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Regardless of WHY you want to filter your water, knowing how to choose a water filter before you invest your hard-earned money just makes

Whether it comes from your faucet or from a pond or creek that you’ve stumbled across, how do you know if water is safe?

Before you take a swig, find out the top killing agents hidden in your drinking water!
Be aware and beware!

This is one of the questions that we get most often – “How much water should I store?” Well the question doesn’t have one

I am writing about recycling water because the stories about the droughts hitting California are abundant lately, and who knows which state is next?

It's not that water in and of itself is so hard to hide, but that you need so much of it. That's what makes

You might survive some time with little or no food, but you can’t say the same thing about water. It’s only 3 days and

Learning how to dig a well is a good lesson that every prepper should master. Having your own water supply means that you’re off

The debate about purified versus distilled water is a hot one. The purpose here isn’t to discuss that debate, but to provide some options

Though you can go up to 3 weeks without food, you won’t last much longer than 3 days without water and you’ll be in

Finding the best manual pump will be of immense benefit for you, your family, and any livestock that may depend on the water from

Our planet is covered in water, but only one half of 1 percent is drinkable because most of the rest is salty. Do you

There are many reliable methods available for storing and preparing your water pumps and pipes for cold weather

Unlike food, we can live without water for just a few days. In an extremely hot environment; days can be cut to as little

Learning how to conserve your water for later use is an essential survival tool in the arsenal of every prepper; or at least it