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Every day, people around the world face crisis and disaster that we don’t hear about. Such is the situation in Cape Town, South Africa

15 million households in the United States get their supply of fresh water from wells. If you need to dig one, then you should

Don’t drink enough water and you’ll suffer from heat stroke, seizures, or even a hypovolemic shock. So what do you do to stay hydrated

Failing to purify your water can cause deadly diseases. It’s nothing to mess around with, unless you want to die a slow miserable death.

Do you know what to be aware of when buying a biofilter? Here's what you should know before any acquisition.

Relying on municipal supplies won't keep you away from water shortage. Take control of your water supply with one of these six ways to

Here is how to DIY your own “expensive” water filter on a budget to transform water from various sources into clean, potable water.

Even if you get started by just buying products with activated carbon, it will give you a chance to see how useful it is

Without water, you’ll die. That’s why hydration packs were invented. You don’t have to spend a fortune on one, you can DIY your own.

Next time when you have extra space in your canner or you empty a pickle jar that you want to save, can some water.

Storing tap water is a reasonable, safe, and cheap way to prepare for disaster as long as you store it properly. Here are some

Since some containers are dangerous, this tips will help you keep your water clean and drinkable for years to come, no matter what.

Knowing the pH level of water is important for your health and for practical reasons. Here is how to test the water yourself.

Before choosing any method of water purification, make sure that you know these 5 tricks and traps about the process!

National Preparedness Month is just around the corner. It should be a time of reviewing our skills, stockpile and weak spots. How are you