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Maintaining a small garden and chickens is critical. You can stockpile supplies and seeds, so you're ready to scale when catastrophe strikes.

As a survival instructor, preparedness writer, and CERT Program Director, I have come across claims about water storage and treatment technology and practices.

Spending some time gathering and storing water becomes a necessary effort during a lockdown since water is needed both for consumption and food preparation.

Even though Chlorine tablets are considered more effective than Iodine, each chemical has its good and bad points when it comes to water purification

Water collection is a worthwhile endeavor for your off-the-grid life, as long as you do your research and take the right precautions before making

Drinking seawater will actually put salt into our bloodstream, not remove excess salt from it. When the salt level gets high enough, it will

Bottled water is very expensive for what it is; plastic is filled with known carcinogens which may leach in the water; it’s a burden

One moment, you're hiking through a lovely forest. Then you suddenly seem to have gone off the trail. Clueless where you are, panic slowly

The thing about being capable of starting a fire using water is that you will kill two birds with one stone.

Taking chances with water which is not clean is extremely dangerous, especially if one’s health is suffering from lack of proper nutrition or exposure

We know that the value of healthy, safe water for drinking and bathing can not be stressed enough. We know that the human body can survive

Every day, people around the world face crisis and disaster that we don’t hear about. Such is the situation in Cape Town, South Africa

15 million households in the United States get their supply of fresh water from wells. If you need to dig one, then you should

Don’t drink enough water and you’ll suffer from heat stroke, seizures, or even a hypovolemic shock. So what do you do to stay hydrated

Failing to purify your water can cause deadly diseases. It’s nothing to mess around with, unless you want to die a slow miserable death.