a few problems they can cry for sympathy, after everything they have done to help “these people”, and then blame it on Trump and the right, anyway.

    The second additional way to deal with the potential problems, especially if you are in the path and there is not much way to get them to go around you is… well, a classic tactic in some ways, going back centuries of invasions (and other problems not associated with invasions). That of making your place look like there is nothing left worm using or taking. It can be harder to do than you might think.

    Making your own home or farm or small business look trashed is fairly easy. But if every thing around you is still pristine the invaders are not going to buy the ploy. Even if they did, in general, there would be those that will go through the place anyway, on the off chance something might have been missed. This is while others with more skills, power, and clout are going through “the good places”.

    So, for this to very affective if you are not isolated, giving the invaders something to indicate the situation is out of place, it would behoove one to get with other locals and coordinate a plan so it looks like the whole area or neighborhood was affected. This also tends to lessen the need for each place to go as far as they must if it is just them.

    A few more points. For those on or near the Mexican border there will be many family, friends, and neighbors of Latin heritage of one form or another. Some might sympathise with the invaders, but the overwhelming majority are family oriented people first, and patriotic Americans a very close second. Many of the family lines have been in those areas since way before America became America. They do not want the invaders there any more than anyone else, even if there is some sympathy.

    They can be a great resource for everyone, including themselves, and the neighborhood, if they are included in the planning stages from the start, and can play critical roles in the interaction between the community and the invaders. Much less risk of misunderstsndings, and like everyone else, you threaten their families overtly or covertly you wind up with a tiger by the tail in a situation you are not going to win.

    Okay, more on the how, rather than the why. Watch a few news reports covering general disasters and riots from recent times. Talk to volunteers that went to some of the places. If you were one of them think about what you saw, and especially what people did and when. Share that knowledge with your family friends and neighbors.

    The community can then recreate that look to a degree, and some of the actions and mannerisms of the ones that went through it. Eve if the inversion group believes that not everything is as it appears they will have a hard time convincing the majority to spend time, effort, and resources on something that looks like it will be fruitless. You have a good chance of getting the community nearly unscathed.

    If the situation comes up, and some basic organization is set up, I do not think it would too hard to put a team together when word is the invaders are a few days away and heading toward you. It would be a good time for the community to do some of the demlision required to get the nine new rehab project started.

    Or if a person was going to remodel their home or business soon, it would be a great time for a few friends to come over and “ransack” the place for good visual effect.

    Just a few ideas, and definitely just my opinion.

    Jerry D Young

    • If you give in from the get go you are giving them permission to continue on. they will scatter to sanctuary states and the first thing that will happen is they will be given rent money and welfare and they will join the 30 million illegals that are already here and the next caravan will be on the way. I believe they must be stopped and turned around and be removed from our border with rubber bullets and tear gas to let them know we won’t tolerate the lawless behavior. If they want to become Americans they will have to obey the law and come here legally.

      • As a nation, or even as individual states along the border, I agree. However, as an individual, I, nor anyone else, can do it alone. Even as part of an organised response such as if I was in a state militia, I would still want my personal holdings secured in some way. Unless the invasion force was met and stopped right at the border with whatever means necessary, it would take quite a bit of time to deal with that many people once inside the US border. So, even if I was to be doing something to correct the overall situation, my individual home and/or business and/or community would still be at risk. I would use at least one, if not more of the methods that have been discussed to protect myself and my holdings.

        Just my opinion.

  • I understand that it is not the American way to shoot unarmed persons. This caravan though unarmed, has intent of breaking our laws by crossing the border and forcibly entering this country with no regard for what happens to us as they plunder their way deeper into the US. There is going to be violence involved no matter what we believe to be the American way or what our laws or moral ethics say. So are we, the American people, citizens, supposed to hide and let them destroy our lives or fight back and risk injury or death ourselves?
    I say bring a caravan of buses to the boarded with food, water, assorted clothing from the thrift stores, load them all up and either drive them all to California’s sanctuary cities and cut ALL federal funding to them or turn them around and drive them back to the southern Mexican border!
    If not one of these options, then this invasion needs to be declared an act of war against our country and people, our response needs to be full military involvement to defend our country.
    If this were a case of refugees seeking asylum there would not be a mob numbering in the thousands or the flags of any country but America being carried and flown by these people. It is not! They are most likely innocent puppets of a political attack by some of our own with outside funding as well, even Mexico’s president recently told his people to flood our nation. How many others leaders have done the same?
    There is no time to accurately investigate the absolute reason for this invasion, speculation will not stop them any more than a “please dont come”.
    One thing I believe no matter what the American people are in danger! No matter how we respond we will be chastised by rest of the world for our actions even as many other countries are embroiled in their own immigrant/refugee disasters.
    If one American life is lost to the hands of this mob then the price is too high. If they are not stopped and our immigration program temporarily shut down until we have dealt with the emormous number of illegals already here and revamped our current system, then we are no longer a great nation, rather a nation with no safety or freedom for our citizens, we will be governed by the people of other nations through fear rather than the American pride of our own citizens. The integrity and values that make us America will be gone.

    • Very well put! Thank you for your great thoughts. I am inspired!

    • I’d bet a lot of them have some type of weapon with them and are ready to use them, look what they did to the mexican forces, I say shoot to kill, to hell with them.

    • I agree %100! It will be a travesty if we do nothing to stop this force! I have seen some unpublished photos that our biased Media would not dare share and the invasion force DOES HAVE WEAPONS NOW! Though there may not be but a few hundred now, there is the real potential that more,esp from the gangs and drug dealers that they will enter into the group and create the need for deadly force to stop them! I do not want to shoot a civilian, they have been warned and if they were to continue knowing the possibility that they will be shot they (if intelligent) will STOP!! You would be a fool if you didn’t!
      Stop with ALL MEANS NECESSARY!

  • Arrest them and put in FEMA camps. Ship them back to their home country ASAP..
    First close the border. First line of defense our Police armed with every riot control device known to police and our armed forces.
    Police backed up by our military. They wouldn’t necessarily have to shoot anybody with bullets to kill, but I am sure the military knows how to control rioters/migrants and corral them without deadly force.
    Military would then back up police in arrests and truck them off to FEMA camps. Send them back to their country of origin immediately.
    We should vastly outnumber the iinvaders to the point of invaders maybe coming to there senses and see they can not and will not be allowed to win.
    This is an invasion, an act of war. We can not allow the migrants to win. If we do not act to resolve this invasion, count on more of the same happening in the near future, and possibly, in larger numbers.
    There are probably real reasons why some, or even all of the above can not be done. But do something effective.

    • This mob has shown it’s contempt for USA at every turn. If the US government had the will, this mob would be easily repelled. Less than lethal methods can be employed. Our government has no desire to stop this mob.

  • Sad part is that they have invited women and children to join with I’m sure with empty promises, all the time using them for the purpose of halting strong defense because of them, if you could somehow separate the women and children from the men you could and probably would use stronger force as more that likely they are not the best caliber of citizens in any country. those males that are of a more civil caliber would more than likely separate themselves from the leaders and fade off somewhere out of harms way.
    Just a thought.

  • Sorry, Bill, but this time you didn’t make it. The headline told us “how to survive.’ Then you went of to tell us that all of the options you chose wouldn’t work anyway. Not a lot of help. Double sorry, When “they” start breaking into your house you’re going to shoot, aren’t you? Lastly, Why didn’t you talk about the FACT that they put a few women and kids at the front then stock the rest of the line with combat aged young men? AND that they have weapons stashes all around the country? You want to stop this crowd? Use the new energy weapons that can fry your skin at a couple hundred yards.

  • we have microwave tech. that can heat up human blood. I say deploy this equipment to the border to plug the holes!

  • i think it’s ridiculous that deadly force can’t be done!
    a mob is a mob, and they will break our laws! so we should be able to apply deadly force to save our family & home!
    it may not be right, but if the USA started using deadly force, maybe we could control it!

  • If I were in charge of the armed forces that the president is sending to the border I would have them fix bayonets. Nobody would dare attack a solid row of those babies and they can be very effective with sharp blades that cut and maim without being life threatening. This along with riot gear and tear gas it would work.

  • Sorry, Bill. I am a great fan of yours, but your options don’t do it for me. I’m not going to start depending on the ‘government’ to help me now, just because I could use the help. I will send my family north, and my neighbors and I will post ‘no trespassing signs, in English only.We will use the force required to protect our homes. You know you don’t have to have a gun to be armed. So, if we feel in fear for our lives, we will not retreat. You are correct in that no one can defeat them alone. We, together can’t beat them. We can drive them off, and perhaps the next group of like-minded homeowners may prevail. Maybe conditions at home are so bad they would rather live in our prisons. I don’t like that option, either, but we WILL protect our own, as far as we are able.

    • English only warning signs? I understand where your coming from but this defeats the purpose of a deadly warning for non English speakers, unless you’re just itching to kill someone. In that case admit it.

  • Being invaded by foreign entities armed or not, and shooting to kill is different. They still intend to create chaos. They do not get rights of an American citizen….shoot to kill.

  • The mob is not unarmed, smallpox, aids, Hep A and Lice ect. Then they will kikk the door in for more of the same coming soon. Looting and lawlessness to follow.

  • An invasion is an invasion, armed or unarmed and the Constitution states that the States are guaranteed protection from such an occurrence in Article IV, Section 4. IF the federal government fails in the task, it is justifiable for the States to defend themselves..
    National security and sovereignty overrule any ‘protective laws’ of foreign migrants whatever their reason for migrating. .

  • In 1962 I was trained for riot control in the Army. We spent much time learning to use fixed bayonets and only a fool wound charge use. They could us CS-gas like we used in Nam and it would work very well. We as US citizens must understand this didn’t start on it’s own.There are some “DARK” forces behind this movement. If all else fails have lots of buses and load them up and take these people to all the Dem’s who say they want them in. Drop them off and let the people know to help them selves to a home full of nice stuff and see how the Dem’s react.
    If all fails then it’s “WAR “and treat it as such. This is our country and we fought and died for it so we could enjoy the life we have. If they want what type of life style we have, fight in their own country for it.
    An old Vet.

  • I tend to find myself of the same mindset as a lot of other people, including the House & Senate. It’s a moral dilemma. As Christians we do not kill unarmed people trying to make a better life for themselves- instead we help them. On the other hand, we have borders and laws for a reason- to protect our own citizens and national interests. America however, falls into a gray area- a nation of immigrants, with no solid border protection, and where for decades immigration laws either haven’t been enforced or were partially non existent.

    We need to find out who is responsible for setting these people up and sending them on this path, charge them with treason, and have a public hanging. The best course of action is also to get with the Mexican government, detain these people well outside our border, provide aid, and decide who can enter based on which reasons. Otherwise, there will be a bloodbath on some level. Our government may choose not to act, but it’s obvious by many of posts I read here, that many citizens will not hesitate to act if their property or security is put in danger, and I do not blame them. Regardless, we better get this straight now! As of this morning, a second caravan has formed with an estimates 2000 people- a second wave. And no doubt that it will grow.

  • THIS IS AN UNARMED INVASION OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! – – – maybe? – – – How many of these are are armed gang members from Central America?
    Call up the military! When they cross the border, herd them into compounds like cattle, process them and then use aircraft to return them to their home countries!!!
    Would that cost a lot of money? YES it would but just think of the cost to the social networks across the country taking care of these 7,000 to 10,000 people who don’t have places to live, food to eat and jobs with which to support themselves or their families. Just think of the strain on governmental agencies and law enforcement these people will be created.
    Oh, by the way, if they can’t be deported back to their home countries, send them all to Los Angles, San Fransisco and other “Sanctuary cities” and let them take care of all their needs. Let them use their taxpayer’s dollars to keep these invaders up.

    • If these invaders are left in this country and shipped to sanctuary cities, they will be given drivers licenses and then spread across the country. The socialists are filling our country with foreigners that have no desire to be citizens of our country and therefore will have no loyalty to our country. The enemy within is the result.

  • The caravan is composed of invaders and every citizen has the right to protect their property and military and vets have the right
    to protect this country! They are foreign enemies, I do not care civilians or not if they cross illegally, they need to die!

  • Every person has a right to protect their family and property!
    Illegal hoards that invade this country are enemies. The military
    and the vets have a right to protect this country by any means necessary!

  • Vets and militry will protect the country!

  • This is definately a dangerous situation that is heading to our country., We have NEVER had to experience this before in our lifetime. I agree that our Military needs to step in and use whatever force necessary to defend our country. NO ONE should be considered for charges of ‘murder’ when this type of large invasion is threatening our communities and our country. Women and children can cause just as much destruction and harm as anyone else. Whoever has orchestrated this movement knows that having women and children involved will play on our sympathies. It needs to be stopped. We need to show the world that we will NOT be shown as a weak country. Maybe we need to organize a Citizen group to help our Police and Military. We have many former military that can help. I believe that our citizens would join forces to assist. Time to STAND UP American!

  • Don’t pay $ 5.00 for a stick of gum. I believe that this “Invasion” is just another example of All that Socialist Money (George Soros, et al) being spent to give all of the mental giants in the Main Stream Media something to do.

    • That’s a fairly stupid assumption, given socialists support providing welfare to the poor, to help them contribute to the economy by spending money with businesses. Sending money to foreigners to migrate here does not do that.

      Socialists have been trying to get government to invest in the American people, it’s conservatives stuck on stupid that have stopped this.

      Poor immigrants don’t have the power to mess up a country, only the rich and powerful 1% already in the country can do that.

  • Just get the addresses of all of the protesters who say that the Republicans are inhumane and not Americans with compassion for these people, bus them to these peoples’ home and have them get the help they need until the authorities have the time to correctly vett these asylum seekers.

  • You are all a bunch of fools. Read the book The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail. It was written in 1973 and it is a blueprint of the current invasion of Europe and is on it’s way to America right now. There will be no “kill ’em all at the border”but you will have the opportunity later on as they fan out once they get into the country when all laws and “moral decency” have evaporated and people are fighting to defend their families and property. Anarchy is in the offing and what always follows anarchy is a dictatorship. Then the real fun will begin.

  • With the insane combination of tax cuts and spending increases this past year the idiot politicians have staked the future of our economy on the almost impossible goal of 4% annual growth. The problem with making that goal is that the labor force and consumer base is shrinking rapidly as 70 million baby boomers retire. We need an immigration system that would each year allow this ragtag army and at least 200,000 more immigrants of all skill levels into the country to live and work legally in a well regulated system. That’s obviously not going to happen as so many ignorant Americans are going off on small minded rants about these poor but good people being an invading army of cut throats, terrorists, gangsters and dead beats. Most of these comments, and the article itself, are laughably ignorant. Ha ha hee hee, see, I’m laughing not crying…

  • Author has not figured out one or two unarmed men can beat someone to death with their bad hands. Come at me, armed or unarmed… I pull trigger…. If the police are not there to help you then you are allowed by law to defend yourself.


  • I live in Canada and this influx of desparate people to the USA is alarming for sure. There should be a way of dispersing them across the country to where workers are needed.
    I for one could support food & housing for a family who is willing to exchange work for a place to live.
    I think there is room in our countries for all of them, but only if they provide services and don’t become a burden on the public purse. We have plenty of our own citizens who already do that!

  • Agreed!

    Instead of electing and getting someone in to office to help fix the problem, the ever-predictable base chose the option that would not help 10-20 years down the road. Why vote for reason and progress…when you can vote for FEAR! And if any of you truly believe that Trump is helping you out…take 5 steps back and just look at the policies. If you don’t actually lookf through the lens of your fan-boy ridiculousness, you would be able to see that he is not helping to grow America. He is not making America safe. To help combat “caravans,” the Army or National Guard is not the answer. A wall is not the answer. Separating parents from children is not the answer. (and mind you, all of those options are so UN-American, if you look at it objectively). What we need is someone who will help promote legal immigration; increase legal visas for workers; allow them to bring families; let them invest in America. You know, a plan like Jeb or Kasich was promoting. Instead, all you with your infantile arguments chose Trump out of FEAR. Yes, you are afraid. Of a Caravan. Of mostly women and children. Listen to their stories with an actual open mind. Listen to their stories that are NOT posted on your websites you choose to read. You might be surprised.

    The only reason I took 5 minutes of my time to write this is that I’m trying to get in to this whole “prepper” thing…and all I’m seeing is this nonsense. Nonsense like this article, and nonsense like these comments. You give “prepping” a terrible name. It truly is, in the words of your God, “Sad”. But whatever, continue to believe the prophet, trust in “Him,” because “[he] alone can fix everything.”

    • Before you push this idea you should research the fall of the Roman empire. History repeating itself. If you allow these invaders into this country then the next group which is being formed right now, will be twice as large.

    • What a naieve, pathetic response to this problem. If you’re so pro situation will you publicly agree to, and actually DO, support a family in your home? If not SHUT UP and let us all do something like peacefully SEND THEM ALL HOME?!

  • First off, we need to put up big signs along the TX border saying,
    “Attention immigrants – if you need a place to stay, or eat for free, just stop at any house displaying a blue “BETO” sign in their yard.”

  • I think this is the only way to handle this situation without a disaster:

    It has been established that George Saros, through his several front organizations, is behind all this. This utterly soulless creature is having such fun manipulating people.
    I think it would be impossible to stop this horde with force, it has already defeated the Mexican government. I can’t picture our troops gassing and shooting the poor women and children they’ll put in front.
    We should invite them in.
    (it might require an executive order countermanding some existing rules on entry).
    When they show up border agents do a quick processing and then send them through the gates where they board school buses and are brought to schools and other dispersal places where they are processed further before being transported to FEMA camps and housed. This dispersal prevents unmanageable mobs.
    As soon as everything is complete they can be bused to waiting ships which transport them back to Honduras and other appropriate ports.
    No uncontrollable mob, no violence. By the time they figure out they’ve been had it will be too late.

    This might be expensive, but very worthwhile and, of course much less costly than any other alternative!
    Now how do we get this idea to someone who’ll consider it?

  • It is evident that you took just a few minutes to write this nonsense.
    As I have said elsewhere, this is a mob of mixed people from nice folks you’d like to infiltrated gang members and terrorists…who is to discern who is who?
    Very few soldiers are going to shoot and gas little children, which the mob is going to put in front.
    The ONLY WAY IS TO SUBDIVIDE the mob and process them gradually, then disperse them to many separate locations, then as soon as reasonable, ship them by ship to where they came from.
    I think this is the only way to handle this situation without a disaster:

    It has been established that George Saros, through his several front organizations, is behind all this. This utterly soulless creature is having such fun manipulating people.
    I think it would be impossible to stop this horde with force, it has already defeated the Mexican government. I can’t picture our troops gassing and shooting the poor women and children they’ll put in front.
    We should invite them in.
    (it might require an executive order countermanding some existing rules on entry).
    When they show up, border agents do a quick processing and then send them through the gates where they board school buses and are brought to schools and other dispersal places where they are processed further before being transported to FEMA camps and housed. This dispersal prevents unmanageable mobs.
    As soon as everything is under control they can be bused to waiting ships which transport them back to Honduras and other appropriate ports.
    No uncontrollable mob, no violence. By the time they figure out they’ve been had it will be too late.
    This might be expensive, but very worthwhile and, of course much less costly than any other alternative!
    Now how do we get this idea to someone who’ll consider it?

    • Fair answer

  • Deploy the ADS (Area Denial System) the Army developed several years ago. It is a truck mounted system that hits a crowd with microwaves that make them feel like they are on fire, but does no real damage. It is so unpleasant that it is impossible not to run away from the beam. The Army created it to disperse crowds in the Middle East. It would be perfect to repel these invaders until the wall is built without shooting anyone.

  • Tell them to go home and fix their country!

  • There is one way to stop these illegal invaders, eliminate the welfare. Or we could send our troops to central America an clean up their governments. American troop are protecting borders in the middle east for many years, Our borders need protecting. These governments in central America are sending these people just to get rid of them.

  • Sooo….. you guys are learning how to build bunkers to hide from the Latinos looking for jobs and a place to live that isn’t at war?

    Knowing how to build bunkers is cool, knowing how to bug out or bug in is useful knowledge, and being prepared to defend yourself is essential.

    But the main thing you left out with respect to the caravan, and immigration in general at least… have you tried resolving your irrational fear of people that aren’t white?

    I was expecting this article to be about surviving an actual invasion, say by another nation’s army. Not pretending like poor people and immigrants(legal or illegal) have the power to destroy your country.

    • ‘Irrational fear of people that aren’t white’? Give me a break! Nice guilt trip. . .sounds like a typical total bullshit anti-white liberal statement! Like it or not race is an issue that no one wants to talk about, but since you brought it up. . . There is no pretense, 99% are non-white invaders, come from sub standard countries and when enough of them settle in next door, they do permanently alter and in many cases destroy the communities they wanted to live in, by trying to turn America into the place they just escaped from. They bankrupt social services, drive down wages, lower the standard of living, commit more crime! Then they begin to change the language, traditions and culture.. They threaten you at the ballot box and bully your kids at school, Especially if your white! They eventually elect ‘Latino socialist or Sharia law-Arabic type’ representatives to the local governments, who then in turn, tip the balance of power for ‘Latino-socialists or Sharia law -Arabic’ issues and causes. They always bring their relatives through chain migration and the next thing you know your are a minority in your own country, getting routinely bullied around unless you give them everything they want! Then your job is on the line and your kids educational opportunities get diminished through Affirmative Action preferences. They of course eventually decide certain memorials/ monuments are offensive and so are the way the history books are written, Those things of course, have to be destroyed and altered as well.. And if white Americans don’t like it and or say anything about how you have been treated unfairly, you are quickly labeled a racists, bigot or a hate monger . . . What’s there to be concerned about if your a white, Christian American who believes in the Constitution, freedom and the Free-Market economy?

  • We need to kill every invader. No one but a US Citizen may enter this country and every one must enter by a port of entry. our Texas and Arizona National Guard snipers kill any Mexican that is on a cell phone reporting to cartels to smuggle people or drugs. I know at within short order there would be no more illegal crossings.