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Each firearm has advantages and disadvantages in your home environment, and we should look into this before you decide what gun you'll get.

It's not surprising that President Biden went after guns this early in his presidency. After all, gun control was one of the most significant

In the US, private ownership of a flamethrower is not restricted by federal law. Flamethrowers are legal in 48 states and restricted in California

Keeping a certain distance between you and a certain threat will increase your chances of survival, but things are not always as easy as

The rotten apples of our society will not hesitate to break into your home during peaceful times, imagine what will happen when they have

The human factor is the most unpredictable of all the things after SHTF, and it becomes difficult to prepare for when everyone has the

With a whopping 1.03 million home invasions occurring every year in just the U.S. alone, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a plan of

You need to mentally prepare your kids for such a traumatic event because when panic sets in, the odds of survival are greatly reduced

One of the good things about President Trump, is that he does what he thinks is best for the country. He’s not trying to

You may relate to the situations here, and having a security officer in the vicinity will protect you from physical danger and will also

Body armor is a useful piece of equipment to have in general, but in hostile situations it is absolutely necessary to ensure your survival.

Will your escape plan be successful? It's one of the most elementary principles of survival. Having the right escape kit will pay of when

Active shooters are intent on murdering as many people as they can before someone takes them out, but there are things we can do,

The lack of unfettered access to guns by civilians and absolute parity with military and police forces make our society far more dangerous and

It has happened again. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Another deranged young man has entered a school, with the intent of