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It's pretty easy to make artisanal flour bombs for your home defense, provided you know your chemistry and how dust explosion works. Let's see

How will you survive a disaster that hits the crowd you're a part of? The answer is simple but tricky: it’s not only the

These tricks will help you correctly asses the situations where you interact with a sexual predator, and will also give you hints on how

This attack presents an extremely difficult problem; both from a defensive point of view and from a legal one. It was a tragic event,

To avoid detection even when surrounded by other people that may be looking for you, you have to learn how to blend into your

Owning body armor comes with many benefits for civilians. Before you buy any type of body armor, be aware of the existing laws and

Advances in technology tend to displace workers, as Artificial Intelligence is the biggest job displacer. We need to make sure that we are not

If you don't know what to do if caught in the middle of a shooting, the odds are you could become a victim. Here's

Staying safe comes first in any fight, then you can punch back the attacker! Here are five body parts you must defend regardless of

Being held at gun point can be a terrifying and possibly deadly encounter so take the time now to learn some basic self defense

A pepper spray is easy to conceal and it can bring down an attacker in seconds. You can DIY from household materials. Here is

Kidnapping is a frightening experience no matter how old you are or why it is happening to you. Here is what you need to

A properly built privacy fence increases your safety, security, privacy and is a great home improvement project. Here is how to DIY one!

As a small person, when it comes to self-defense, let the attacker think you are an easy prey, but prove him wrong with these

When it comes to the arena of personal defense, a good quality weapon must have at least six basic features. So, let’s start with