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Wood stoves are great to provide heat when the power is out. Here are 4 major mistakes when burning wood, and how to avoid

After an EMP, you’ll have to know how to use natural resources to produce your own electricity. So, why not start preparing now?

If you have been thinking to use wind power for off-grid survival, here are 10 ways to harness wind power you can try right

The idea of using 100% renewable energy sources, which don't cause any pollution whatsoever, is a nice dream, but the technology just isn't there.

Since diesel and gasoline were only invented in the late 1800's, it will not be so hard to “go back” to a lifestyle without

Do you know how to build a flashlight from scavenged parts, or develop something new once the most important parts become unavailable?

You should take extra care when winterizing your heating systems to reduce the risk of them failing when you need them most.

Here are some things you can do to obtain water, heat up food and preserve refrigerated foods without electricity.

Under these circumstances, you have to look into alternative power generation systems that will work when ice blocks off other options.

You probably try to block the drafts, or maybe you even block off entire rooms trying to keep the house warm, but how about

Although these systems do not generate huge amounts of electricity, they offer enough power to keep you alive. Which one would you choose?

In case of a SHTF event, these products will dramatically increase your chances of survival and they'll make your life more comfortable.

Wood is an excellent choice for keeping your home warm during the winter months and for cutting your heating costs. Do you know how

With the winter almost here and record-low temperatures, you should know a few things about attic and roof insulation. Here's the guide to do

Yearning for a power generator? Here are a few options you may be able to afford sooner rather than later, while you save up