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While gun grabbers won’t talk about this story or admit it, the fact remains this event could have killed far more children than the

In a time of social unrest and the general breaking down of society as a whole, the risks of getting shot are bound to

The United Nations has been problematic for us here in the USA since its inception in 1945. While its original purpose was predominantly that

No matter where you go in the world, rape is about hate and power games, not attraction or love for women.  Unfortunately, we also

Training in martial arts can be beneficial to the mind and body. Even better: your options are wide considering there are several different disciplines

Lately we have seen the gun rights debate shift back and forth but regardless of where each person stands on the personal choice to

The recent mass shooting, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Coral Springs, Florida has brought the issue of mass shootings and the gun

The worst thing you can do is become a passive target to those who intend to hurt you. Here are the self defense tricks

In your devastated neighborhood, looters are heading to your house. What do you do next? Do you have the guts to make the right

You can't see anybody standing right behind you, but they are there, following your traces through the virtual world. Then they easily scan your everything

If you're a senior and want to stay safe, you need to know how to stay healthy and deter those people who think you're

Three mass killings in one week is way too much for any nation, even one as large as ours is. Are mass killings on

It's pretty easy to make artisanal flour bombs for your home defense, provided you know your chemistry and how dust explosion works. Let's see

How will you survive a disaster that hits the crowd you're a part of? The answer is simple but tricky: it’s not only the

These tricks will help you correctly asses the situations where you interact with a sexual predator, and will also give you hints on how